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Allbright Is Not Alright

Folks, this one is crazy.

This is going to be about one of the softest, most despicable people in sports media. Buckle up.

Apparently, there is this guy in Denver named Benjamin Allbright. He is a wanna be football reporter who is on the Broncos flagship station KOA-AM. Allbright is a veteran of the US Military and is not shy about telling people that. I’m a big supporter of the military, but this guy is just a piece of trash.

This whole saga started on a simple podcast. I am a big Kirk Minihane fan. I listen to him on a daily basis. One episode, titled The Curious Case of Ben Allbright, Kirk went into detail of this Allbright guy. I can’t recall what started the issue, but it sure did devolve quickly.

Kirk went into depth and called out all of Albright's lies about his military career. Sparing the details, but some of the things he was claiming were very easy to verify. Allbright refused to provide documents that would easily corroborate what he was claiming. Allbright even claimed to score ridiculously high on exams he had taken. He even admittedly exaggerated his college football experience. The guy even lied about his heritage. Then went through and deleted almost all his tweets that said anything.

The lunatic Allbright took this to a whole new level, when his Twitter account tweeted something in Russian. It was bizarre to say the least. Then the guy took a hard turn to crazy town, and claimed that Kirk Minihane somehow hacked his account and tweeted it out. Few things wrong with this. No offense to Kirk, but he is not technically savvy at all. He would have no idea how to hack Allbright’s twitter account. More importantly, Kirk is a nationally known podcast host for Barstool sports. He has no need to win a twitter argument with a valor stealing, local football host.

That all kind of faded away because Allbright did the sensitive thing and blocked Kirk and all of his fans on Twitter and every other social media platform. He became a joke from that point on.

That brings us to more recent history.

Scrolling through Twitter, I see Allbright’s name coming up again. Not from him, I’ve been blocked for a while.

Apparently, a local podcast host in Denver had a twitter exchange with Allbright. David Sisneros, who hosts HISxHERS Pod with his wife Nikki Glamour, jokingly called out Allbright for his fake Denver Broncos takes and his lies about the military. How does Allbright respond to a person poking fun at him on Twitter? Well, at first he blocked him and started screenshotting all of the tweets and tweeting them out saying things about David. A bigger man than I, David simply ignored this petty act and moved on with his life.

Not to be ignored, Allbright sank to a new low. According to David, Allbright sent him a direct message on Twitter. What did this message say you might ask? Allbright threatened to get David fired. Not only that, he also threatened to take the food out of David’s kids mouths. He went on to ask if David’s kids could survive without food. He threatened to do this unless he receives “nothing less” than a “formal apology.”

David then did what I would have done right off the bat, and went on his podcast and simply destroyed Allbright. He read the direct messages and even went through a top 10 of Allbright’s deleted tweets. David’s wife Nikki went off and made it clear that she would not put up with Allbright threatening her kids. Allbright then went on a Twitter rant, insulting Nikki, David and their kids.

Benjamin Allbright is just the worst kind of person. He flaunts his military service and football knowledge. He claims to be the smartest guy in every room he’s in, and claims to be an expert on every topic. The guy even claimed to know about drug testing in the NFL, because he ran the drug testing program in the military. He just can’t help himself. He is a pathological liar.

Like all pathological liars, when his lies start to fall apart, he threatens harm on people.

Allbright claims to be an NFL insider and a Denver Broncos expert. As a loyal Broncos fan, I had never heard of this guy until Kirk Minihane talked about him. Clearly, he hasn’t been that big of a reporter in the Broncos world.

This guy created an image of himself that is so far away from reality, and it is crumbling down around him. He uses his military service as a crutch to keep him from being fired.

Ben Allbright clearly has no grip on reality. He needs to really take a deep look at his own mental health and probably seek some kind of help.

Not only that, his employer really needs to look into their hiring process and evaluate their current employees.

I know for a fact that Allbright will read this. Here is my message to him. Go seek some help.

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