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2021 Week 2 NFL Picks

Week 1 Wrap-Up

Well folks, your football experts here at BO Blogs didn’t do so hot. It’s never good when your leader in the club house goes .500. But that is where we stand. Here are the records:

Blind Owl: 8-8

Concret3Cowboy: 7-9

If you want to read about our picks (and check my math) you can do so here:

I take a commanding one game lead into Week 2. But the both of us are much confident in our picks, having seen the teams play.

So here are our picks for Week 2:

NYG @ WAS: WAS -3.5

Blind Owl- Here we go with the first real Thursday night football game. Two bad teams squaring off. The Giants let people down all the time, so let’s count on them to do it again. Football Team all the way.

Concret3Cowboy- I’m having a hard time picking this one. Heinicke played well about the Bucs in last year's playoffs, after winning the division with a 7-9 record. Daniel Jones just doesn’t like to keep the football in his team’s possession. The real reason I like this spread is Washington’s defensive front. Young and Sweat are going to have a good day.


Blind Owl- Jacksonville didn’t impress against a TERRIBLE Houston team. To the contrary, Teddy Bridgewater and the Broncos impressed a lot of people. This Urban Meyer to USC talk is a load of nonsense in my opinion, but it’ll definitely distract the Jags. I think my squad in Denver will do it again.

Concret3Cowboy- Teddy played really well week 1 against a giants team, albeit not a lot of people have the blue New York squad as a contender. Jacksonville isn’t in a good spot; Lawrence has his first career loss as a starter, Meyer has his first time in his coaching career (college included) with a losing record. Does that really matter? Not really, but all the noise about players not liking Urban and even rumors of him jumping ship for USC is definitely not good.

NE @ NYJ: NE -5.5

Blind Owl- New England lost to Miami because two runningbacks couldn’t hold on to the ball. Mac Jones did well, and the defense was good against a bad Miami offense. They get another chance to go against a bad offense in the Jets. Pats all the way.

Concret3Cowboy- Both these teams let me down week 1. The Patriots losing to a Miami team seems to happen at some point every season. The Jets didn’t show much against the panthers, well they did make their old QB look good. Give me Mac and the Pats.

BUF @ MIA: BUF -3.5

Blind Owl- Buffalo had a rough start last week. I think the expectations weighed heavily on them and they choked. They’ll have a big bounce back here against a team that should’ve lost to the Pats.

Concret3Cowboy- If Buffalo wants to be a contender they have to bounce back after a pretty gross week 1 performance against the Steelers. With that being said, they still could have gotten the W. The Phins have a strong secondary, but I still think Josh Allen will bounce back and put Bills Mafia in a better headspace.

HOU @ CLE: CLE -12.5

Blind Owl- This spread is absolutely massive. But that’s because Houston is TERRIBLE. Give me the Brownies.

Concret3Cowboy- Umm, did we see how freaking dominant this Texans team can be? But Cleveland “almost” beats the chiefs and they get this spread? Yea I see it too, give me the Browns.

CIN @ CHI: CHI -3.5

Blind Owl- Chicago has been a team about to make a run for a few years now. But I just don’t see it. Cincy put up a good showing last week and I think they’ll beat Chicago outright, but I’ll take the points just in case.

Concret3Cowboy- Forget what I said about Burrow last week, he willed the bengals over Minnesota. Chicago will finish last place in the NFC north (with or without fields) and finally Matt Nagy will be gone. Or maybe before the season is even over. That bears defense was abysmal, not that the Rams are an easy team to play but the bears didn’t show soul. What does that mean to me? The players are done with the coaches.

SF @ PHI: SF -3.5

Blind Owl- Last week, I picked Philly because “why not.” Well here’s why not. They’re playing a decent team. San Fran will cover easily.

Concret3Cowboy- The lions gave the 49ers a run for it to finish the game. But they protected their kneecaps and left Detroit with the expected W. I picked the falcons last week over Philly.. and Jalen Hurts took it personally. The eagles had me licking my chomps a bit and made me a little reluctant going against them again but San Fran should take care of this game, even though it’s on the east coast.

NO @ CAR: NO -3.5

Blind Owl- Alright, I’ll say it. I was wrong about Jameis Winston. He had a day last Sunday. So, I’ll cautiously put confidence in him on a week to week basis and say he can beat the Panthers. But this is a good test of his new found success.

Concret3Cowboy- I drafted Jameis Winston, and I will ride that horse until I inevitably turn on him around week 8. The Panthers looked like a pretty complete team against the jets. But New Orleans took Aaron and Green Bay to the back alley and mugged them for just about everything.


Blind Owl- Like I said before, Matt Stafford is on a good team now. He was impressive last week and Indianapolis was not. Stafford’s success will continue here against the weak Indy defense. This spread could be 10 and I’d still pick them here.

Concret3Cowboy- Matt Stafford did Matt Stafford things. The bears didn’t do much to stop it, and I don’t see the Colts doing much either. Do the Rams have a better offense than the Seahawks? It’ll be close by the end of the season. But the Rams definitely have a better defense and that just puts their offense in better spots.

LV @ PIT: PIT -5.5

Blind Owl- This is a tough one. Both teams had really good performances last week. Pittsburgh’s defense was great. Vegas beat the Ravens (who looked awful). I think the Steelers’ defense will win the game, but I’ll take the points for Las Vegas.

Concret3Cowboy- What a crazy Monday night game the raiders had. Pittsburg knocked off my AFC pick in the Bills. It feels like the raiders still don’t have their identity, but Carr finally found his second target in Edwards. I’ll give Pittsburgh the points in their home opener.

MIN @ ARI: ARI -4.5

Blind Owl- Minnesota let me down last week. But I was right on with Arizona. That offense is high flying. Arizona will win big on this one.

Concret3Cowboy- I may never pick Tennessee again (except against Houston and Jacksonville) . I can understand how playing Kyler Murray week 1, after the cardinals had all off-season to prepare for your defense, can be a helluva tough job. But wow, Arizona made it look easy. I question Kyler’s longevity to do that for another 17 games, but great start.

ATL @ TB: TB -12.5

Blind Owl- Atlanta continues to be a pretty bad team. This is a huge spread, but I think Tom Brady and Tampa will put up some huge numbers against this bad team. It may be different later in the year, but this early, the talent is just too much.

Concret3Cowboy- I said I’m not picking Tennessee again, well I’m definitely never picking the falcons again. What a sad team that is in Atlanta. I kinda feel for Matt Ryan, he’s in his twilight of a pretty... above average career? Tampa Bay might make him contemplate retirement during the game.

DAL @ LAC: LAC -3.5

Blind Owl- Dallas did what they could against Tampa. But it wasn’t enough. Now they have to travel to LA to play the high powered Chargers offense. Justin Herbert will be too much for Dallas’ defense, and they’ll handle the Cowboys easily.

Concret3Cowboy- I’m not buying the Dallas hype. Yea Dak looked good, but outside of that? Still not much there wearing the star. Chargers edged out of Washington but I’m still feeling the football team in maroon will be NFC east champs.

TEN @ SEA: SEA -5.5

Blind Owl- The Titans showed how bad their defense is last week against Arizona. And as a consolation prize, they go against an equally explosive offense in Seattle right afterwards. Derrick Henry will do his best, but unless he’ll be playing linebacker, it will be to no avail.

Concret3Cowboy- No way Tennessee travels to Lumen field and beats the Seahawks. Going out west after such a flat performance is not good, never mind a hostile place like Seattle’s. You know, this may be the year Wilson gets that MVP after never receiving a single vote for said award in prior seasons.

KC @ BAL: KC -3

Blind Owl- This game has the potential to be a bit of a shootout. Unfortunately, it won’t be. The Ravens aren’t what they were a few years back. KC had a scare against the Browns, but they will bounce back well here and put a hurting on the Ravens.

Concret3Cowboy- Three point spread? Against the team that lost twice last Monday? But wait, the raiders did beat the chiefs last season. Baltimore at home, an actual week of practice for whoever is playing RB in a ravens uniform.. naw I still like the chiefs.

DET @ GB: GB -10.5

Blind Owl- The Pack had an awful week 1 performance. Just ask my fantasy team. But Green Bay gets a soft place to land against Detroit. Another big spread, but it will be covered easily.

Concret3Cowboy- After this off-season filled with Rodgers this and Rodgers that. If (strong if) the Lions get on top early, you may hear that green bay crowd’s dying loyalty. Do I care about how Rodger’s played it? Not at all, but I know packer fans are ripped after the loss to New Orleans. Detroit needs to have a decent season, only because the NFL is a better place with Dan Campbell.



Blind Owl Pick

Concret3Cowboy Pick


WAS -3.5




DEN -6




NE -5.5




BUF -3.5




CLE -12.5




CHI -3.5




SF -3.5




NO -3.5




LAR -4




PIT -5.5




ARI -4.5




TB -12.5




LAC -3.5




SEA -3.5




KC -3




GB -10.5



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