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Quit Whining

Wow! People really hate Tom Brady. It makes sense for a lot of football fans. He has done nothing but beat team after team in big spots. All of the teams in the AFC East were dominated for the better part of 2 decades, so I get their anger. Any AFC Championship contender had to go through him to get to the Super Bowl. That adds the Steelers, Ravens, Chiefs, Raiders, Colts and Chargers to the list. How about the teams Brady beat in the Super Bowl. I’m sure there’s some hatred in Seattle, Atlanta, Carolina, St. Louis/Los Angeles and Philly (even though they got their revenge.) Don’t forget about the NFC South this year. I think you get it.

The latest complainer that emerged is the daughter of the silversmith that designed the Lombardi Trophy. Lorraine Grohs has demanded an apology from Brady for mistreating the historic trophy.

In case you missed it, during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers victory boat parade, Brady chucked the Lombardi Trophy across the Hillsborough River to tight end Camerron Brate. It was honestly pretty dumb, but relatively funny. Grohs didn’t see it that way. She had this to say, “It just upset me that this trophy was disgraced and disrespected by being thrown as if it were a real football.”

Few things here.

Firstly, the Trophy didn’t go in the water and was caught perfectly fine. Not for nothing, these guys are being paid millions of dollars to throw and catch things. So if there is anyone I want to throw my expensive trophy across the river, it may be Tom Brady.

Secondly, this lady is just whining. That trophy is as much Brady’s as it is hers. She isn’t the person who designed it. Her dad was. Brady has won the Super Bowl 7 times. I’d say that he has probably spent more time with the Lombardi Trophy than Ms. Grohs has. She doesn’t like Brady for whatever reason and is trying to grab a few headlines by bitching and moaning.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the trophy being thrown across a river isn’t even close to the worst thing that trophy has been through. Last year, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce used the trophy as a beer chute. Which, again, nobody should care about. That seems a little worse than just being thrown in the air.

Let’s use a little critical thinking and speculate about some stuff that probably (definitely) happened to the trophy over the years. Travis Kelce did us a favor and confirmed on video that alcohol has been consumed using the trophy. That’s not breaking news by any stretch. Is drinking off it not disrespectful enough for Lorraine Grohs? OK, let’s go back to the 80s shall we. I guarantee that there has been at least one or two lines of booger sugar taken off of the Lombardi Trophy. Is that not disrespectful enough? Illegal substances? Alright. How much would Ms. Grohs want to bet that at least one player has done the dirty deed either in the presence of, or on top of, the trophy?

Those are just some things that definitely happened. How about some stuff that could have happened. Some serious thugs have been in possession of the hallowed Lombardi Trophy. I would assume that more than a few crimes have been committed in the presence of, or with it. Just think about 2019’s winners, the KC Chiefs. I wouldn’t be surprised if serial woman and child abuser Tyreek Hill beat his wife and kid with the trophy.

Lorraine Gohs is just an attention seeker capitalizing on the anti-Brady media train. Which is fine. But when you bring out the word “disrespectful,” that opens the door to people like me to call out the hypocrisy of these folks.

I suggest Ms. Grohs take a look at what meathead football players do when they are hammered. If throwing the trophy was truly upsetting to her, she may pass out if she ever reads this.

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