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Exclusive: Allbright Reaches Out to Answer Questions

As y’all know, our last blog chronicled the breakup of Benjamin Allbright and his ex-girlfriend. It got a little bit of traction in the few hours it’s been up. I suggest you read it before reading this one. Follow this link for that blog:

Like I said in my previous blog, I didn’t expect either party involved here to respond to me. Well, I’ll be the first person to admit when I get something wrong.

Today at 9:26am I received a direct message from Benjamin Allbright on Twitter. Now I’ve been blocked for quite some time, so I was skeptical. I checked the account that messaged me to see if someone was trying to pull a fast one on the blind guy. It checked out.

Before I tell you what he said, just know he refers to a blog I wrote about the bet he made with a Twitter user a while back that was clearly a joke. Here’s that link if you’re interested:

Anyway, here is what Ben sent me after unblocking me: “For the record I didn't get any email from you. Not sure where you sent it. Just like I didn't get any email when you pretended I didn't don't the $1000 TO MITCH Price for the Sean Payton thing (screengrab enclosed)

I would appreciate you leaving Jessica alone as this has been super traumatic. There are kids involved. Having her name with articles that be searched by her kids is really bad. Please keep the keywords and title as my name. I'm the POS here.

If you promise me you'll leave her alone unless she reaches out (and I know you already have reached out and she's seen it and she hasn't responded) I'll answer questions.”

Well, that was very unexpected. I’ll admit, I was wrong about the $1000 thing. But I will also say that I am working on verifying the “screengrab” he sent me.

Of course I accepted the offer. I even pointed out to him that I never tagged his ex in the original Tweet. That was purposeful. Although I did assure him that I used her name in the original blog to uphold my own high standards of journalistic integrity. I used no private info. All of the quotes I took were from public tweets. I also assured him that BO Blogs policy is to reach out to someone and if they choose not to respond, we never pester them.

There is one thing I would regret if I didn’t mention. At the beginning of his quote he claims to have never received my emails. It is very possible I was sending them to the wrong email, but when I provided him with the email I sent them to, which he had previously responded to me from, he moved past it. I then went to his Twitter page and confirmed by taking a screenshot, the email he lists for contact is indeed the email I sent all of my requests to. Here’s that image and the email is still there as of 1pm EST on 4/7/2022:

So after that, Ben sent his thoughts. It was a long answer so I’ll go piece by piece.

First of all, I asked Ben if he was under the influence of alcohol or any other substance when he posted the original thread. He said, “Not at all, no under influence.” Not sure about y’all, but I might have said I had a few drinks even if I hadn’t. It’s an easy excuse. We’ve all had a few pops and done something we regret.

His response to my questions started with, “I don't really have a whole lot to clear up that i remember. The "physical" comment referred to actual physical ailment issue, I have never and would never raise my hand to a woman so any implication there is gross and wrong.”

Well, I’m glad he denied any physical abuse of any kind. I hope that is true. Although I don’t think it was a stretch for anyone’s mind to assume domestic violence was what he referred to. I said it in the original blog, it could’ve meant anything. In a follow up he emphasized, “No DV [Domestic Violence]. From my end.”

According to Ben, he meant that he was struggling with some kind of sexual dysfunction. Now I’m not a doctor, but there aren’t too many I can think of other than erectile dysfunction. If true, that’s actually a common issue. He later confirmed this by saying, “Yes a sexual performance issue.”

He continued, “You'll know I'm telling you the truth because sexual issues like that are pretty embarrassing and this what I was referring to.”

I don’t agree with this statement. The “truth” is something Ben has struggled with and I think even he would agree that it’s ok that I’m skeptical.

Next, Allbright responded as to what actually happened. He said, “What happened? I sexted my ex like 4 or 5 times. That's the exact whole full extent of it.”

“Sexted” is a very subjective term. I don’t know what that means to him and he doesn’t know what it means to me. I imagine sexually explicit messages. Perhaps some racy photos. I asked several follow up questions regarding that. He responded with, “Never any physical sex acts. Just sexting.”

Ben added, “I'm a piece of shit for it. I own it.”

That’s a fair assessment I think. I actually respect owning up to it. If that’s all that happened that’s how I would classify it.

Now, I asked Ben about the accusation that he owes his ex $40,000. He said, “There's no deadbeat scenario or $40k owed. We went into a joint living situation and pre paid everything, and she fronted a large part of the cash. There is money owed for furniture and all that, but the number is significantly less than half that figure, and the plan was always for her to get that money in April. (Investment opening up, tax refund etc.).”

Again, this seems reasonable. People do this kind of thing all the time. As a matter of fact, when my wife and I bought our house while we were still dating, I fronted a lot of the funds. That’s just what happens sometimes when couples get together.

I was interested in knowing what this “investment” was, but I understand not wanting to answer that so I didn’t ask.

As to the debt itself, Allbright said, ”The amount owed is roughly $16k.” and that ”It will be paid and I did not threaten to withhold it. I did ask her not tweet about that stuff. That it's just embarrassing for all of us, but that's her right and she chose to.”

Again, a “threat” is relative. She claims to have “receipts” that prove this but I’ve yet to see them. Until I do, or hear it from her directly, I have to simply speculate.

As for the incident as a whole, Allbright had this to say, “I'm totally at fault for our partnership being over. I've humiliated her, the kids and myself. I know there are a lot of people that don't like me, but I'd ask that they try to minimize the trauma porn. Make fun of me, but they are catching strays and deserve better.”

That is fair to say. I had the same thoughts about the kids in my original blog. They are the unintended victims of something like this.

As a final comment, he mentioned that the couple is currently “trying to patch things up.”

This is only half the story. We will probably never know the whole truth. Even if we heard both sides, the actual truth is usually somewhere in the middle. All I can firmly say is that I know Allbright has lied in the past, and I think he admits that. So I have trouble believing everything he says 100%. But there’s some truth here. Even the best liars have to sprinkle in a little bit of truth.

I do thank him for responding. He could have just ignored it all. Was it the right move to talk to me about the whole thing? Probably not. But Ben is trying to save some face here and talking to someone who has called you out in the past is sometimes a way to do that. I’m not fully convinced (obviously). So I have to say that there are still some stones unturned here. I suspect that it will stay that way for quite some time.

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