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Prop It Up

Gamblers are a resilient bunch. For many years, sports gambling was illegal in most states. The only place the experienced gambler had to make their bets was Las Vegas. Now that sports gambling is legal in a lot of states, things have changed.

There is no better day for a gambler than Super Bowl Sunday. Not only can folks bet on the game itself, there are hundreds of things you can bet on. Some of these are pretty basic football related things. Others border on the absolutely absurd.

I figured it would be fun to go through some of these and see how well I can do. So, let’s get after it.

1) What will Patrick Mahomes first passing attempt be? Complete/Incomplete/Interception

Blind Owl Prediction- Incomplete

The favorite for this one is that Mahomes will complete his first pass. I disagree with this. I think he is going take a shot deep on his first pass and it is simply going to fall incomplete, or it won’t be there and he’ll just throw it away.

2) Length of National Anthem 1:59 Over/Under

Blind Owl Prediction- Over

This one is near and dear to my heart. For the better part of a decade, a good friend of mine and I have made this wager. Always the high roller, we would wager a Dunkin Donuts coffee on this outcome. At the begtinning of Super Bowl 50, I took the under. I had a solid 10 seconds to spare but then friggin Lady Gaga decided to repeat the last line of the anthem, like communist. That cost me a large iced coffee the next morning.

This year there are 2 people singing it. That makes me think it is going to be longer than usual so I’m going with the over here. Eric Church better not let me down.

3) Which coach will be shown on camera first? Andy Reid/Bruce Arians

Blind Owl Prediction- Andy Reid

I predict Andy Reid here for three reasons. Firstly, there is a bit of a storyline emerging with the car crash involving Reid’s son, who also just so happens to be the Outside Linebackers coach for the Chiefs. That will be talked about pretty early. The second reason, the Chiefs are listed as the away team, and if conventional wisdom tells me anything, it is that the away team always enters the field first. Thus making it more likely Reid will appear. Thirdly, and most importantly, Andy Reid is a massive individual. It’ll be hard to turn the camera anywhere without at least catching a part of him spilling into the shot.

4) Which coaches nostrils will be seen first? Andy Reid/Bruce Arians

Blind Owl Prediction- Andy Reid

This one kind of goes along with my earlier prediction. Both coaches use the clear face shields as opposed to the typical face masks. So this one comes down to who will be seen first. Andy Reid takes that one.

5) Coin Toss. Heads/Tails

Blind Owl Prediction- Heads

People say that tails never fails. I say, screw those people. Heads all the way.

6) What color liquid will be poured on the winning coach? Blue/Orange/Red or Pink/Yellow or Green/Purple

Blind Owl Prediction- Orange

Everyone knows that orange gatorade is disgusting. So by that logic, that cooler with have the most in it, therefore that’s what they’ll dump on the winning coach.

7) How many times will Bill Belichick’s name be said? 1 Time Over/Under?

Blind Owl Prediction- Over

This one is interesting. We all know that Tom Brady came from the Patriots coached by Bill Belichick. Jim Nantz, the play by play guy for the game, I’m sure will say Belichick at least once. It all comes down to Tony Romo. Will he say Bill’s name? Or will be purposely vague and say something like “the coach over in New England?” If the Buccaneers win, it will be said more than a few times. But, if they lose, this one will be closer.

8) How many times will Donald Trump be mentioned? ½ times Over/Under

Blind Owl Prediction- Under

This bet is pretty much will anyone say former President Donald Trump’s name. In my humble opinion, there more of a chance that Tony Romo says my name and starts listing off my beep baseball stats than anyone muttering Trump. CBS won’t touch that with a 39 ½ foot pole.

9) Will any player leave and not return to the game with a concussion? Yes/No

Blind Owl Prediction- No

This one is a bit of toss up. There is always a possibility of someone getting whacked in the noggin and exiting the game. Hey, I’m an optimist, I’m going to say no on this one. Nobody likes to see anyone’s brain turn to mashed cauliflower on the field.

10) How many total punts will there be? 6 ½ Over/Under

Blind Owl Prediction- Under

For my final pick, I give the Blind Owl Guarantee! I can’t be wrong here. There is absolutely no chance there will be more than 6 punts in this game. I’m inclined to think there is a better chance of there being no punts at all. This ones going to be a shoot out from beginning to end. Which is great for the punter of the winning team. He gets a nice ring for just standing on the sideline looking good.

There are so many more of these prop bets. There was no way I would’ve been able to pick them all. There are even ones that cross into other sports which is just ridiculous. If you’re interested in looking at more here is the link I found all of these at:

When you have no team in the big game, these kinds of things are fun to think about. If anyone disagrees feel free to tell me why I’m a complete moron!

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