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We Get It! Stop Telling Us!

I like the election season as much as the next guy. The mudslinging and debates are awesome entertainment, especially this time. It is...

Money Talks

Yesterday we saw a much more complete slate of college football games. With the official return of the Big 10, Saturday looked a lot more...

TB Loves AB

Like one of those bad colds that seem to last all year long, Antonio Brown comes up yet again. The former Steeler, Raider, Patriot, wide...

Buck Screwed Up

Apparently, on Sunday afternoon on Fox’s NFL coverage, Joe Buck made a comment following the National Anthem about the military fly over...

Nothing Should Be Automatic

In honor of NFL Sunday, let’s really dig in here. This one is for all the football aficionados out there. We are going deep into football...

Injury Taketh and Giveth

Tony Dungey took some crap on Sunday Night Football’s pregame for saying that Dak Prescott’s injury could be a “blessing in disguise.”...

Why Do We Keep Looking?

People confuse me sometimes. Humans seem to thrive on others misery and disgust. Don’t worry, I’m in that category as well. Last evening,...

Sabotage in Foxboro

I am sure you’ve all heard by now, the Brocos-Patriots game that was scheduled for today at 4:25, then rescheduled for Monday at 5, has...


Greetings readers to Blind Owl Blogs. I'm not very good at welcoming people to things because I usually can't see them come in. I've...

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