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2021 Week 1 NFL Picks

Another football season is upon us. That is a fantastic thing. There is almost nothing more American than football in the fall.

Last year, the NFL was the only major league that persevered through the Covid crisis and got all of their games in (with some changes) and completed their season. Not only that, but they had fans at the Super Bowl in Tampa. Some people said there was no chance, but they got it done.

As the new season begins, here at BO Blogs we are going to get in on the gambling craze. Concret3Cowboy and I are going to make weekly picks and at the end of the season, see who actually knows football. Not only will we give our picks per week, but we will give the expert analysis you’ve come to expect from Blind Owl Blogs.

The picks will be posted every Thursday morning/afternoon (except Thanksgiving week) and we will even go into the playoffs. After week one, a synopsis of how we did in the previous week and our totals. So, let’s get to it.

Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers- TB -7.5

Blind Owl- Per usual, the Super Bowl champs will start the season on Thursday Night Football. The Bucs will trounce Dallas in a typical TNF game. I’ll be asleep mid 3rd quarter.

Concret3Cowboy- Dallas shouldn’t be that good this year. Their defensive scheme did go back to a 4-3 to match its personnel on the roster and I’m a big fan of Micah Parsons. But, it’s a championship buccaneers’ team returning its 22 starters on offense and defense.

Pittsburgh Steeler @ Buffalo Bills- BUF -6.5

Blind Owl- The Bills and Josh Allen were the story of the AFC last year. Their high flying offense will continue to impress here. An ancient Big Ben can’t do it anymore. Bills take this one easily. I’d take them if they were favored by 10.

Concret3Cowboy- Buffalo is my pick to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. Will they cover the spread? They should, the Steelers starting last year 11-0 and then falling apart is all of Big Ben’s fault.

New York Jets @ Carolina Panthers- CAR -5

Blind Owl- Well this is a good one. Sam Darnold hosts the team that dumped his ass. He won’t be great in Carolina, but he will be up for this game and put a hurting on the Jets. And let’s face it, they’re still the Jets. They’ll do Jet-like things. Carolina all day.

Concret3Cowboy- Even though I think Zach Wilson will be the biggest bust of the draft, the Panthers have the QB NYJ just kicked out. Even though it’s not all on the QB, the jets have a better overall roster. The Jets may not just cover but win this game.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans- JAX -2.5

Blind Owl- What a shit show this is here. Houston is all kinds of screwed up with the Watson situation. Not to mention everyone else wanting out. Talk about an easy division game for Trevor Lawrence and Urban Meyer to start their NFL careers. Jacksonville will clean up here.

Concret3Cowboy- Is it possible for both teams to walk away with L’s? There’s rumors already coming out of Jacksonville saying players are over Urban. Houston may be selecting #1 when the 2022 draft comes around. However, I feel like Houston is going to come out hot in week 1. With all the negative talk about Houston they have plenty of bulletin board material to fire out of the gates.. then completely implode on themselves later.

Arizona Cardinals @ Tennessee Titans- TEN -3

Blind Owl- Derrick Henry and his Titans open up at home against the Cardinals. Henry will get his because he is seemingly unstoppable, but the Cardinals offense will be too much here. Not only will they cover, they might win outright. The Titans’ defense has no chance.

Concret3Cowboy- I had a hard time choosing between the Bills and Titans for the AFC winner. Hard to say a hard nose team like the Titans are going to be worse with an addition like Julio Jones. On that note, not buying the Arizona hype at all. Titans beat them up.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons- ATL -3.5

Blind Owl- I don’t really like either of these teams. The Eagles always disappoint and the Falcons will always disappoint. Pretty much a pick my poison situation here. Give me the Eagles with the points because why not?

Concret3Cowboy- Matty Ice is still a talented dude. With a coaching change in Atlanta, it breathes new hope. Not that I’ll say Pitts will replace Julio, but with the way the NFL is Pitts will be a tough matchup right out of the gate.

Los Angeles Chargers @ Washington Football Team- LAC -1

Blind Owl- This was one of the easiest picks of Week 1. The Chargers are going to slaughter the other “football team.”

Concret3Cowboy- Fitzmagic? Fitzmagic. Herbert had a hell of a rookie season... without fans. Washington has a strong fan base, especially for a team with no name. The Chargers have some hype behind them, but they do every year.

San Francisco 49ers @ Detroit Lions- SF -7.5

Blind Owl- The Matt Stafford era ends in Detroit, and the Jared Goff era begins. It won’t begin well. The San Fran offense will put up some points here, and Goff will struggle. Give me the 9ers.

Concret3Cowboy- The lions may have a QB that won’t swear and a RB that’s more than happy to swear to the media . However, Bosa is back and that means this 49ers defense should return to what they looked like on their super bowl run.

Seattle Seahawks @ Indianapolis Colts- SEA -2.5

Blind Owl- I saw the spread and wondered why it was so low. Is there something I’m missing? It’s only because this is in Indianapolis. Seattle is going to put up some numbers. As much as it pains me, the Seahawks are the easy choice here.

Concret3Cowboy- Indy has had a talented youthful roster, if Wentz is a fraction better than Rivers was last season the colts will be back in the playoffs.

Minnesota Vikings @ Cincinnati Bengals- MIN -3

Blind Owl- I wasn’t as high on Joe Burrow as everyone else was when the Bengals drafted him. But you feel for the guy because he had no chance in Cincy. They did nothing to improve the offensive line, and coming off a knee injury, it’s going to be a rough start. The Vikings will cover here. Probably win by 10.

Concret3Cowboy- Joe Burrow isn’t back to form yet and that offensive line may send him to the grave soon. Vikings are a much more complete team, I’m not sure why this spread isn’t higher.

Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots- NE -2.5

Blind Owl- The battle of the Alabama QBs here in the AFC East. If Cam Newton was at the helm for the Patriots I’d be picking the Dolphins with the points. But Mac Jones is tossing the ball around now and the defense is improved minus Stephon Gilmore. The Pats will cover here.

Concret3Cowboy- Didn’t the dolphins lead the NFL last season in interceptions last year? Aren’t the patriots starting a rookie week 1? Feels like I’m going against common sense, but Bill and Kraft went all in on free agency and that seems like it will get results.

Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs- KC -6.5

Blind Owl- As a Denver fan, I hate how good the Chiefs are. But I’ve got to face it, Mahomes is fantastic. Baker Mayfield may be decent for the Browns, but this is a tough way to start. Chiefs will easily cover.

Concret3Cowboy- A lot of heads are talking about the Browns winning the AFC North. I’m not so sure, but they do have a very complete team. Don’t see them knocking off the chiefs week 1 but the browns will be within 6.

Denver Broncos @ New York Giants- DEN -3

Blind Owl- My Broncos open up with a soft game. The Giants aren’t great. Daniel Jones has shown some good stuff, but it isn’t enough. I’m taking my Broncos here, but I would be much more confident if Drew Lock was starting. Teddy Bridgewater starting is a “try not to lose” move as opposed to a “try to win” mentality.

Concret3Cowboy- Denver’s defense should be in talks with the top of the league’s best when it’s done. Can Teddy two gloves score enough to finally get the Broncos out of these losing seasons since Super Bowl 50? He has enough help to get it done. I heard if the Giants lose, Joe Judge will make the entire team run gassers still in their game jerseys.

Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints- GB -4

Blind Owl- The Saints are not going to be what they once were. No more HOFer Drew Brees marks the end for them. Jameis Winston isn’t the answer, and Taysom Hill isn’t either. Not to mention no Michael Thomas and a pissed off Aaron Rodgers about to put up some crazy numbers and then leave the Packers. Packers all the way.

Concret3Cowboy- Rodgers has what he wants, minus another Super Bowl ring. The Saints had a lot of juggling this off-season when the cap limit was lowered after last season. Jameis beat out everyone’s favorite to win the QB job. With no Michael Thomas and playing on a neutral field. It will be a tough first week for him.

Chicago Bears @ Los Angeles Rams- LAR -7

Blind Owl- Matt Stafford is out to show the world the Lions ruined his career. And Andy Dalton is out to prove he is exactly who we thought he was. The Rams are the easy pick in this game.

Concret3Cowboy- The Matt Stafford lead rams are my choice for the NFC representative. They have the ugliest uniforms in the league, but Stafford is a top generational talent (he’s just played in Detroit) and reaching the end of his career he’s finally got a loaded roster to make a real push.

Baltimore Ravens @ Las Vegas Raiders- BAL -4.5

Blind Owl- The Ravens offense with Lamar Jackson will be very good here. The Raiders will struggle defensively. Jon Gruden can only do so much with the offense in Vegas. Give me the Ravens.

Concret3Cowboy- The ravens are about to get OJ out of retirement just to have someone other than Lamar run the ball. The raiders are opening their new stadium in LV and even though it looks like a toilet on the Death Star, the place will be rocking. The Raiders just have a better situation and they won’t be too bad this season.



BO Pick

CC Pick


TB -7.5




BUF -6.5




CAR -5




JAX -2.5




TEN -3




ATL -3.5




LAC -1




SF -7.5




SEA -2.5




MIN -3




NE -2.5




KC --6.5




DEN -3




GB -4




LAR --7




BAL -4.5



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