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We All Think We're So Great

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

People absolutely love to think they’re great. Well, not all people are great. There is also no person that ever existed that is unanimously thought of as great. There are few people who are close, but nobody can reach that pinnacle.

That being said, there are certain groups of people who are as close as it gets to being heloved all around. Martin Luther King Jr. comes to mind. But, unfortunately, there are some racist pieces of trash who think he was the worst thing to happen to the world. Abraham Lincoln is another who is almost universally known as a good person. I can confidently say there was at least one person who didn’t think so. Maybe even half of the country didn’t like him. These people exist. It is human nature that some people just don’t like others. Both of my examples threatened a deep rooted way of life, which no matter good or bad, will piss a lot of people off.

On the flip side of this coin, there are people that most people think are great, can be exposed as terrible humans. Names like Matt Lauer, Jerry Sandusky and Bill Cosby come to mind. A big thank you has to go to the #MeToo Movement for exposing some of these scumbags.

Basically, my point here is that in every group, race, profession, nationality, municipality, political party, or any other way we people like to categorize each other, there are both good people and terrible people. Nobody likes to believe this but it is 100% true. It doesn’t even take long to point this out.

Let’s take some groups, and I’ll give some examples of good and terrible people from each group:

Catholics- Ah yes, let’s start with the biggest divisor in human history, religion. I’m using the Catholic church as an example because that’s how I was raised. I think we have all heard of the great Mother Teresa. She was one of the best people in world history. Helping the sick and poor of India for years. Like I said earlier, there is somebody somewhere that thinks she was awful. There is a special place in whatever hell you think exists for that SOB.

In very stark contrast, Catholic priests have had a very problematic history of sexual abuse. These stories keep coming out, whether it be in the very public Boston priest issues, or in hushed isolated incidents. Leaving this aside, I could go into the long, long, long, history of Catholics killing people for innumerable reasons, but I’ve got things to do today.

Police Officers- Police have been in the spotlight for some time now. For good reason. The incidents of police brutality need to be pointed out. The officers who take things too far and only joined the profession so they could feel powerful and control people need to be removed ASAP. One huge example of this is ex-Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin. This garbage human being is single handedly responsible for months of unrest and violence in this country. I don’t care what the justice system does to him. Lock him up for the rest of his life or just dispose of him in a very painful way. There is no doubt in my mind, he’s just horrendous and a stain on the underpants of humanity.

Unfortunately, his, and many others actions have made life harder for those good police that greatly outnumber the bad. The media nowadays likes to highlight the bad ones, but I have no question in my mind that there is some officer somewhere today that has either directly or indirectly saved someone’s life. These great officers mask their greatness by saying things like “just doing my job” or “just responding to a call” but there isn’t doubting that there are some fantastic officers in this country. These girls and guys need to be the ones that lead off the 11 oclock news. Not the pieces of trash like Derek Chauvin.

Democrats/Republicans- The good old two party system in the United States has bred some of the best people in the world, and some of the worst. Let’s do these ones together because it’s about time they worked as a unit.

Politicians being horrible people is a cliche that we’ve all heard. There are plenty of examples of both sides of the aisle doing incredibly horrible things. I’m going to keep this a little light-hearted, even though I could take this to a very dark place. Let’s start with a Republican who is just an awful human being. This guy may be the poster child for corrupt politicians. Richard Milhouse Nixon. Not only was he forced to resign as president of the United States due to spying on folks in a hotel, he is just known as a putrid person. That’s pretty much common knowledge. Need I say more?

Don’t think I forgot you Democrats. I present to you Anthony Weiner. This scumbag was sending pictures of his stick and giggle berries to underage girls. That is just sickening. Is it as bad as what Nixon did, absolutely not. Yet, there is no denying what a despicable human being this pervert is. Mind you, these are just off the top of my head, a simple Google search will reveal much more.

All the bad aside, let’s have a look at the good. Democrats get to go first on this one. Down home ex-President Jimmy Carter is the definition of what an ex-President should be. His administration as a whole was underwhelming, but there are some incredible things that he did personally. I read somewhere that during the very public peace talks between Egypt and Israel at Camp David, Carter went as far as blocking the exit of the building physically until the two countries' leaders would start a dialogue. Even now, at Carters advanced age, he is out there building houses for the less fortunate as a part of Habitat for Humanity. That’s a good guy in my book.

As for a good Republican, I put forth the late Senator John McCain. He unselfishly served the US in the Vietnam War and was a prisoner of war who went through hell just to stay alive. His political career was that of being a centrist on a lot issues. Known for trying to bring people together, he was just somebody that, I think both sides respected for his ability to think for himself and not just along party lines. McCain seemed to subscribe to the theory of “a good idea is a good idea” regardless of where it came from.

Now, there will be people who disagree with every example I made here. As despicable as that may seem. But that drives home the central point. There are bad people in every group of human beings. It is all about perspective, what I think is great, you may not. And what we both think is just atrocious, there is some sick individual out there that disagrees. That is just a fact. An indisputable fact.

So as great as you like to think you are, there is someone out there that whole-heartedly disagrees.

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