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Big Problem

Listen, we have a lot of problems in today’s world. Lots of those problems are very complicated and take several advanced degrees to truly understand.

The whole Covid crisis is one of those issues that even the doctors don’t seem to understand.

But one thing we all seem to understand is that people who are immunocompromised are more at risk to die from Covid. There are some immunosuppressors that are impossible to avoid. MS, some cancers, genetic disorders and things like that are examples of unavoidable things.

But there are a whole bunch of conditions that are totally avoidable. Diabetes, heart conditions and even some cancers are all mostly a result of poor diets and a lack of exercise.According to the CDC, being overweight is considered a high risk condition when it comes to Covid.

That being the case, we should all be concerned. Because the obesity rate in this country is 42.4%. That means roughly 2 of every 5 Americans is considered obese. Therefore, of the 331,449,281 people in the US, 140,534,495 of them are at high risk for Covid.

Health experts, knowing those same numbers a gym teacher just calculated, in order to “stop the spread” of Covid made the decision to close gyms, playgrounds, skate parks, and cancel physical activities. Not to mention closing schools, which is the only place where some kids get physical activity in their day. Does that make sense to you?

By far, obesity is the most prevalent risk factor in the US. So shouldn’t the focus be put on lowering these risk factors? Instead, they closed places that had the most effective way of preventing people from dying of Covid.

Not only that, but when the vaccines came out, those in charge did such a good job smearing it when Trump was in office, that they needed to make offers to people so they’d get their shots. They didn’t offer people gift cards, or something helpful. No. They offered people fast food. Hell, Dunkin’ Donuts is offering people a free glazed donut if they show their vaccine cards. Isn’t this just making the problem worse?

We’ve already gone over the fact that millions of people are at higher risk of Covid because they are obese. So let’s make the problem worse for them by giving them shit food for free. The government and Planet Fitness should get on the same page and offer people discounted gym memberships if they get their vaccine. Or free access to all National and State Parks instead of making them at more risk.

Now this is a symptom of a bigger problem. People in America (especially kids) are almost encouraged not to be physically active. Whether it be video games or social media, kids are enticed to stay inside at home and do nothing. Now, the government, parents and health experts have instilled a fear in kids that if they play with their friends, they are going to get sick and kill their older relatives. This is just going to make the problems even worse in the future. We’re going to have even more people who are at risk for diseases and more people dying preventable deaths.

Not to mention people losing their jobs and being forced to eat horrible cheap food, instead of something they could have afforded with a better job. Then rewarding people for not doing anything with too much unemployment and you’ve got quite the issue going on.

I’ll never claim that the education system does everything right, but on this topic they did do something good. Physical Education was one of the first subjects to be mandated by the federal government and clearly there is a reason for that.

The Covid pandemic is a big problem in our country, but the real problem is everyone being big. That is the real pandemic that will have lasting ramifications.

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