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Bedard's BS

Howdy folks. It’s been more than a month since we’ve had a new BO Blog. Well I’ve had a few things going on in my life that have taken priority over my fun little blog here. Whether I like it or not, I have a real job that actually pays me to do stuff, so I have to do that first. Not calling you out or anything, but if more people read this I could do it more…Just saying.

Anyway, a lot has gone on since I last spoke with y’all. Russia is Ukraine, Elon Musk is buying Twitter and the US is going through record inflation. But in typical BO Blog fashion, we will focus on important things. Things that really matter in the grand scheme of life. So here it goes.

Anyone who is a New England sports fan has heard of the guy that is the topic of this discussion. He has been on TV, radio and even has his own subscription service called New England Sports Journal. The man I speak of is Greg A. Bedard.

Bedard is one of these “Patriots insiders” that claims he has an in-depth knowledge of the New England football scene that is unmatched. He brings a pseudo intelligence to the radio that is simply insufferable to listen to. Not only that, but his analysis is so good that he is charging for anyone to read it.

Well, the guy was on TV giving us a peek behind the curtain of what is truly going on with the Patriots organization this spring. In fact, Bedard went on NBC Sports Boston and said, “There is a high-level of concern about what is going on with the Patriots.”

To an uneducated media mind, this could be hard hitting analysis. But to any football fan with a slight bit of intelligence, this isn’t much. It’s quite conventional thinking. There are new coaches in town with a young QB and new players. So some things might be a little unknown. In fact, my Patriots fan friends have been saying this since the hiring of Joe Judge and Matt Patricia.

But with any information like this, you always have to cite your source.

Greg A. Bedard claims to be a football expert. And I’m sure he knows some people in the NFL that have fed him some info in the past and he’s been known to break down some film on his website. Something that Felger and Mazz on 98.5 have mocked before. I’ll leave this here for your own entertainment:

So if you watched that, you know the guy is not only a boring, pseudo intellectual about football, but he is a super sensitive baby when someone mocks it. Which is something I experienced first hand.

A few weeks back, I made a comment on one of his articles mocking an alleged try out he had for WEEI, and the guy seemed to be triggered by it and came after me. Of course, he didn’t quite understand what was going on and made some sort of comment which included the word “see” or something. Then obviously I took that and jokingly mocked him for being an ableist for mocking my visual disability. Now clearly the guy has no idea that I am legally blind, but it was a funny joke that my fellow blind brethren Blind Mike Geary joined in on. Bedard then got bludgeoned by Twitter users and even Kirk Minihane weighed in. It was a funny afternoon to say the least. I was asking myself why the guy was so triggered by this, and then the reason came to me from an unlikely source.

Darren Rovell of all people tweeted out a screenshot of Greg A. Bedard, self proclaimed football expert’s analysis of Arizona Tight End Rob Gronkowski in his draft year. I’ll put that here so you can see that:

Who’s the blind one now Greg? But that was what really had Bedard’s tighty whities in a bunch. Our exchange was just an attempt for him to punch down and clearly I struck a nerve.

Going back to the question at hand. The tweet about Gronkowski is just one item in a list of things that Bedard has gotten wrong or just made up. Which is fine. I myself have even gotten some things wrong. I wrote an entire blog about how Aaron Rodgers was coming to Denver. Obviously that didn’t happen. The difference there is I am not a self-proclaimed “insider” and I don’t act like a sensitive baby when people call me out for being wrong. Bedard on the other hand claimed he “didn’t work in Boston” at the time of that tweet. Which has nothing to do with his ability to analyze a player’s abilities.

Add this to the fact that Bedard has alluded to the fact that Josh McDaniels might be hiring him to be on the Las Vegas Raiders’ coaching staff, and you’ve got someone who just slings BS around hoping to catch some headlines. This is just one of the many things he’s said that are just laughable. One of the best I heard was Bedard claiming to have talked Aaron Hernandez out of doing something dumb while they were both peeing on a car in Indianapolis. Like, come on.

Basically what I’m trying to say here is know where your info is coming from. If it’s from a source like Bedard who has been wrong and even just made stuff up before, then maybe think again.

And to Greg, who I know read this whole thing, keep it up. We all know what you’re doing and nobody takes you seriously. So here’s the deal, I’ll retract this whole thing when you get your “coaching job” with the Raiders. Until then, I know I’m right.

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Missing a lot of context to say the least. Freezing cold takes tweeted that Gronk opinion which got Rovell into it, and you left both out. Also, anecdotal beyond that 1 example. Are you a certified F-O-B?

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