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Rodgers Ruse

Aaron Rodgers tested positive for Covid. Not sure if that is big news or anything, I just felt I should make people aware.

Obviously, any sports fan who has access to any sort of media knows about Rodgers catching the Rona. That really isn’t too big of a story on its face. In today’s panicky world of Covid, it was destined to happen to a big NFL star at some point.

What is really drawing headlines is the fact that Rodgers was listed as being fully vaccinated, even though apparently he wasn’t.

Let’s go back to training camp in the summer. The hot button topic for the reporters was asking every NFL player if they were vaccinated for Covid. Some, like Buffalo Bills receiver Cole Beasley were vocally against getting the vaccine for a variety of reasons. Some, like Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott held things a little closer to the chest. That you can read about here: Then others just answered the question with a simple yes or no.

Aaron Rodgers took a little bit of a different approach.

When asked about being vaccinated, Rodgers answered saying he was “immunized.” Now, hindsight being 20/2rea0 (even for me), doesn’t that wording seem a little odd? Everyone else called it being vaccinated not “immunized.” Then again, Rodgers is kind of a weird dude. He would be the type to use fancy words like immunized.

Fast forward to this week. Rodgers tests positive for Covid, and will have to miss this week’s marquee matchup against the Chiefs. That is a big football story, but in the grand scheme, it wasn’t huge.

All of a sudden, the news comes out that Rodgers wasn’t vaccinated for Covid. He had applied for a pass citing homeopathic treatments he had received and was continuing to receive. That request was denied by the NFL. But, then Rodgers continued as if he was vaccinated. Not doing any of the things that unvaccinated players were supposed to do.

The media then exploded. Despite Rodgers being the media golden boy for years, he is now public enemy number one.

Few things here.

Number one, as I wrote about in the blog about Dak Prescott, it is none of the media’s business if Aaron Rodgers got a shot. No matter how you want to spin the pandemic and the importance of getting the vaccine, Rodgers owes the media nothing. That is between him, the Packers and the NFL. He has every right to not tell these vultures in the media anything.

I think we saw the reaction we did because of one thing, and one thing only. These NFL “insiders” and “experts” got caught with some egg on their face. Rodgers fooled them using simple semantics. When he was asked about being vaccinated, he said he was “immunized” which he probably has been. Not with the Covid shot, but for measles, mumps, rubella and probably polio. You know, the ones most of us get. I’m sorry none of these “journalists” Green Bay or nationally followed up and asked specifically about Covid. Not that Rodgers would have answered, but you have to do your leg work. So, that’s why all the reporters are all kinds of pissed off about being tricked.

Now that I’ve called the media dumb for not asking the right questions, how about I tear them apart some more.

For the better part of two years, we have heard nothing but how dangerous this pandemic is and how getting vaccinated keeps you perfectly safe from Covid. Well, then why am I not hearing any concern for Rodgers? All I’ve seen on social media is how he should be punished for telling a lie. Doesn't it seem odd that we’ve worried about a virus for two years and even created a vaccine at super speed to treat it, and then when a famous football player gets it, we want him punished? Shouldn’t these hypocrites in the media be a tad more concerned for Rodgers’ life? I think this is just proof that most of the people worried about this kind of thing are more interested in getting people to do what they want, and not really about safety.

I even saw ESPN talking head, and Aaron Rodgers defender Stephen A. Smith said on Twitter and his show FIrst Take, that Rodgers should be suspended. Well, using the logic of how the testing and such works, hasn’t he already been suspended. I mean he’s missing this week's game and is definitely missing practice. His decision to not get the shot, has already resulted in him getting punished. And oh yeah, he’s got the virus. Which according to some, is more dangerous than obesity, heart disease and drug addiction.

Idiots in the media aside, that brings us to what the NFL is going to do. They too have been embarrassed. Both Rodgers and the Packers pulled the wool over their eyes on this. Roger Goodell has a bit of conundrum on his hands. His system of “protecting the players” has been dreadfully exposed. I’m sure he wants someone to pay. I’m sure he wants to take Rodgers out to the proverbial woodshed and lay the lumber on him. Unfortunately, if he does that, both the Packers and Rodgers are going to start with the “what-about-ism.” I can tell you with a great deal of certainty, that most teams have been doing the exact thing the Packers did. I mean come on, does anyone think Tom Brady, the guru of natural living, put a synthetic, speedily produced vaccine in his body? I mean the guy doesn’t even take Tylenol or use sunscreen.

If Goodell throws the book at Green Bay and Rodgers, a massive Pandora’s Box is going to fly open and you’ll see suspensions of top players and coaches all over the place. Which will take money out of the pockets of the NFL and Goodell himself. That’s why nothing will really be done. Maybe a small fine and public statement, but that’ll be it.

I’m not the biggest Rodgers fan, and I happen to think the vaccine does more good than harm, but I have to give him credit here. He used the fact that most of the media would sniff the toilet seat after he used it, and the fact that he is a huge draw for the NFL, and used it to protect his beliefs. Was there a little dishonesty there? Of course. But seeing the way players like Cole Beasely were being vilified by the media and even Dak Prescott taking crap for simply not answering, Rodgers made a decision to be cryptic with the media. I think most of you would do the same if it meant being the media’s whipping boy and being called reckless and potentially a murderer like some have called the unvaccinated.

In the end, this will all pass. The Packers will probably make a deep playoff run, Rodgers will be in contention for MVP and the bird brains in the media will forget about this eventually. I just hope someone remembers and brings up how little they care about Rodgers having Covid the next time they preach about how dangerous it is for young people to get the vaccine. Hypocrisy needs to be exposed.

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