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2024 Wildcard Round NFL Picks

Updated: Jan 15

Michael Jordan. Babe Ruth. Tiger Woods. Wayne Grestsky. Tom Brady. What do these names have in common? One word. Greatness. Well, after a long struggle and hard fought battle after hard fought battle, we can add one more name to that list of greatness. Blind Owl.

Don’t believe me? Well, feast your eyes upon the ultimate game picker of 2023 and the magnificence that is what I did this year.

Week 18 Records:

Blind Owl:10-6

Concret3Cowboy: 7-9

BrendawnoftheDead: 10-6

Total Records

Blind Owl: 141-116-15

Concret3Cowboy: 124-133-15

BrendawnoftheDead: 137-120-15

That’s right. I did it. I powered my way through the year and came out on top. Not only did I win, but I won while being 25 games above .500. If were a betting man, Vegas would ban me from most of the big casinos. I think that’s what separates me from these run of the mill gamblers. I don’t just pick and choose what I want to bet on, I pick all of the games and still dominate. Some chumps, or “big dawgs” pick the games they think they can win. Real pickers pick em all. 

I am a gracious winner though. A lot of credit goes out to these other two. Even though they knew they didn’t have a chance. But that didn’t stop them from giving it their all. I respect anyone who steps up to an impossible challenge. Not only that, but these guys managed to keep it close. Brendawn even came back from having a winless week to stay within striking distance. Unfortunately for him, greatness takes no breaks. When push comes to shove, a true champion rises to the occasion. That’s what I did.

Some are saying that since I am the editor and in total control of the site and the picks, that I manipulated my way to the win. Well, y’all can keep talking. If you’re going to come at me with accusations, you better have them locked down. Especially when those that will make the accusations write on the site and I can control what they put on there. Come at me boys. 

But, like a true legend, I’m not happy with just a regular season victory. The real stories are told in the postseason. The slates are wiped clean. There are no records. We’re back to square one. The pickers don’t just sit back like fantasy players and enjoy the playoffs. We. Keep. Going. 

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy my dominance as it carries over from the regular season, and I pick my way to a postseason title. It all starts with “SUPER” Wildcard Weekend. Could the Cowboy rebound from his dismal end of the year? Or could Brendawn continue the journey he couldn’t finish? Doubtful, but see for yourself…  



Blind Owl: Is this a meaningless game in Week 10 or is it the playoffs? Well, it’s January, so despite what tradition tells us, Cleveland and Houston are playing in a playoff game. I think everyone who doesn’t have a dog in the playoff fight wants it all to boil down to the Browns/Lions in the big game. That would just solidify the idea that we’re living in a simulation. As for this game, it all comes down to the oldest debate in football. Offense or defense? The Texans have a high flying rookie QB in CJ Stroud and an offense that fought their way out of the abysmal AFC South. Say what you want, but they earned a home playoff game. The Browns on the other hand have scraped the bottom of the offensive barrel a few times and come up with…none other than Joe Flacco. Who is aged and confused but still has a cannon of an arm. But “Chuck It Up” Joe has little to do with the Browns success. That defense is GOOOOOD. The old adage says that defense wins championships. I don’t totally believe in that, but you know defense does? It confuses young QBs in their first playoff game. I’m riding with the road favorites in the Browns and my guy Joe Flacco.  

Concret3Cowboy: Browns by 10. Flacco gives this team exactly what it has needed all year. A solid QB. The Texans also have a defense of their own. I just don’t see it being their time yet and I don’t see it really being that close.

BrendawnoftheDead: I'm on the Flacco bandwagon…in 2024. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. I love what the Texans are doing, they found talent and young quarterback. Nico Collins is awesome too but this game cones down to their offensive line. The last time the Texans offensive line was challenged in the manner Cleveland will, they got their doors locked in by the new York jetropolitans. Cleveland is a superior team that unlike the hapless football squad in new Jersey, can score points. Cleveland by 7.

MIA @ KC: KC -4.5

Blind Owl: When I played football back in my glory days, there was nothing worse than a really cold game. Mostly because I was standing on the sidelines, but even when I did play, it was brutal. Being cold makes you feel terrible, and that’s when you’re 100% healthy. If you’re banged up, like the Dolphins are now, it feels even worse. Not to mention that the Phins are a warm weather team and the Chiefs are used to playing in this kind of weather. I don’t think KC is the kind of dominant team they’ve been, but this game is going to show us something. Miami is not ready for this. They’re playmakers will move slower and the injuries will add up. Mahomes and the Chiefs won’t miss a beat. I suspect a big game from Chris Jones and a few jittery picks from Tua that will cost them. KC all day. 

Concret3Cowboy: I don’t think the Dolphins have it to win big games. Nevermind, the added elements of.. The actual elements. Their defense has too many injuries to be expected to do anything. And the offense is too flashy to play in a cold/windy game. I’d love to be wrong but the Chiefs get a playoff win.

BrendawnoftheDead: The fish will be squished. They've been front runners all year and fold at the first sign of adversity. Tua has never been that good in the NFL. I think the chiefs are wildly overrated and have a lack of offensive weaponry, kind of inevitable when you spend a quarter of your 53 man salary cap on one guy. Tonight that won't matter, the phins will crumble as soon as they are pushed. Chiefs win by 10.


GB @ DAL: DAL -7

Blind Owl: Ok. Dallas soups win this game. Everything is in their favor. They’re a better team, they’re at home and they’ve got momentum. With that said, the Packers are on borrowed time and surprised everyone. This has classic Cowboys collapse written all over it. To pretty much guarantee that, I’ll pick Dallas here. It’s a win win really. I hope I’m right but if they do lose it’ll be funny. 

Concret3Cowboy: Green Bay are frauds. Sure, they’ve had a good game here and there.. and the Panthers beat the Texans, it’s the NFL. Dallas has been very good at beating inferior teams all year and that continues here, even in the playoffs. Also I would like to add, Cowboy fans get a lot of shit. They are not the worst fan base in the league, not even top 5. Im looking at you; Philly, Chiefs, Raiders, and yes Steeler fans (yall are on all the drugs).

BrendawnoftheDead: Green Bay is a good story but Dallas is a good football team (at home). Cowboys have too much talent for this current version of the Packers, maybe next year cheese heads. 


Blind Owl: Now that the Browns are out, I think everyone who’s team isn’t in it is rooting for the Lions. Me included. Go Lions. 

Concret3Cowboy: Keeping with the fan base theme. We have a non-existent one (Rams) and one of the most loyal (Lions). LA teams just for that reason, they’ll never have a fan base and eventually move out of town because of it, they won’t be the “hot ticket” to have. It’s much more surprising to see Lion fans are able to buy playoff tickets but to be fair they did have some time to save up. Anyways, this is the game I have circled out of all the wildcard games. It has a good story of the once prodigal son coming back to town after achieving his destiny with someone else. Then there's Goff, the mid-level hero? Not even a hero, he’s just like a guy. Give me the Rams to cover.

BrendawnoftheDead: The Lions were my regular season squad but in the playoffs, everything changes. Losing Laporta is going to hurt and their defense is suspect. I like a rested Kupp, Nacua, Stafford, Williams combo to wreak havoc and ruin a good story. Rams take it outright!


PIT @ BUF: BUF -9.5

Blind Owl: This game being moved helped the Steelers, but they don’t really belong in the playoffs. The Bills are the hottest team in football and somehow took the AFC East. That earned them this game at home which is huge. The weather being lousy is advantage to the Bills. It’s a large spread for a playoff game, but Buffalo covers. 

Concret3Cowboy: Steelers being in the playoffs is a joke.

BrendawnoftheDead: too big of a spread and it's not like buffalo is clicking on all cylinders. Can't believe I'm doing this but yinzer bullshit covers.

PHI @ TB: PHI -3

Blind Owl: The Eagles have limped their way into the playoffs. They’ve been on a terrible free fall for a couple months now. The Bucs have been doing well. I’m a game behind with the Rams keeping it close last night. I suppose I’ll take the Eagles in this dumb Monday night playoff game. I think it’s dumber than putting a game on Peacock. 

Concret3Cowboy: I’ve been high on the Bucs all year and yes.. they steal this one too.

BrendawnoftheDead: what have the eagles done in the last 6 weeks that gives you any confidence that they will find success? Exactly, Bucs win. No AJ Brown and devonta Smith will be severely hampered if he does play. Philly is DOA.

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