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Rodgers is Getting Mile High

It has been reported for the last 24 hours that Green Bay Packer and future Hall of Fame QB Aaron Rodgers no longer wants to be in Green Bay.

All through the first round of last night’s NFL draft, it was repeatedly reported that Rodgers would likely be headed to Denver. Former Denver great and NFL insider Mark Schlereth tweeted “I’m hearing @AaronRodgers12 to @Broncos is close to a done deal... still could fall thru but fingers crossed.”

Also last night, Newsweek sports writer Scott McDonald wrote “Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers to Be Traded to the Denver Broncos: Report.” That story references Schlereth’s tweet.

Couple these two things with Denver not opting to take a QB in the first round last night, and all signs are pointing to Rodgers heading to Denver.

In fact, this is a first, but I am going to give this the BO Blog guarantee. Aaron Rodgers will be a Denver Bronco by the end of the NFL Draft.

This will be the second time that Denver has grabbed a future Hall of Fame QB in the later part of their career. Who could forget the legendary signing of Peyton Manning that led to the best offensive season of all time, and an eventual Super Bowl 50 championship.

This trade makes a lot of sense for Denver. They are loaded with young talent in the receiving corps. Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton are serious threats with a legit QB throwing them the ball. Not to mention TE Noah Fant, who had great success with Drew Lock throwing him the ball.

This is no means a shot at Drew Lock. He was making strides and showed some good progress. He had some durability issues and when someone dangles Aaron Rodgers in front of you, it is hard to turn down.

To be completely honest, I always thought Rodgers was kind of a douche. He just has that California bro feel about him. I mean, his family apparently doesn’t even really like him. At least was reported a few years ago. But all of that aside, there is no denying his ability. He is a top 3 QB in the league. No question. Hands down. He has that unique ability to move in and out of the pocket and carry some otherwise not so good teams.

Regardless of my feelings on Rodgers, as a Broncos fan, I have to like the move. It is a win now move that John Elway has been known for in his tenure as an executive. I know he isn’t the GM anymore, but he is pulling the strings. To quote a friend of mine, “Elway is the Don.” Never one to be cautious, Elway likes to go out there and get what he wants. As a fan, you have to like that.

Like I said, I think Rodgers seems like kind of a douche, but guess what I’m happy. He’s the kind of guy you hate, until he’s on your team. And look at that, he’s going to be on my team soon.

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