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The Academy Award Assault

Seeing assault and battery happening live on nationally broadcast television is a rare occurrence. Especially since Live PD got canceled....

Selling Saco

Every community has its landmarks. We all know the big ones. New York has the Statue of Liberty, Boston has Faneuil Hall, even my little...

Major Gas Problem

We've got quite a gas price issue these days. What's to blame? And how can we fix it?

Brady's Back

Tom Brady retired. A month later, he's back. Find out how and why he's can't just hang up the cleats.

All Bets Are Off

Blind Owl discusses the suspension of Atlanta Falcons WR Calvin Ridley, and offers a solution.

Don't Keep Them Wanting

You know what really gets the people going? What’s really good for business? Not doing anything. As all 9 of the Blind Owl Blogs fans...

Super Bowl LVI Game Picks

If you’re reading this, congratulations. You did it. You made it through the entire NFL season with the official BO Blog picks. First...

Super Bowl LVI Prop Bets

Sports betting is a serious business. People have made millions and lost homes betting on sports. But let’s step away from seriousness...

Making Drugs Safe Again

Crack is a fun and mentally stimulating substance. So let’s make it safer, what else would help unemployment and the lack of enthusiasm...

School's Out On Mandates

Who ever thought that wearing masks over our noses and mouths would be commonplace in 2022? If you told me in 2019 that this would be a...

Chorus Review

I know, I know BrendawnoftheDead is the first-person shooter guy. They are my favorite and always have been, but they are not the only...

TB12: By A Hater

Per the Blind Owl’s request, here’s a little piece about Tom Brady. First thing first, I doubt he’s retiring and this is just another way...

How Long Have You Lived Here?

As we speak, I’m looking out of my third story office/spare bedroom/turtle room window watching the snowfall and the wind blow....

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