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It's So Simple

I don’t claim to be the most intelligent man. In fact, a lot of soccer fans that I’ve recently argued with on Twitter probably think the exact opposite. But one thing I take pride in being is realistic. And even though I’m not the smartest guy in the world, I am smart enough to know that if there is an issue, there will be two opposite sides that love to fight about it.

The topic of transgender athletes is no different than any other issue in this world. There are two very different sides to this discussion; those who want everyone to compete in whatever gender grouping that they identify as, and those who are staunchly against biological males that are transitioning to female competing against biological females.

Recently, New Zealand’s power lifting team welcomed transgender lifter Laurel Hubbard to the female olympic squad. Of course this sparked emotional responses from both diametrically opposed sides of the discussion. The pro-transgender crowd celebrated, while those opposed to the idea of a biological male lifting against biological females were infuriated.

Each side is trying to outdo each other with how extremely they react to this story. But, as always, the extreme responses are never the real answer. The answer is somewhere in the middle.

Before I give the answer, I want to give my opinion on the whole transgender discussion. If any adult wants to transition to whatever gender and be called by whatever name, that is their decision. Who am I to say otherwise? Now, the issue becomes a little more complicated when it comes to minors making that decision. Personally, if a minor isn’t legally allowed to buy a bottle of cough medicine or get a flu shot, then they shouldn’t be allowed to make life changing medical decisions. That’s just me. I’m all for them living as whatever gender they feel, but hold up on the medical decisions until they’re legally an adult.

Personal feelings aside, let’s take a look at this issue with a level head and no emotion.

Like it or hate it, biological men are generally stronger than biological females. Especially those who are high level athletes. That is why the genders were separated in athletics in the first place. Of course, there are outliers. I went to highschool with a girl who went on to run D1 track and could 100% kick my ass on a moment’s notice. But in high level athletics, the differences are staggering. Especially in those sports where physicality is a huge component. Weight lifting being a great example. Fairness becomes an issue.

Now, I know some of the LGBTQ community may have already stopped reading. I’m expecting a few emails that say some terrible things. But this isn’t an anti-transgender athlete stance. Unlike the extremes of this issue, I come with a very simple solution.

I took a political science class in highschool and had a teacher who used to have a chair in the class that students would sit in if they had “an oversimplified solution to a complicated problem.” A common offender would be the “Nuke em” solution to foreign affairs. Mr. Coyle would be proud to know that I have found a very simple solution to a very complicated problem.

Instead of arguing about whether biological males that are transitioning should compete with biological females, why don’t they just make a new division? Just make a Transgender-Female division in the sports where it applies? We already do it with a whole bunch of other differences. We divide sports by gender, age, weight, ability level, experience level and even disabilities. Doesn’t it just make sense to do the same here? Nobody is offended, nobody is forced to compete against someone that may have an unfair advantage, everyone should be happy.

It is so easy and makes so much sense that it’ll never happen.

I’m sure nobody who really cares about this issue would have any problem with the creation of a new division. Unfortunately, it isn’t the people who actually care that control the dialogue. My idea makes so much sense, that it’ll offend both sides because the extremes love to fight.

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