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2023 Week 6 NFL Picks

You know what we have here at BO Blogs more than most? We’ve got dedication. Even though I am sick, I have our 30 regular readers in mind while I sweat sitting in my computer chair and type out this thing. We do all of this for you 2 dozen folks that don’t pay us. So my little intro is going to be brief. Let’s see how we did last week:

Week 5 Records:

Blind Owl: 11-3

Concret3Cowboy: 8-6

BrendawnoftheDead: 8-6

Not going to lie, sometimes I think about leaving my wife for men. I didn’t do so well last week, I met a man at the arcade at the beach. That slot machine was very different. I would’ve asked one of these other goons to write the intro. But gloating over these unimportant picks is worth more to me than my health. Shows you where my priorities are. This is the kind of week I needed. I’m sick now so you have to think my body was fighting this last week. What a performance if I do say so myself. Let’s have a look at how this dominant performance impacts the overall standings.

Total Records

Blind Owl: 40-33-5

Concret3Cowboy: 40-33-5

BrendawnoftheDead: 43-30-5

The Cowboy is now tied for last. It doesn’t matter who he’s tied in last with, so don’t even say it. Brendawn just keeps chugging along and continues to lead the pack. Things are tightening up though. Pressure either creates diamonds or dust. Which one will Brendawn be? Find out in our Week 6 picks:

DEN @ KC: KC -10.5

Blind Owl: As a Denver fan, I am so confident that they’ll get their asses handed to them that I picked up KCs defense in one of my fantasy leagues. It’s sad but true.

Concret3Cpwboy: Broncos cover. I went through all the picks last week and fixed my name from Concret3Cpwboy to you know, how Cowboy is actually spelt. And I won’t do it a single more time, the Owl is the All Mighty editor… that’s on him. But yea, Denver covers. Mahomes and Kelce can lick my butt crack.

BrendawnoftheDead: Fellas, your Broncos and my Patriots are in the exact same boat, up sh*t's creek without a paddle. Cripplingly bad personnel on one side of the ball, and that's a very tough problem to solve in October. The Chiefs have not impressed this far, but winning ugly beats losing pretty. That brings me to my point, Thursday games are almost always sloppy affairs and the Chiefs haven't exactly been blowing anyone out. 10.5 with a banged up Travis Kelce is too bold for my taste, look for Denver to lose but cover.

NE @ LV: LV -3

Blind Owl: Ooof. If you listened to New England sports radio, you’d believe that Bill Belichick is killing puppies on the sideline while Mac Jones is throwing picks. Bow there’s drama about Malik Cunningham, a QB/WR hybrid being added to the active roster. Mego, an idiot “radio host” that blocked me months ago, faked excitement about this to try and save her putrid ratings. That’s all it is. Fake excitement. The Patriots are the worst they’ve been since the 90s. I’ll take the Raiders in this one.

Concret3Cpwboy: Raiders stink… but the Pats stink more.

BrendawnoftheDead: I'm not sure if the broncos or patriots are the worst team in football. Vegas isn't included in that debate so they cover.

BAL @ TEN: BAL -5.5

Blind Owl: They really need to stop with these lousy games at 9am. It’s a Saturday night and I’m sick so I’ll just pick the Ravens and hope my mind isn’t as cloudy as it is now in the morning.

Concret3Cpwboy: Both of these teams are wildly inconsistent. When I commend the Ravens, they stink. When I say they stink, they win and cover. Tough one because the Titans are basically the same. Ravens just lost to a divisional opponent so I would expect them to bounce back. Give me the birds.

BrendawnoftheDead: 5.5 is too much here. Lamar has been pretty pedestrian this season, they're not blowing anyone out. Titans cover


Blind Owl: A couple of up and down teams here. Both have looked good at times, and pretty bad at other times. I don’t know why, but I’ve had a good feeling about Atlanta all year. Still can’t put my finger on it, but they seem like they could win the NFC South. Washington has no chance to win their division. Atlanta is more talented in my opinion so that’s why they’ll win by 4. Let’s hope Robinson has a big day for my fantasy team’s sake.

Concret3Cpwboy: Another tough one. I don’t know what Washington is, I also don’t believe in Ridder at all. So give me the Commanders.

BrendawnoftheDead: The Commanders strength was supposed to be their defense. That has NOT been the case this season. I've been skeptical about Atlanta due to well you know, history…but they do have a lot of talent. I'll take them this week and likely regret it.


Blind Owl: I said it, and I stand by it. Joe Burrow isn’t the second coming of Jesus. He’s slightly above average at best. He just happens to have one of the best receiving corps in the NFL. He’s falling back to earth quickly and I’m enjoying it cause the Cowboy loves him. That said, I have a deep seeded hatred for the Seahawks. It’s honestly unhealthy and has hurt me in the past. Should I go against my bias? No. I won’t. I can’t. Give me the Bengals.

Concret3Cpwboy: What the hell happened to the Bengals? Did Chase really request a trade? I wouldn’t want to be in Cincy either but that's outside just wearing stripes. Give me the hawks. They’re less implodey right now.

BrendawnoftheDead: The Seahawks seem like the more stable option….


Blind Owl: Boring game coming up. I’ll take the Jags. They’ve got more talent. Lawrence is having some growing pains, but they’ll figure it out enough to beat the Colts.

Concret3Cpwboy: Minshew magic. Colts, even with the Jags just beating the Bills in London. Them staying over there after beating the Falcons really played in their favor.

BrendawnoftheDead: I'm going Jaguars, they are less hurt and are coming off a big win.

CAR @ MIA: MIA -14.5

Blind Owl: Holy mackerel. That’s a big spread. The Dolphins are just that good of an offense I guess. They did lose their second back to an injury which will have an effect but won’t impact the game that much. Even with the big spread I’ll take the Dolphins.

Concret3Cpwboy: People keep busting the Broncos balls (with good reason) but let's not forget the Panthers are also a franchise. Phins are the kind team to roll up an inferior team…. Like they did to the Broncos. Carolina is also hasn’t covered a single time this season.

BrendawnoftheDead: Miami has deep playoff aspirations, Carolina is in tank mode…without the benefit of the first rd pick they gave to the bears. Ouch


Blind Owl: Well, well, well. The Justin Jefferson injury is going to hurt the Vikings badly. Captain Kirk doesn’t have his go to guy anymore. This hurts the Cowboy more than anyone else. His fantasy team is going to struggle now. The Bears aren’t good. They surprised us last week on Thursday Night Football, but that was a fluke. They are still bad and Fields isn’t a good QB. I’ll hesitantly take the Vikings here. Only because they’re taking on the Bears. If it was anyone good, I’d pick against them.

Concret3Cpwboy: Both of these teams are abysmal ATS. I’m going to go Bears, more because the Vikings are just bad. That defense has been horrible and the Bears do have some solid weapons and have seemed to have a plan now.

BrendawnoftheDead: The Vikings were the most disappointing team in football before JJ went down. Losing to the Bears will only strengthen that resume. I just hope DJ Moore finds the end zone for selfish reasons.

SF @ CLE: SF -9.5

Blind Owl: San Fran is the best team in the league. I’ll pick them against almost anyone.

Concret3Cpwboy: Man, I do not like this spread but San Fran is such a complete team.

BrendawnoftheDead: DeShaun Watson is literally too scared to suit up. He is medically cleared but sat out all week any way. Pansy ass. 49ers by 100

NO @ HOU: NO -1.5

Blind Owl: The Saints just shut out a bad Patriots team. They get a chance to beat up on another bad team. The Saints should win this one easily.

Concret3Cpwboy: The Saints defense is real and the offense doesn’t shoot themselves in the foot.

BrendawnoftheDead: picking NO because of recency bias. I'm not over it and I'm not ok.

DET @ TB: DET -3

Blind Owl: This one is another easy one. It’s weird to think that picking the Lions is an easy choice, but here we sit. The only interesting part is who the Cowboy will pick. He has a weird thing for the Bucs and the Lions. We shall see.

Concret3Cpwboy: Detroit is 4-1 ATS and Tampa is 3-1.. The Battle of ATS. Hmm, I’m just going to ride my gut and go with the Bucs coming off the bye. I like the fight that team has. They won’t win, but they will make this a fun game.

BrendawnoftheDead: I like the Bucs but the Lions have more firepower. They win and cover.


Blind Owl: Kupp is back. The Cardinals are no longer the Cover Kings of the league. Give me the Rams.

Concret3Cpwboy: Rules are rules. Cardinals.

BrendawnoftheDead: too big of a spread, cards it is.

PHI @ NYJ: PHI -6.5

Blind Owl: This is defense versus offense. Unfortunately for the Jets, they don’t have any offense to go along with their solid defense. Wilson will make a few great throws. It’s a shame those throws will be to Philly defenders.

Concret3Cpwboy: Hackett did very little in the win against the Broncos. His offensive gameplan was “run left, run right, don’t let Zach fuck it up.” Which worked.. But Gang Green won’t be able to push the Eagles front around and do the same.

BrendawnoftheDead: The eagles looked like themselves last week, that will continue here.

NYG @ BUF: BUF -15.5

Blind Owl: Wow. This spread is even bigger than the Dolphins spread. The Giants have screwed me a couple times this year. So I won’t pick them. Hopefully Josh Allen tears them apart.

Concret3Cpwboy: Nice little rebound for the Bills to come back to from across the pond. The Giants are another team that hasn’t covered a single game this year. The Bills are going to take out that frustration on the Gmen.

BrendawnoftheDead: if Daniel Jones is your best option and now he's hurt… oh dear. It could be a 30 point spread and I'd still take the Bills.

DAL @ LAC: DAL -1.5

Blind Owl: This has Dallas disappointment written all over it. They are road favorites against a halfway decent team. This’ll be a good close game that I’ll be asleep for. I hate Monday Night Football. In a close game, always take the points. Go SUPERCHARGERS!

Concret3Cpwboy: Ugh, Chargers in primetime is weird. I don’t know about this one. The Chargers may be the more complete team but that Dallas defense is still scary. Give me Dallas to keep things interesting on Monday for us.

BrendawnoftheDead: I like Dallas to rebound here. They were just force fed a large slice of humble pie, they will do what is necessary. I like Herbert but Williama being out for the year hurts.

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