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Buck Screwed Up

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Apparently, on Sunday afternoon on Fox’s NFL coverage, Joe Buck made a comment following the National Anthem about the military fly over that just occured.

FULL DISCLOSURE- I did not see this live. I am responding to clips I’ve seen online and on heard on the radio this morning on the way to work. 

As the planes were flying over the stadium, Joe Buck said “your hard earned tax dollars at work folks.” When I read the lead up to the clip, I was expecting for Buck to say something heinous. I was met with the same comment that I, myself, have said at a dozen times in my life. Not saying I was disappointed, but I was expecting more. 

Now, I have no use for Joe Buck. I personally think he is the worst play by play commentator in the NFL. I think that is why I was so underwhelmed by the comment. It was a pathetic attempt at a joke, which has a base in truth, that people are just being sensitive about. 

I understand the fly overs are cool, and they are used for training missions for pilots. That being said there are 2 huge issues I see with this. 

1- They claim there was no additional cost to the taxpayers for the fly over. The key word there is “additional.” When someone says additional, that implies that there was an original cost. So, this is costing me money. 

2- This one is huge. And very simple, it’s going all in caps lock because it is so obvious. THERE WERE NO FANS AT THE STADIUM! Is this for the players? Referees? Coaches? Announcers? TV audience who were probably in the bathroom? These kinds of fly overs are just for fans. Who were NOT at the stadium. It’s that simple. 

Now this was a bad joke by Buck, and that’s all that it was. Nobody should’ve responded to it. But the sensitive folks out there will respond to whatever they can get their claws into. Why do we take everything too serious? Can’t anyone just take a joke, whether it be good or bad?  

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