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2023 Wildcard Round NFL Picks

The regular season is over. I lost. Pretty badly. So I’ll just show you the records and let the Cowboy have his moment. 2022 Regular...

Turtle Talking Tough

I’m going to start this one by extending thoughts to Damar Hamlin. I won’t pretend like I knew him, or even heard his name other than the...

No Matter The Money

Unfortunately for us here at Blind Owl Blogs, this NFL season has been a downer. None of us are doing particularly well in our weekly...

2022 Week 16 NFL Picks

While you're hiding from your family on this Christmas weekend, have a look at our picks for Week 16 in the NFL.

Qatar Cutting Checks

The World Cup is happening right now if you haven’t noticed. Not sure how you could avoid the hardo soccer fans posting all about it, but...

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