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Snow Dud

Even as I sit here and start writing this, I think about how this is going to make me sound like an old boomer whining about how things...

Assisting Isn't Part Of It

In my opinion, if someone wants to no longer be alive, that is up to them. As bizarre as it is for me to start a blog with that sentence,...

Front Office Frauds

I know we’re waist deep into the NFL playoffs, but when a story pops up that catches my attention, I’ve got to get after it. When one...

Disaster in Dallas

For a team that is frequently called “America’s Team” it is strange to see how many people seem to despise the Cowboys. I even put myself...

A Knockout Celebration

I’m not a big proponent of letting one discretion define a person’s life and career. We’ve all made mistakes, and wouldn’t look good if...

Russ Riding the Pine

It isn’t too often that you get really good news about your favorite NFL team after a bad primetime loss to a bad team. But guess what?...

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