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Drama in Denver

I’ve learned a lot of things during my career in education. One thing that all teachers know is that there is nothing better than a good piece of gossip. Before becoming a teacher, I was never really into rumors and drama, but now that I am, it’s one of my favorite things.

That’s why my antenna went up this morning when I saw a series of screenshotted tweets from our old friend of ours Ben Allbright. There were no smoking hot Denver Broncos takes, or outlandish claims that are ol’ Ben’s norm. Instead, was a lengthy thread about something very different.

So, here is the thread just as I read it this morning. The screenshots were from someone named Michael (@RespectMyCos) on Twitter who simply captioned it “LMFAOOOOOO.” Allbright’s tweets in the pictures were dated last night, April 6th, nearing midnight.

What was said is long so hang with me. Allbright said, “I’ve been a bad friend. I’ve been a bad partner. I cheated on my partner. Not physically, but emotionally. No one asked me to type this, and it is me typing it. I royally messed up. I had a really great person. I’ve never been a father, but she had kids and they were phenomenal too. We rushed into things, a thing I don’t regret at all, but it progressed quickly. She was a big cheerleader for me in my career. When I got down, she went to bat to…Try to pick me up. Encourager. I struggle with words of affirmation (her love language), but am big with acts of service (mine). She’s kind of the opposite. We had a rocky go of it in spurts, but always pushed through. Some fights were my fault. Some hers. She had trauma. From her past about being left/abandoned, and that was a stressor at times, but understandably so. We had some knock down drag outs, but pushed through every time and wwe stronger for it. Or so it seemed. I began to lose confidence in myself. There were other physical issues….On my end as a result. So what did my dumbass do? I didn’t reach out to my partner and talk about them. I did the dumbest thing possible. Tried talking to and texting my ex. Yep. I am THAT piece of shit. Happened 4 or 5 times over a 6 month period. THAT POS. And of course it all came out and a good woman who was and is the love of my life, and her children now have to deal with my fuckup(s). I’d spend the rest of my life trying to make up to them, but I think we all know with the unforgivable comes not being forgiven. She may see this. She may not. This isn’t my love letter or Hail Mary. It’s my accountability to the world for being a pretty crummy person and warning to everyone else to not be stupid. If you find your person, don’t lie to them, don’t cheat on them. Open up while you can.”

Wow. That was a lot. Where do I even start?

I think we need to start where it always seems to go nowadays. Why did he need to go to Twitter with this? I think it was later deleted, but I can’t confirm that because Ben blocked me a while back.

My second thought actually surprised me. I sympathized with the guy. We’ve all had relationship drama. I think we’ve all got into some fights with our significant other and maybe said some stuff we wish we hadn’t. Maybe had a few drinks and pulled out the phone and started texting away. Thankfully most of us go for a trusted friend, sibling or just wrote it all down to get it out. Ben took another route and went to the ex, and then Twitter where we all can see it. That was bad. But again, we’ve all done something similar.

Ben and I have had our issues, but I’m not a monster. I was going to leave it alone. Was there a little schadenfreude in play? Yeah. But that’s all it was going to be.

With that said, a couple things that did trouble me about the thread Ben put out there. The guy has been known to lie. He even admits that in his message there. So there is no way I’m taking anything he says at face value. But…he admits to there being cheating and physicality on his part. If I know anything about liars, when the truth comes out, it’s usually not all the truth. So if he admits to something physical happening, the extent of that is concerning. Alos, does anyone believe he didn’t physically cheat? It’s ok. It’s just how that kind of stuff happens. I’m not judging or anything. Just speaking from what I’ve learned in my time.

Like I said, I was going to leave it alone. Maybe make a few jokes, but that’s it.

…but then…I read the comments to that original Tweet of the screenshots. Let’s just say things got juicier.

Someone posted a screenshot of a Tweet from someone named Jessica Maxwell (@JessicaMaxwell). Jessica had this to say very earthly this morning, “When your ex posts your trauma on social?!? Tell me how much more of a piece of shit you can be @allbrightNFL.” Then someone replied with, “If it’s any consolation most of Broncos Country hates his guts.” Pretty funny if you ask me. But that’s not the interesting part. Jessica, who clearly seems to be the woman Ben was referring to in his thread, responded to that comment with, “Honestly. Y’all should. You have no idea.”

Well, well, well. We have a nasty breakup going down on Twitter. Strap in folks.

As you can tell, I couldn’t help myself. It’s my day off and it’s early in the morning. I needed to do my due diligence. So of course, I went to Jessica’s Twitter feed.

Here’s just a sample of what I found.

The first Tweet wasn’t that alarming. Jessica said, “I was asked to delete my last tweet.” I think she’s referring to the one that had Allbright tagged in it. Fair. If I were Ben, I wouldn’t want that kind of thing out there. But then again, he posted the original thread she responded to, so he’s got no moral ground to stand on.

The next Tweet from Jessica wasn’t a shock. She said, “Fragile egos and all.” Ok yeah. No surprises there. Ben clearly has a bit of a fragile ego. I’ve experienced that personally.

The next one I found changed the game for me. Jessica tweeted, “I’m owed over $40k. From 6 months. FYI.” WHOA!! This went from nasty breakup on twitter to huge monetary dispute very quickly. I knew I needed to get to the bottom of this now. There’s cheating, potential physical violence and now large sums of money changing hands?

So I kept scrolling.

Shortly after that tweet, Jessica followed up with, “Being threatened not to get payment for what is owed. Unless I delete tweets.” Now there are threats of non-payment? She then goes on to say in the comments of that tweet that she has “receipts” and “screenshots” to prove all of these things. Including the “physical issue” Ben referenced, which is honestly most concerning.

At this point I decided to DM Jessica. I just asked if she wanted to tell her full story to BO Blogs. I’ve yet to receive a response. Which I understand. It’s early in Colorado, and she was up late. I’m also suspecting that she may have had a few beverages as well. I didn’t expect an immediate response.

But, like it or not, at this point, this whole thing is just a he said/she said scenario. Even though we’ve had our issues, I had to reach out to Allbright himself. I sent the guy a nicely worded email simply asking if he had any response to all this. Including the $40k accusations and the physical ones. In all fairness, “physical issues” could honestly refer to anything. It’s wrong to assume domestic violence, but we all did assume that. I even mentioned in that email to Ben an old phrase I used to hear when my mom and wife watched Dr. Phil. No matter how flat you make a pancake, there’s always two sides. I just wanted to hear his end.

As expected, he didn’t respond yet either. I assume he won’t. Honestly, the only response I expect from him is some kind of “don’t reach out” email. Which is fair.

Without responses from either party, there is only speculation and internet rumors to go on now. As entertaining as that can be, it’s not what we’re about here at BO Blogs. But while I wait for the responses, I’ll give both parties here some patented Blind Owl Advice.

As much as I selfishly hope and pray this feud continues, Ben and Jessica both should probably stop. What good is coming from it? The only thing it’s done is brought internet trolls, such as myself, into a very personal issue. Nobody wants that. There are also some very serious accusations being made. If I were Jessica, I would make sure the proper authorities are informed. The way to do that isn’t tweeting things out late at night. If there is domestic violence involved, she should go to the police and some kind of counseling or trauma center. As for the monetary aspect, perhaps a lawyer might be a good idea. I know any competent legal counsel would advise her to get off the internet.

As for Ben, you’re in a no win situation here. You haven’t exactly built up a rapport with the Twitter world. What made you think doing this was a good idea? But you did it, and now you’ve got to deal with it. Maybe if you were a little less insufferable, you’d have a more compassionate audience. Now, you NEED to stay off of Twitter. Don’t make it worse than it already is. If you really love the woman like you claim to, don’t keep this up. And there’s kids involved. They don’t need any more drama than they’ve already experienced.

Anyway, we’ll be sure to keep a watchful eye on this situation. I’m trying to take the high road but I can’t stay away from the drama. I planned to write about the Bud Light/Dylan Mulvaney situation, but I thought this was more important. Stay tuned folks.

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