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How Does It Feel?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Well, the Patriots are sitting at 2 and 5 on the season. Folks like me aren’t shocked. I had 0 confidence in Cam Newton. I saw all I needed to see in Carolina. Newton is a front runner and just doesn’t have that competitive factor that the greats have. 

That being said, the Patriots had the greatest run ever. Nothing in sports comes close to the historic dominance that New England showed in the AFC for 20 years. To put that in perspective, I am 28 years old, the Pats have dominated for the majority of my life. It is simply incredible that the team ended up with the best player of all time, and the best coach of all time at the exact same time. But now, that is all over. 

For those who don’t know, I am a die hard Denver Broncos fan.  Living in New England all of my life, I have been subjected to the constant attack of Patriots fans. This 20 year period has been almost unbearable. It is all coming crashing down right in front of us. The Pats are in 2nd to last in the 2nd weakest division in the NFL and will most likely miss the playoffs. 

For any other NFL fan, this is nothing new. Teams go through ups and downs and have some bad seasons and some really good seasons. The majority of Pats fans have yet to experience missing the playoffs, never mind a losing season. The doom and gloom of blaming Bill Belichick is comical to me. These lucky ducks don’t know what it’s like to really blame a coach for losing. There is an art in being a graceful loser, and the Pats fans have yet to have any experience in doing it.

I can’t help but be entertained by the downfall of the Patriots. It’s morbidly entertaining to see these fans melting down in the middle of the first bad season the Pats have had in years. They don’t even know what they are in for. 

It doesn’t look good for New England. Which has been overdue for a while. Welcome to the bottom of the NFL and Patriots fans I have only 1 question, how does it feel?

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