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Check Your Privilege

It’s not a new conversation, although it has definitely amplified in the last five years or so, with desperately needed social actions like the #MeToo movement, and has now reached a fever pitch since the midsummer killing of George Floyd in Minnesota at the hands of police, the protests that followed and the riots that ensued. I am referring to the question of inherent privilege. The concept carries many names, the most common is probably “white privilege“, but class privile

Something Seems Odd

I’m going to start this post by saying that sexual harassment is a very serious issue. Women and some men, have been sexually harassed for a long time. For an almost equally long time, it has been socially unacceptable to report people for sexual harassment. The #MeToo movement has opened up the world to punishing these sexually abusing scumbags like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby. I am all for these pieces of disgusting garbage getting what they deserve. All of that being s

We All Think We're So Great

People absolutely love to think they’re great. Well, not all people are great. There is also no person that ever existed that is unanimously thought of as great. There are few people who are close, but nobody can reach that pinnacle. That being said, there are certain groups of people who are as close as it gets to being heloved all around. Martin Luther King Jr. comes to mind. But, unfortunately, there are some racist pieces of trash who think he was the worst thing to happe


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