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2021 Week 3 NFL Picks

It’s that time of the week again. It’s Thursday. That means it’s time for Blind Owl Blogs' NFL picks for Week 3.

For those who were paying attention last week, the Cowboy and I only had 2 picks that were different last week. That means there wasn’t going to be much separation between the two of us. Here’s how we did after a week to hone our skills:

Week 2 Results-

Blind Owl: 8-8

Concret3Cowboy: 6-10

If interested, read our predictions here:


Blind Owl: 16-16

Concret3Cowboy: 13-19

As you can see, I remain incredibly consistent. Exactly 500 for the 2nd week in a row. My almost insurmountable one game lead extends to an astronomical 3 game lead. Will the Cowboy be able to pull back into this thing? Or will I continue to push forward and build a bigger lead? Find out now.


Blind Owl- Houston is still terrible. They’ll get trounced at home.

Concret3Cowboy- The Panthers look pretty good with the NYJ ex-QB. Thursday night games tend to be pretty close, and I gotta pick some odd balls to keep pace with the Blind Owl. Give me Houston.

NO @ NE: NE -3

Blind Owl- This is a tough one. Jameis has been both great, and terrible this year. But that is his modus operandi. So, I’m going to say he does terrible again. New England will stay conservative with Mac Jones and they’ll play a solid game. Pats will cover.

Concret3Cowboy- Pats probably should have beaten the Jets by more than 19 points, thanks to the four picks from Zach Wilson. And they will beat the saints by more than 3.

NYJ @ DEN: DEN -10.5

Blind Owl- We saw how bad Zach Wilson can be last week against New England. The results will be much the same against a much better Denver defense. The Broncos will cover easily.

Concret3Cowboy- Biggest spread of the week for my orange crew. I was at Jacksonville for the game last week, Denver should have won by more than 10. Take away the kick return and the 100+ yards of penalties, very much not a contest. Denver just held Trevor Lawrence to a 42% completion rate, Zach Wilson just threw 4 picks. Give me the orange crush.


Blind Owl- Baltimore came up huge last week with a great win over the defending AFC champion Chiefs. They’ll take that momentum and beat up on a flailing Lions team.

Concret3Cowboy- I picked Detroit last week to cover.. and they made it interesting for a bit. But there’s no way they cover against the Ravens, who just knocked off the chiefs.


Blind Owl- The Falcons put up a fight against the Super Bowl Champs, but it was all for nothing. They now travel to the Giants who had a big division loss last week. I think this’ll be a shootout of sorts. Not because of great offense, more because of poor defense. I’ll take the Giants here. I actually like Daniel Jones for some reason.

Concret3Cowboy- Ooof, both these squads like to play sad. Giants have had some extra days to get ready. Atlanta was making it a game with the Bucs until Matt Ryan forgot what the color of his jersey was. I had high hopes for Atlanta going into a new season with a new coaching regime, but the growing pains are real. Giants should walk away with more than 3 to spare.

CIN @ PIT: PIT -3.5

Blind Owl- I called the Steelers losing last week. And I was right. This week, the Steelers are going to come ready for this divisional matchup. Expect a typical bloodbath here. Steelers will cover.

Concret3Cowboy- Goddamnit Joe, I say you're not ready and you air it out, then I buy and you throw 3 picks against the Bears defense that looked like a JV squad week 1. What am I supposed to do? As for you Pittsburgh, you beat the Bills then fall to the Raiders? Not to mention the raiders traveled across the country on a short week and mopped Heinz Field with the terrible towel. I’m going to put my faith in Tomlin, Steelers cover.


Blind Owl- Tennessee is looking to put a stranglehold on the weakest division in football. They’ll do so easily here.

Concret3Cowboy- The Colts have not looked good through two weeks. Carson’s still not at practice and they’re hitting the road after two home games to open the season. The Titans looked a lot more like what a lot of people expected them to be after rolling over against the Cardinals. I think the Titans take care of the Colts pretty well.

WAS @ BUF: BUF -8.5

Blind Owl- Well Washington, it doesn’t get any easier. Last week was their chance to get a win, and they took it against a divisional opponent. Not this week. The Football Team is going to get destroyed by the Bills.

Concret3Cowboy- I’m feeling this is going to be Tyler Heinicke’s fall back to reality. Buffalo’s offense is superior to the Giants and their defense is a lot more stout. A 35-0 win after much disappointment in week 1 will have Bills Mafia rocking the stadium for this game.

LAC @ KC: KC -6.5

Blind Owl- This is hopefully going to be a tremendous game. The Chargers got screwed last week by terrible officiating. Those refs wanted to be the stars. This is a big spread for a divisional game. Justin Herbert may not beat KC, but he’ll keep up. Give me those points.

Concret3Cowboy- The two bottom dwellers of the AFC West (I’m gonna say that now while KC licks their wounds). The Chiefs have too much firepower and too good of coaching to fall against a division opponent after a loss. Do they cover? That’s not so easy to say. Solely because I think Blind Owl will pick the Chiefs I’m going to take the Chargers to cover.

ARI @ JAX: ARI -7.5

Blind Owl- Arizona survived last week. But they can take a deep breath and take care of business this week. They’ll put up some numbers against the awful Jags.

Concret3Cowboy- If Denver beat the Jags by 10 while constantly shooting themselves in the foot (and not kicking out of the end zone) this electric offense in Arizona should do quite alright. A shootout with the Vikes last week was surprising but I really don’t see Trevor doing much this game.


Blind Owl- Just yesterday, Bears coach Matt Nagy announced that Justin Fields will be the starter in this game. And if you didn’t know he went to The Ohio State University. And there hasn’t been a good NFL QB from Ohio State in my lifetime. That will remain true. Browns all the way.

Concret3Cowboy- There’s not many teams I’m lower on than the Bears. Not because of the Red Rocket. But Nagy, he’s just so bad.. like the worst. I had the painful time of Vance Joseph in Denver, and it reminds me of those dark times. I’m sorry Chicago, it’s not going to get better this week.

MIA @ LV: LV -3.5

Blind Owl- Tua is out. Even if he was in, I’d take (Chris Berman voice) THE RAIDERS here. Spread honestly seems low.

Concret3Cowboy- Dolphins looked like they got stuck in a BP oil spill last week. I’m not high on Tua but when the backups come in, there’s not many ways to go besides down. Is anyone hotter than the Raiders? That locker room has to be bouncing and that Vegas stadium is going to show its home advantage again.

SEA @ MIN: -SEA -1.5

Blind Owl- Seattle let me down last week, but this 1.5 spread is just too juicy. The Vikings can’t hang with Russell Wilson.

Concret3Cowboy- I’m very torn on how I feel about these Vikings. They do like close games, and Zimmer’s defense isn’t acting like a Zimmer’s defense. The Titans took Seattle to overtime where Russel Wilson shrunk a bit, albeit out of his character. But points are a problem for the Seahawks.

TB @ LAR: TB -1.5

Blind Owl- Well, this is probably the game of the week. I hope I get to watch it. It was a pick’em until I looked yesterday to get the spreads. If LA actually had a home field advantage I might pick them. Unfortunately, they don’t. Tom Brady and the Bucs will cover. But if you have any Rams receivers in fantasy, start them.

Concret3Cowboy- My coworker is a little too happy. His Bucs have started off as hot as they closed last season. However, I’m sticking with my guns with the Rams being the NFC champ when it’s done and this week is a big test for that.

GB @ SF: SF -3.5

Blind Owl- Not really sure if San Francisco is for real this year. I’d like to have faith in my guy John Lynch, but it is really hard to bet against Aaron Rodgers. Give me Green Bay.

Concret3Cowboy- Will the real Aaron Rodgers please stand up. Green Bay does not like playing San Fran. Sort of reminds me of the days when Indy couldn’t beat the pats. Unfortunately for Packer fans, that doesn’t change this week.


Blind Owl- Dallas got lucky last week because the refs got out of hand. There is no time for them to take a break. No matter how good or bad either team is, Eagles/Cowboys is always something. Dallas will cover here but it’ll get wild like it always does.

Concret3Cowboy- Philly didn’t look bad against the 49ers. They looked like a real stud squad against the Falcons. What is Dallas? Whatever they are, they must be feeling pretty good after keeping pace with the champions on their banner drop night, then beating a quality opponent on the road. 4 points doesn’t bode well enough with me to pick the cowboys though, eagles fly.



BO Pick

CC Pick


CAR -5




NE -3




DEN -10.5




BAL -8




NYG -3




PIT -3.5




TEN -5




BUF -8.5




KC -6.5




ARI -7.5




CLE -7




LV -3.5




SEA -1.5




TB -1.5




SF -3.5




DAL -4



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