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2024 Divisional Round NFL Picks

Updated: Jan 21

You know, I had at least a few discussions before last week’s slate of games that all led to the following conclusion. WIldcard Weekend is usually the best action of the NFL season. High stakes, desperation and unearned arrogance all usually combine to create some entertaining games. Well, I guess this year is an exception. Most of the games were boring blowouts. I mean, there were some upsets, but even those were boring. And yeah the Cowboys getting taken out to the woodshed was funny, but I would’ve preferred a decent game at least. 

Now these bad games and upsets did lead to some interesting records for Brendawn, the Cowboy and me. Don’t believe me? See for yourself…

Wildcard Records:Blind Owl: 2-4Concret3Cowboy: 4-2

BrendawnoftheDead: 3-3

You know, I knew while I was writing that obnoxiously pompous intro to last week's blog, that it was probably going to lead to a bad week. I was right. Even my father, who read the blog and called me the “King of Humility” in a phone conversation, predicted this kind of a let down. But you’ve got to hand it to the Cowboy. He had an awful regular season, but dusted himself off and had a good week. He’ll claim if he wins the playoff challenge that he is 4-2 or something, when we all know the playoffs are actually easier when it comes to picking, but I’ll let him have his fun. Real champs are crowned after 18 weeks of picking meaningless games, not after getting lucky 6 times in a boring week of playoff football. Also, don’t let the fact that Brendawn finished in the middle again go unnoticed. It’s honestly more impressive that he doesn’t come in last or first. He just remains right there in second. I mean he even 3-3 last week.

What would be great is if I can come back and even win the Cowboy’s consolation prize away from him. Or maybe Mr. 2nd Place Brendawn can make a move in one direction or another. It’s Divisional Round time, so let’s go!! (Editor’s Note: I hate typing “Divisional” . I can't spell it to save my life. Thank you auto correct and copy/paste)


HOU @ BAL: BAL -9.5

Blind Owl: No matter which way I pick this game, I look like a hypocrite. I’ve said so many times that there will be no successful Ohio State QBs. CJ Stroud is making me look dumb. Meanwhile, I said that the Ravens resting their starters was a dumb idea and would cost them in the long run. The only way I don’t look like an idiot is if the Ravens come out slow and CJ Stroud throws a few bad interceptions late. You know something, that’s what I’ll go with. The Raven are going to win by exactly 9, so the Texans can cover. After the game, I suggest Stroud doesn’t go for a soul searching stroll down any busy roads…

Concret3Cowboy: Even as the number 1 seed. It feels like Baltimore has sort of flown under the radar all season. Houston’s defense really showed up against Cleveland. They’ll give the Ravens a tough time but ultimately you have to recognize the veteran leadership behind the birds. I’m torn on who to pick. But I like the ravens to win by 10.

BrendawnoftheDead: kind of a big spread but given how good Baltimore was down the stretch, I'll allow it. I'd love to see Houston make this competitive, and they still might, but a healthy Baltimore is a scary team. Lamar gets over the hump and wins in style.

GB @ SF: SF -9.5

Blind Owl: One seeds get a bye for a reason sometimes. This game is the reason why. San Fran is going to get right back to their winning ways. Green Bay is a great story and I think we are all rooting for them. Unfortunately, even the Packers fan at work I talked to is just happy to be there and kind resigned to the fact that it’s all over now. The Cowboys are known for choking, the 49ers aren’t. San Fran wins big here. 

Concret3Cowboy: Ok, the Packers are frauds but not as big of that as the Cowboys. San Fran is another veteran team that knows how to handle business. The Packers are too young to carry over what they did last week into the Bay Area.

BrendawnoftheDead: Green Bay was overlooked and not taken seriously last week, that will not happen again. San Francisco is too good to lay an egg like that. They're healthy, rested, and are looking to prove a point. San Francisco covers.


TB @ DET: DET -6.5

Blind Owl: Welp. I’ve dug myself into a bit of a hole here. Picking Houston looked great at halftime. Then the Ravens snapped back to reality…That has left me without any choice really here. There aren’t too many games left here. I’m behind and I need to make moves. I have to pick against the boys and hope I’m right. What they could do is each pick in opposition so I literally can’t win. Let’s hope they don’t do that. I am the second one to write his picks on this frigid Sunday morning. So I’m basically setting myself up to get screwed. With that said, the Cowboy has been really high on the Buccaneers all year. Bremdawn has already picked them. Thankfully for me, if I was undefeated I would be picking the Lions here. Tampa and Baker Mayfield has been a good story, but Detroit going to an NFC title game is a better story. I say the Lions win in a Ford Field beat down of the Bucs. This will continue this year’s tradition of bad early games in the playoffs. 

Concret3Cowboy: I like Tampa Bay to keep it close. The Bucs have a great front seven. The Lions have a few guys on defense but nothing like Tampa. I think the Bucs figured it out just in time but they’ll ultimately lose this game. They cover though.

BrendawnoftheDead: logic tells me this will be a shootout. Goff is statistically one of the league's best quarterbacks at home, Mayfield has reverse splits. Both teams have major issues in the secondary. Ultimately I think Detroit will win because they can control the clock if they so choose, but Tampa has a way of punching up and won't make it easy. Detroit will advance but Tampa will cover.

KC @ BUF: BUF -3.5

Blind Owl: You know how I said up there that I was going to pick Detroit even if I was doing well? The same is not the case down here. I really really want to pick Buffalo in this one, for no other reason than they are just the better team in my opinion. They do have a nasty habit of playing to their opponents level, but that actually works in their favor here. Not to mention the fact that they FINALLY get to play the Chiefs in Buffalo as opposed to KC. If Josh Allen can’t push his team through this one, even he has to admit KC has their number. But here I sit down a lot here. I’m even being compared to Dak Prescott which is never good. But as they said in the Star Wars Episode of Family Guy, “Get ready to suck some Dak!” I’m going with my guy VD and picking his Chiefs. I feel gross about it, but I need to stay in this one. I know I can’t win this in my Wildest Dreams (see what I did there?) but I have to try. 

Concret3Cowboy: Fuck KC

BrendawnoftheDead: This game disgusts me. Both teams are greatly diminished compared to their previous season iterations, but one will still have the honor of getting run over by Baltimore next week. The question is which Buffalo team will show up this week? They have been consistently inconsistent all season. They lost to the Patriots but they also curb stomped the cowboys…hmmm. Kansas City has played decent defense all season but offensively they are pedestrian. Stop Kelce, win the game. Rice has stepped up and I love how angry Pacheco runs, but those guys don't scare you. I think the Bills cover because they have more ways to win, but watch Allen throw three picks and fumble in the RedZone…

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