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Snow Dud

Even as I sit here and start writing this, I think about how this is going to make me sound like an old boomer whining about how things...

Assisting Isn't Part Of It

In my opinion, if someone wants to no longer be alive, that is up to them. As bizarre as it is for me to start a blog with that sentence,...

Rich is Running

Isn’t workplace drama always interesting? Especially when it has nothing to do with you and is happening on a very public scale. That’s...

Strikers Striking Out

Now I happen to work in an industry where it is technically illegal for us to go on strike. I’ve dreamed of losing my shit in a staff...

Not Just A Slip

Another Boston Sports Radio personality said something that is getting headlines.

Mazz's Moron Moment

It’s been said a billion times, but it’s true. If you speak into a microphone for a living, eventually you are going to say something...

Using Tragedy To Virtue Signal

It isn’t often that I make exclamations out loud while I’m alone at home. My dog, who doesn’t particularly care for me, looked at me as I...

Turtle Talking Tough

I’m going to start this one by extending thoughts to Damar Hamlin. I won’t pretend like I knew him, or even heard his name other than the...

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