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Sabotage in Foxboro

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I am sure you’ve all heard by now, the Brocos-Patriots game that was scheduled for today at 4:25, then rescheduled for Monday at 5, has been pushed back again to next Sunday. This comes amidst yet another positive COVID-19 test in the Patriots organization. 

The Pats had one positive test before their game in Kansas City last Monday. That just happened to be their “star” QB Cam Newton. The Pats then lost that game to the defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs, mainly due to dreadful QB play from journeyman Brian Hoyer. 

This week we heard that the Patriots best player, reigning defensive player of the year, CB Stephon Gilmore tested positive. Despite this, the league said the game against Denver will go on. A minor rescheduling to Monday night to just make sure seemed reasonable. Gives doctors and health officials time to test everyone else and make sure it’s all set to go. All good right? Nope.

It comes out this weekend that one person in the Pats organization has tested positive, resulting in the shift to next Sunday for the game. Seems awfully peculiar this happened so quickly. After having all kinds of negative tests after Gilmore was isolated. 

This totally partial and biased observer thinks there is treachery at work here. The master mind that is Bill Belichick saw an opportunity here. He knows that his dreadful lack of talent is in serious danger of losing to an up and coming Denver squad. Being a smart man, Bill said “hey, we don’t have our two best players, and we will probably lose.” He took this info and found the lowest person on the totem pole in Foxboro and told them to go out there and get exposed to COVID. This would force the NFL to reschedule the game, thus letting his two best players play in the next game. 

Now biological warfare may be a lofty charge, but it seems to be a very plausible explanation. Listen, I don’t blame Bill. I watched last week’s game. The offense was putrid. The only reason the Pats hung in that game was the defense holding KC at bay for a while. Now take away the best player on that defense, what chance do they have? Knowing what we do about COVID, it isn’t going to kill some healthy practice squad kid, or some young coach. Bill made an incredibly strategic move and probably saved his team a loss. 

The real beauty of this move is there is no way to prove this is the case. Bill is perfectly protected unless he was an idiot (which he isn’t) and texted or emailed the order to someone.

Just like anyone else, I can’t prove or disprove my own theory, but if the shoe fits…

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