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Sherman's March in Cuffs

We all have those athletes or celebrities we can’t stand. Whether it be because they are just good, or you just can’t stand them, we all have players we can’t stand.

For me, anyone on the Seattle Seahawks that beat my Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl is on that list. One major component of that squad who I can’t stand is Richard Sherman.

Sherman has always given off an obnoxious arrogance that drove me insane. Couple that with his outspoken attitude and brashness, he is very easy to root against. I was quite happy when that cocky squad lost to the Patriots the next year. And I then rejoiced when the defense known as the “legion of boom” fell apart in disgrace.

Sherman then found a little success in San Francisco, but is now a free agent and likely not going to be signed. He’s old, slow, and not worth his price as a cornerback in a league full of speed.

Now, I don’t know anything about Sherman personally. Honestly, I had only ever heard good things. Which made me dislike him a little more.

Then, the news breaks that he has been arrested.

According to ESPN, Sherman has been arrested at his wife’s relatives house in Redmond, Washington. Sherman has been charged with suspicion of burglary, domestic violence, resisting arrest, malicious mischief, misdemeanor DUI and hit and run. This group of charges all stem from a 911 call made by his wife. Listen to that 911 call here:

My first comment after hearing the 911 call, what kind of assholes are they hiring to be 911 operators in Washington? This dispatcher is incredibly unprofessional and is downright inappropriate with Mrs. Sherman. This dispatcher should be immediately re-trained or fired for her conduct. Imagine being in an emergency and being yelled at by some nasty witch on the other line.

Next thing, Sherman’s wife was clearly distraught about his conduct. He was clearly out of control. Fighting family members and threatening suicide to scare the family members. He is also threatening to attack police and drive while intoxicated.

I realize that we only have half the story, but just hearing the audio of the 911 call is not a good look. Sherman sounds unhinged in the background and otherwise dangerous. I don’t know what led to these events, but the hit and run Sherman is charged with may have something to do with it.

Sherman is typically a media darling, so I am sure this will be covered with kid gloves. Places like ESPN like to cover players they like differently than those they don’t. Take anything LeBron James does. But they can’t ignore this one.

I am a full believer in due process. I am also a firm believer in being innocent until proven guilty. All that being said, there is no rule against rooting for Sherman to be found guilty is there? I think Sherman’s bombastic attitude and cockiness is finally getting the better of him. If he needs mental health help, I hope he gets it. And I also hope the law throws the book at him.

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