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Why Do We Keep Looking?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

People confuse me sometimes. Humans seem to thrive on others misery and disgust. Don’t worry, I’m in that category as well. 

Last evening, during the Cowboys/Giants game, Dak Prescott scrambled for 9 yards, and then, it happened. His ankle was grotesquely broken/dislocated/massacred. Poor Dak. His leg was FUBAR. 

Now, I was in the stink lodge when it happened. I did not see it live. Which I think kind of proves my point that I’m about to make. I took the time after I heard about the injury to jump on Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, to try and find the injury itself. I even considered rewinding it on my TV to see if I can find it. I found it and audibly groaned in disgust and almost sympathy pain. But did I stop? No, I kept watching the video. Over and over and over again. I’m a sick man. I know it, you know it. 

It isn’t just me. All of you do it. Whether it be a disgusting sports injury like Dak, or 14 car pile up on I-95 that all you jerk whistles stare at and backup traffic for miles. We all love to watch horrible things happen. The whole horror movie is based upon this human desire to watch others in pain. 

This isn’t as bad as we think it is. It is just something we all do. All I am calling for is for those who are shaming the injury watchers to cut the crap. You do it just as well as I do. Whether it be that car crash you stared at, the horror movie you are going to watch this month, or even that sad Lifetime movie you ladies (and some men) watch to make yourself cry, you are just as bad as I am. The Germans have a term for this (of course the Germans do). The term is Schadenfreude. 

Y’all will still mock us for watching Dak’s injury over and over again, but just know deep down in your soul, you are just as bad (if not worse) than we are.

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