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He Done It Again

It takes a great man to admit that they were wrong. I am that great man. My pick for Super Bowl 55 was a swing and a miss. I thought it would be a heavyweight offensive slugfest. I picked the Chiefs to win 41-38. I was very wrong. This game was a one sided affair. The Buccaneers defensive game plan was impeccable. The Chiefs had no answers and couldn’t even put up a touchdown.

Meanwhile, Tom Brady did what Tom Brady usually does and took control. He didn’t do anything freakish; he just threw the ball to the open receiver and put up points. Even stat wise he didn’t set the world on fire. He did have the 3 TD passes, but they were routine NFL passes. The only throw that Brady made that really stuck out was the one to Gronkowski down the seam. It looked like 2007 Brady. Looking off an aggressive safety and just putting a laser on Gronk’s hands.

I didn’t expect the Bucs to blow the Chiefs out, but there is always that possibility. You can never bet against Tom Brady. It was good to see Brady beat the scumbags that populate the Chiefs roster.

What really got my attention didn’t happen during the game. It was actually on the ride home. The roads were still rough from the snow, so we took it slow and listened to the postgame hoopla on the radio. What I kept hearing was all of the talking heads repeating that this Super Bowl was Brady’s best achievement. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Take a look at the Bucs team of last year. They had all kinds of weapons. Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, Cameron Brate, OJ Howard and a pretty solid defense. Brady came into a situation that was already pretty good. Not for nothing, Jameis Winston threw 30 TDs with this team last year. Not only that, Brady brought along his abilities as well as Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown. That’s just the offensive side. The Bucs also added great rookie safety Antoine Winfield Jr. from the draft and Devin White being drafted as well. Lavonte David and Ndamukong Suh are just added bonuses.

What I’m saying is, Brady chose Tampa for a reason. He wasn’t going to go to some team he needed to rebuild. Like an intelligent 43 year old, he picked the best possible situation for him. You can’t consider a hand picked situation as a tremendous accomplishment. I get that going to a new situation is not easy, but you knew that kind of talent was going to do something.

Other than the 2007 Patriots squad, this may have been the most talented team Brady has ever had. Some of those other teams in New England that Tom brought to the playoffs were pretty atrocious. Brady went to the AFC Championship with receivers with names like, Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney. Winning with talent like that is a much more impressive feat than winning with a team Brady personally designed.

The greatest of all time debate, which was pretty much already over, is 100% all over now. Anyone who says otherwise is just blinded by hate. This tremendous run is something that has never been seen before and probably won’t be seen again. Unfortunately for Brady, his run does have to end at some point. This would have been a great chance for him to ride off into the sunset. Knowing Brady, he won’t do that. He seems to be locked and loaded to keep playing in Tampa. It will be very interesting to see what goes on. The run in Tampa started at the top and unfortunately, it can only go down from here.

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