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More Newton in New England

Let me preface this by saying, I am not a Patriots fan.

When I heard the news yesterday that New England had re-signed with the Patriots, I was actually shocked.

His season last year was pathetic. He had 4 games where he didn’t throw for over 100 yards. That’s embarrassing for an NFL quarterback. Not only that, he looked physically incapable of throwing a football. I remember one hail mary play where the ball came up almost 15 yards short. Newton has noodle for an arm and in today’s NFL, that just isn’t going to do it.

According to a few conversations I’ve had with Pats fans, they are not pleased. I’ve even heard calls for Bill Belichick to be fired for his poor handling of the roster.

If you told me that a few weeks ago, I would’ve told you that you’re insane. The Patriots will never fire Bill Belichick. But after this signing, I don’t know.

Newton’s contract itself is actually rather reasonable. It is worth around $14 million total, but it is loaded with $6 million in incentives. I’m no mathematician, but that makes it a 1-year $8 million guaranteed contract. That is veteran backup QB money. Which is something to think about.

If the plan is for Cam Newton to be the backup, then my Pats fans friends may be overreacting. Bill could still go out and get a free agent, make a trade or draft a QB. He may have just been getting someone he knows in the locker room in order to entice some skill position players in free agency.

In my opinion, even if that is the case, there are much better backups out there. Hell, Jarrett Stidham is cheaper and already under contract. Wouldn’t it be easier to just keep him and make the move you’re going to make?

Even when you think about the “plan” theory, it really doesn’t make any sense. Why would you want a QB who has proven he can’t throw the football. I’m starting to agree with my Patriot loving friends that Bill may be getting a little too big for his britches. He seems to think he knows better than common sense. You see that with a lot of people who are aging experts. They don’t seem to trust common sense.

The average football mind tells you that Cam Newton is nowhere near an NFL quarterback. He may be a locker room guy and as hard a worker as any. But, no matter how nice you are, or how hard you work, if you’re not that good, you’re not that good.

Bill just put up a big middle finger to the fans and anyone who watched what Newton did last year.

Is it time to fire Bill Belichick? Not right now. But if Bill doesn’t do anything in the draft or free agency, there will be anarchy at Patriot place.

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