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2021 Week 9 NFL Picks

Well, we’ve found a way. If my information is correct, I have posted these picks on every day of the football weekend. We’ve done Thursday, Friday, Sunday and maybe even a Wednesday night here or there. But we hadn’t posted on any Saturdays. In all honesty, it’s my fault. Concret3Cowboy sent me his picks on Thursday night, I just didn’t have the time to post them. When you’re winning like I am, sometimes you get a little comfortable. Let’s see if that was reflected in picks from Week 8:

Week 9 Results:

Blind Owl: 10-5

Concret3Cowboy: 8-7

I should get lazy more often. I had a tremendous week last week. 10 wins is pretty solid for picking 15 games. The Cowboy didn’t do so bad himself, even picking the Giants to cover which worked out for him. But he still loses two games.

Short Easter Egg hunt for all you Blind Owl Blogs fans out there. I made a pretty dramatic typo in last week’s picks. Let’s see if anyone can find it. Perhaps a secret reward for whoever finds it.

That being said, let’s see the totals:


Blind Owl: 66-54-2

Concret3Cowboy: 54-66-2

This is getting bowling shoe ugly as the great Jim Ross used to say on Monday Night Raw in my childhood. I continue to take the Cowboy to the woodshed with an almost unsurpassable 12 game lead. Let the bragging continue. I’m sure the Cowboy is sick of reading this and I’m sure will make the 1500 mile trip to come beat me like a government mule, but before he does that, let’s see if can make up some ground in Week 9:

NYJ @ IND: IND -10.5

Blind Owl: The Jets actually got a win against what I thought was a good Cincinnati team. Was it impressive? I guess. Meanwhile, the Colts have played some tough games against some really good opponents. My mind wants me to go with the hot hand and pick the Jets with the big spread, but TNF is notorious for being exactly what I’m expecting here. So I have to go with tradition and pick the Colts to cover.

Concret3Cowboy: Oof, this is a tough one. The Jets may be the most hot and cold team to ever exist. They beat the Bengals (after being blown out by New England) and the Titans (when Henry could play). Meanwhile, they lost to the Falcons, Panthers and Broncos.

DEN @ DAL: DAL -10

Blind Owl: Denver is in a selling mode now. They traded away the franchise player Von Miller to the Rams. Not to mention some other moves. As a Denver fan, I am heartbroken. I think that may be contributing to the speed with which I picked Dallas. Other than that, the Cowboys are the smart pick here. They are a legitimate contender, and Denver is not. Cowboys take it easy.

Concret3Cowboy: The Broncos lost their heart and soul, not like it’s helped much since SB50 and his big pay day, but Von is now in LA. Teddy is just so bad. If the Broncos are in 3rd n 7, you’ll get a 3 yard pass. If the Broncos are in a 3rd n 4, you’ll get a sack. Dallas is too good on both sides of the ball for Denver to cover, rest my soul. I’d like to say that the Broncos have sucked since Pat Bowlen died, his family sucks.

NE @ CAR: NE -4

Blind Owl: Huh. This one is tough. I don’t like both teams very much. The Panthers have had a few impressive games, but McCaffrey is going to be limited or not play. The Patriots have a nasty habit of playing to their opponents (except the Jets). Those two things may combine to create a terrible close game. I suppose I’ll take the Patriots because, I don’t know.

Concret3Cowboy: Another year, same story for the Carolina Panthers. Without Christian McCaffrey they just stink. Maybe Joe Brady will go back to coach LSU when Coach O leaves at the end of the season? No, but a man can dream. Bill is great, it’s taken him less time to “replace'' Tom Brady than the Broncos to replace Peyton (even though he was only there for 4 years).

HOU @ MIA: MIA -6.5

Blind Owl: This week is a test of my theory, but guess what, Houston is a HORRENDOUS football team. Go Phins.

Concret3Cowboy: These kinds of matchups are usually perfect for Thursday night games. The battle for the #1 overall pick, except the Dolphins don’t have their first round pick. Miami has been the scum of the NFL since their week 1 win over the Pats. The Texans have also been straight trash since their week 1 pick (which I have predicted all of that) but are coming off their best game against the Rams, where they only lost by 16 points. I don’t like this spread, so I’m going with Houston.


Blind Owl: Ah here we are. The Battle of Ohio. What a useless state to have 2 professional football teams. Come at me Ohioans. When it comes to the game itself, I have no clue here. Cincinnati should probably win this game. But then again, they lost to the Jets. Meanwhile, Cleveland just dumped OBJ and who knows how Mayfield’s shoulder is doing. I guess I have to just take the points and hope for a close game. Go Browns...

Concret3Cowboy: WHAT ARE YOU CINCY!!! What are you? God, again I talk them up they suck, I say they suck and their the #1 seed in the AFC. You suck Cincinnati, you are trash can booty butt…. I’m picking Cincy.

MIN @ BAL: BAL -5.5

Blind Owl: This is my pick for game of the week. This will be a tremendous offensive showcase. Minnesota has shown they can hang with the best of them offensively. They gave the Cowboys a run for their money. Baltimore can always do things offensively with Lamar Jackson. I believe more in the Minnesota defense and the spread is pretty big if we are being honest. So I’ll take the Vikes with the points.

Concret3Cowboy: The Vikings are huge fans of close games. The Ravens are coming off a bye and have been licking their wounds after the blowout loss to the Bengals. Kurt Cousins doesn’t like prime time games… good thing this is a 1pm game. Skol.

LV @ NYG: LV -3

Blind Owl: Look, I know the Cowboy only picked the Giants last week because he HATES the Chiefs. He got lucky. And when he brags about it, all I have to say is, check the scoreboard. Any who, this game is an easy choice. The Giants still lost to the struggling Chiefs. Vegas is coming off a bye and will have an easy time beating up on Daniel Jones. The Henry Ruggs thing might take some points away from the offense, but they’ve pushed through some controversy this year already. The Raiders will win easily here.

Concret3Cowboy: The Raiders have only gotten better since Jon Gruden resigned, and now they have horrible news with their WR driving a corvette 152 mph and killing a woman and her dog. Now a game still has to be played, and the Giants stink. But they did cover against Kansas City, which I am eternally grateful for. However, give me the silver and black.

ATL @ NO: NO -6

Blind Owl: I’m done with the Falcons. Unless they play the Jets or Houston, I’m never picking them again. Saints.

Concret3Cowboy: The Saints are 5-2, weird right? Now I’m a Trevor guy, especially when he was in Denver. The only thing he doesn’t have is a fiery leadership… or really much leadership. But the dude is calm and collected, and throws a good ball.

BUF @ JAX: BUF -14.5

Blind Owl: The real question here is, how many terrible football teams do the Bills get to kick the piss out of this year? They’ll do it again here.

Concret3Cowboy: Like Urban Meyer, the Jags will be doing a lot of ‘playing from behinds’ … no, I won’t let it go. Josh Allen MVP.

LAC @ PHI: LAC -1.5

Blind Owl: The Eagles throttled the Lions last week. It was an embarrassment of a football game. The Chargers are licking their wounds after a tough loss to the Pats. I know the Chargers are wounded, but talent wise, they are so much better than the Eagles. I’ll go with my head on this one and pick Chargers. But I’m nervous about it.

Concret3Cowboy: Philly dog walked the Lions in a very expected (if you're not me) and unentertaining way. The Chargers have fallen off the map a ways after a very hot start. 1.5 points makes this a good Chargers pick, unless they lose because then it wasn’t obviously. (You come here for this kind of insight.

ARI @ SF: Pk

Blind Owl: Our first Pick 'em of the year! The best part of this is the fact that I confused the hell out of the Concret3Cowboy. I honestly don’t even know why this is a pick ‘em. I figured the Cardinals would be favored. But I guess I’ll take an easy win if I can get one. The Cardinals will put up some serious points and win.

Concret3Cowboy: I had no idea what “Pk” represented. Apparently it’s a straight pick ‘em. So, Arizona. Why wouldn’t it be the Cardinals?

GB @ KC: KC -7.5

Blind Owl: There is a bit of drama with this one if you haven’t heard. We wrote about the situation yesterday which contributed to the tardiness of this post. If you want to read that, go here: That whole situation makes this an easy pick. I know the Chiefs haven’t been what they could be, but Jordan Love isn’t Aaron Rodgers. The Chiefs will win pretty easily at home against a backup QB.

Concret3Cowboy: The Chiefs were somehow still favored when Aaron was expected to play. Idk how, but it doesn’t matter now. It does bring an interesting situation though with Jordan Love, who the Packers want to be the future. But at the same time, Aaron has been playing like he does, extremely well. Side bet, Packers gave Aaron covid on purpose to get Jordan into the mix…. And sabotaged a season where they’re 7-1… these are the things that happen when you don’t have an owner.

TEN @ LAR: LA -7.5

Blind Owl: Tennessee is nothing with Derrick Henry. Absolutely nothing. Their goose is cooked. Meanwhile, the Rams got even better by adding Von Miller. The Rams will destroy the Titans here. The real question is do the Rams have any draft picks left this year?

Concret3Cowboy: Von Miller in an ugly Rams uniform, but hey helps my pick on the Rams representing the NFC. Rams got a nice addition as the Titans have lost their offensive workhorse. Plus, Julio Jones is injured (not like he’s been playing like Julio). I’m unsure if Tannehill has the ability to be “That Guy” and lead a team on a deep run, but I don’t think anyone expected him to be what he has been when he pushed Mariota out of town.

CHI @ PIT: PIT -6.5

Blind Owl: You all know my feelings on Justin Fields. Pittsburgh has done me well when I’ve picked them recently. 6.5 is a bit big, but I have to go with the Steelers. I’m still waiting for someone to give me an example of a good Ohio State Quarterback in the NFL. I’ll be waiting a while, because they don’t exist.

Concret3Cowboy: Nagy sucks, I’m not putting anything else into this pick besides the inability of Matt Nagy as a head coach.

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