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Super Bowl LVII Game Picks

We are here folks. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. This will be the last BO Blogs picks blog of the season. It has been fun. Thankfully it was a little bit more competitive than last year. The Cowboy won the regular season, but Brendawn and I managed to keep it close.

As for the playoffs, there’s no need to post the records. The Cowboy has an insurmountable lead. Unless they decide to play the Super Bowl like 4 times. As much as it pains me, I have to congratulate the Cowboy for winning both the regular and postseason.

I just want to say, my team won the postseason last year and we haven’t looked back.. that’s 3 “wins'' in a row. Here’s to next year you animals 🍻

A quick thank you goes to those who read every single one of these. As the editor, I wish I could say I was among those ranks. It’s been a grind but we made it.

As usual, I’m writing this on Sunday morning, while Mrs. Blind Owl is doing important things around the house. Brendawn wrote his pick like three days ago, probably hiding from his children in the bathroom. And of course, I am waiting for the Cowboy to add his comments. What he does, nobody knows…and I think he likes it that way.

So with no more delay, here are our picks for Super Bowl LVII and here’s to next year.

KC @ PHI: PHI -1.5

Blind Owl: During the championship round I was on an island. I may be one of the few people in America that hates Joe Burrow. It’s solely based upon the Cowboy’s love of him, but hate is hate. There was nobody happier that the Chiefs one outside of Missouri than me. That is where my rooting for the Chiefs ends. As a Broncos fan, I have an instinctual disdain for anything Kansas City. Barbeque is an exception. So my heart is telling me to root against the Chiefs. Easy enough right? Well, the Chiefs have come up against an almost more disgusting team. I’ve got nothing against the Eagles themselves. It’s purely the fanbase that everyone despises. These facts make it hard to root for that team. I’m really torn here. If a tie were possible, I would root for that. I want to see Mahomes lose, but I also want to see the city of Philadelphia burn. If Philly wins, the city will be destroyed but not to the same degrees as if they lose. So, I’m going to do something I feel very dirty about. I’ll take KC with the point and a half. It gives me a little wiggle room in a close one, and If the Chiefs do pull it off, I can enjoy the chaos in Philly while also enjoy being right for once this year.

Concret3Cowboy: I like the Eagles even outside of my hatred towards the ketchup and mustard. They have a dominant offensive line. Hell, they’re defensive front is very good too. They’re a fun team to watch, KC probably would be too if I didn’t throw up in my mouth when I see that dumb arrowhead that looks like it got scribbled by my 5 year-old. Actually never mind, she would have turned it into a color tornado in a dress. But their logo still looks bad. The Eagles uniforms and colors are pretty underrated. That midnight green with the silver and black is a unique look. The wings on the helmet are a pretty nice touch too. Big fan of their font for their numbers and names. Let’s move on from their actual looks to how they’ve looked. People (including me) wrote the Chiefs off after the first month of the season but here they are again. Mahomes gets all the love but Reid can make this team do whatever his will desires. I wasn’t a fan of Hurts at first, more because I like Wentz than Hurts himself. He’s turned into quite some player though. His story over the years is pretty amazing and I’m sure someone’s writing the movie script, does that include a ring today? I think so, I’m hoping so. I’m over hearing the trash talk from inbred Chief fans, their “super fans” fighting each other was a fun story though. Fly Eagles Fly.

BrendawnoftheDead: Ideally, both teams lose this game. I think Jalen Hurts winning would be a feel good story and it's hard to root against him, but Philadelphia fans can be insufferable and I can think of worse things than seeing them lose. I genuinely enjoy watching Patrick Mahomes play football, but I genuinely despise media and "analyst" coverage of Patrick Mahomes. Offensively, these teams are relatively even. Both have weapons and can beat you multiple ways. Defensively, the Eagles have the advantage due to their relentless pass rush and above average secondary. Coaching goes to the Chiefs, Andy Ried has been here before and won while Siriani is green by comparison. Special teams… honestly have no idea. I think it comes down to the last possession but the Eagles defense is able to make one more key stop and they win by a field goal.

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