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Not Just A Slip

Here we go again. What is it with these people on Boston Sports Radio saying truly stupid things?

If you missed it, like I did, executive producer on WEEI’s Greg Hill Morning Show is the latest to add to the category of, are you dumb, racist, sexist or all 3?

On the show this morning, during a discussion of the city of Boston banning small liquor bottles typically referred to as nips, the hosts were ranking their “top 5 nips.” As the hosts “debated” their choices, Curtis chimed in to add Mina Kimes to his top “nips list.”

Here’s the video:

If any of you are confused, Mina Kimes is an NFL writer and analyst. People seem to like her football analysis. I for one have never read a thing she’s written so I have no opinion really.

My first thought when I first heard the sound clip was that Curtis was referring to her breasts. I mean, she is a woman, and that is the easy comment. Now I’m not the best at judging this, but I don’t think Kimes is known for that part of her anatomy? I’m sure someone could correct me on that, but it’s not a name that is closely associated with that kind of comment. I’m not even sure if she’s known for being good looking? I’m not here to judge that honestly. So I just thought Curtis may have just picked a woman in sports.

THen I learned that the word “nip” does not just refer to small booze bottles and breasts. Apparently, that word can be used as a slur towards people of Asian descent. I’m at an age where I didn’t even know that it was a slur. I figured that can’t be it.

Then, I looked up Mina Kimes.

I let out an audible, “Ooooh boy,” in the fashion of one of my beep ball teammates, who is also a Greg Hill listener. If you don’t know or can’t see, Mina KImes is an Asian American woman. Well, that’s why this became a big issue. Well then, the canellers came out in force. The likes of Dave Cullinane and Chad Finn were quick to make the connection, and write pieces about the “racist” comment.

So I said the Tony Mazz situation was just a dumb comment by an old man. This one is different. Chris Curtis on the other hand has literally no excuse here. He was either referring to Kimes’ breasts, or making a racial comment. There’s no getting around it really. In a tweet, Chad Finn said that WEEI’s management said that Curits meant to say “Mila Kunis” and not KImes. Is that better?

Like I said off the top, there are 3 scenarios that are possible. I think we all can agree that Chris Curtis is not the brightest bulb in the package so let’s count that as a granted. The options are as follows, Chris Curtis either made a sexist comment, a racist comment or both. Seeing how quickly they’re circling the wagons to say it was simply sexist, then I think there’s not much up for debate.

In my opinion, something like this couldn’t happen to a better guy. To me, Curtis is not good on the air and I will not die on any hill for him. Is the comment he made just a sexist joke you can’t make any more? Yeah there’s that. But add the racial aspect and there’s no coming back.

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