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Allbright: The Philanthropist

We’ve had a lot of battles here at BO Blogs. We’ve fought with people like OJ Simpson, the Boston Globe, Greg Bedard and even each other. Without question, our most popular blog and funniest battle has been with Denver Broncos insider Benjamin Allbright. If you aren’t up to date on that, get yourself caught up here:

Unfortunately for me, that blog got me blocked by Allbright on Twitter. My indiscretion kept me from the in depth Broncos analysis that I sorely need everyday. I can’t get any information about the team from any other source possible. Ben is the sole source for any kind of update on the team. Needless to say, I am a horrible Broncos fan for letting myself get blocked by this man. For that, I am ashamed.

My shame doesn’t end there. Not only am I not able to see Ben’s Bronco tweets that I can’t possibly get anywhere else, I missed what may be the biggest charitable proclamation in the history of the world. Well my friends, if you missed it too, I’ll help.

Folks, let’s go back in time a bit. Let’s go to November 20th, 2022. For those who must know, that was a Sunday. Anyway, a tweeter by the name of Mitch Price (@SaintMitch30) asked Ben, “U want Sean Payton yet?” My buddy Ben quote tweeted Mitch saying, “Payton to Denver isn’t happening. $1000 to charity of your choice if I’m wrong.”

I’ll stop there to bring you up to date on some Broncos news you might’ve missed because you are blocked by the exclusive source of any news about the team like I am. Just by happenstance, I stumbled upon a small headline from this little known sports media company called ESPN. As a matter of fact, it was sent as a notification to my phone. Like I’m a fan of the team or something and set alerts to let me know things that happen about the team. The headline told me that the Denver Broncos had traded some draft picks to the New Orleans Saints to acquire their retired Head Coach Sean Payton.

Wait a tick here. Sean Payton will be the new head coach of the Broncos? Where did I read a promise someone made about that? Oh right. Benjamin Allbright, said that if this exact thing happened, he’d give $1000 to a charity of Mitch’s choosing.

Like the journalist I never claimed I am but pretend to be, I reached out to Mitch on Twitter. Now it was early on the east coast, so it must have been even earlier in the mountain time zone. I simply asked if Mitch had made Ben aware of the charity the $1000 would be going to. As I am writing this, Mitch hasn’t responded to me. I’ve got to assume he is sifting through the many great charities out there that the money could go to. I’m sure he’ll respond in due time.

But the real hero here is Ben. So I decided to reach out to him via email. Instead of summarizing what I said to him, I’ll simply put it here so y’all can read it for yourselves.

“Good Morning Ben,

It’s been a while. Hope you’re well.

I’m reaching out in regard to a tweet of yours from 11/20/22. If you’ve forgotten, I’ll jog your memory.

Just wondering which charity you’ll be donating to? I’ve reached out to the gentleman you made this promise to for his input. I suggest you do the same if you haven’t already.

I eagerly await your response and look forward to publicizing your great philanthropy.

Thanks pal,

Your buddies at Blind Owl Blogs”

Say what you want to about me, I always say a good idea is a good idea. No matter the source. Ben and I have had our issues, but it warms my heart to think he is willing to give a substantial amount of money to a good cause because his football take was wrong. That’s why I reached out to him so I could appropriately spread the word to those who had the same negative feeling about Ben that I did.

To my dismay, Ben hasn’t responded yet. Again, it’s probably very early in Colorado. The poor guy is up late and I’m sure he has a lot to do today. Also, I wasn’t the nicest person to him in the past. So it isn’t a shock that he didn’t answer. For that, I have only myself to blame. And you know what, he’s probably already reaching out to Mitch in order to present the check to him and the great charity Mitch chooses.

I’m not sure about you guys, but I think great philanthropic endeavors like this should be celebrated. That is why I took the time to write this even though I am quite sick. I can’t let my illness stand in the way of shining a light on something that could change the world like this.

What would be a real shame is if Ben isn’t a man of his word and claims this was a “joke” or just flat out ignores it. That would be dishonest. And Ben definitely doesn’t have a history of being dishonest or anything. No way. Not my guy Ben.

So let me be the first to say thank you to Mr. Allbright. Your greatness is something we should all strive for. I would love to lead the charge of media members that could publish his official announcement with proof of donation, and records from that particular charity that could confirm he donated the money. Not for me, but the people I have misled with my previous blog.

Like I said in my email to this hero among us, I eagerly await this moment and I will send him the prestigious Blind Owl Blog Philanthropist of the Year Award that I just made up. Of course, if it turns out that this was some kind of stunt, then maybe Ben isn’t the guy I think he is. Maybe he’s a sensitive, passive aggressive, pathological lying, narcissist like I previously wrote. But that can’t be a spot on description of the man. Can it?

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