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Cleveland Doesn't Rock

Here at BO Blogs, we wrote about the Cleveland Indians having a committee to change their name. In that piece, I warned that Cleveland should not make the same mistake as the Washington Football Team and have no plan when it comes to the name change. Read that here:

Now, I also gave Cleveland credit. They didn’t reflexively change their name to something dumb. They decided to take their time, create a committee, and make the right choice. We also discussed some potential names. Some good, some not so good.

Then this morning, the news broke. Cleveland is going to officially change their name. They will now be known as the Cleveland Guardians.

Besides the name, which we will get to that, the timing of the announcement is very odd. Seems like a decision that probably should’ve waited until the offseason. Nothing screams team unity like changing your team name mid season. I mean, they are in 2nd place in their division (even though they’re 9 games back) so it might be wise to keep what they’re doing until it’s a lost cause. But I’m not surprised, Cleveland is known for their ineptitude as well, everything.

Now let’s get to the name itself.

The second I read the name I said to myself, “that’s kinda dumb.” Then I watched the hype video the team posted on their Twitter page. Then my thought process changed. I said to myself, “This is really dumb.” See for yourself:

The video paints the city of Cleveland as the epitome of change in the country. I’ve never been to the city, but it looks the same to me. They also mention the greatness of the city’s sports teams. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the legacy of the city’s team's failure? The Browns are the laughing stock of the NFL, the Cavaliers only won because of LeBron James, and once he left the team sucked. They even made a whole series of movies about team, that highlights their suckiness. So what are the Guardians guarding? Their poor reputation?

Speaking to their ineptitude, the Twitter account I got the video from is still named the “Cleveland Indians.” They care so much about offending Native Americans that they didn’t even bother getting the social media accounts with the new name. Doesn’t that just seem like an obvious move?

But, in classic BO Blogs fashion, I don’t come to you just bitching and moaning. I come with solutions.

Cleveland should have 100% changed their name to the Cleveland Rocks. The name is so easy. The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fameresides in the city and would be a great cross promotion. They could get all kinds of rock acts to play at the stadium and even do a hall of fame series of concerts. It’s easy.

Not only that, I have the perfect theme song for the team. Does anyone else remember the Drew Carey Show? I was a little young to watch it, but I distinctly remember the theme song. Here it is for those who don’t recall:

The friggin song is called “Cleveland Rocks!” How dumb are they not to use that?

But like I said in the whole Washington Football Team nonsense, these people are too dumb to see a good thing. It takes a blind bird of prey to point these things out.

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