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2023 Week 12 NFL Picks

I must start with a bit of miracle. It is the Sunday of Thanksgiving week and as of this morning, I weigh a pound less than Wednesday morning. That just seems wrong. Did I not eat enough? I felt like I ate a lot. Do I have a tapeworm? Oh dear…While I hastily make an appointment at the doctor, and you reconsider all of your choices this weekend, take a look at our records from Week 11 in the NFL.

Week 11 Records

Blind Owl: 4-9-1

Concret3Cowboy: 3-10-1

BrendawnoftheDead: 5-8-1

Oof. What a bloodbath. 3 games under even gets the win? Gross to say the least. There’s really nothing to say other than yuck. How could this atrocity impact the overall standings? Let’s see.

Total Records

Blind Owl: 81-74-9

Concret3Cowboy: 78-77-9

BrendawnoftheDead: 78-77-9

I am now alone in first place. This is where it should be. The universe has righted itself on this holiday weekend. Me being in first is the really big news, but a side story is the fact that Brendawn is now tied with the Cowboy for 2nd. What a story this is. As we enter the Christmas season, could we have a Miracle on 34th Street situation here with Brendawn? Can he continue his rise in Week 12? Can I stay up top? Will the Cowboy keep collapsing? Take a look at how we did on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, then dive into the full slate of Sunday games for Week 12:


GB @ DET: DET -7.5

Blind Owl: I took a differend approach for my Turkey Day picks. My 8 year old nephew made the picks for me. He honestly was a bit more insightful than I usually am. “Green Bay because they’re ok, but not like the Ravens.”

Concret3Cowboy: Pretty big spread for a Lions team that almost fell to the Bears. But to be fair, the Lions still won after shooting themselves in the foot in the first half. Like I’ve said before, you can’t take divisional games at face value for anything. Which makes this spread scary-ish. I see Detroit running amped up into this game and rolling over the Pack. With it being a divisional game, that’s far from guarantee.

BrendawnoftheDead: Green Bay is not ok… Detroit. I won't pick against them barring major injuries.

WAS @ DAL: DAL -11

Blind Owl: “Cowboys because they have Micah Parsons.”

Concret3Cowboy: I’ll repeat from last week, Dallas is that kind of team to roll over and run away from an inferior team. Dallas has also only won 1 of the last 12? (I think that’s the stat) of thanksgiving games. I want to take Washington BUT they did lose to the DeVito Giants, whereas Dallas rolled them 49-17.. sorry Howell, I’m still gonna need good fantasy points out of you though.

BrendawnoftheDead: Agreed, Micah Parsons is better than anyone the commies have.

SF @ SEA: SF -7

Blind Owl: “Probably the 49ers because they have Christian McCaffrey, George Kittle and Deebo Samuel.”

Concret3Cowboy: The Rams finished the sweep against the hawks and now Seattle has to face; San Fran, Dallas, San Fran and Eagles the next 4 games. Ouch. This will be the first of a 0-4 stretch for them and it won’t be close.

BrendawnoftheDead: 49ers are flat out better in every phase of the game. Also screw you Seattle kicker, whoever you are. I should have won by 2 games, pushes are dumb.



Blind Owl: My nephew went 3-0 yesterday. Too bad I’m not still out in central Massachusetts. I’m sure I’ll tank now. I did ask him last night for advice for this one and we were in lock step. So I’ll go with the Dolphins because they can score and the Jets can’t. One quote he did give me was “The Jets have nobody as fast as the Dolphins.”

Concret3Cowboy: Jets slowly realizing that if Hackett can’t just call Iso dives all game he can’t call a game.. I don’t hate Zach Wilson but there comes a point where you gotta change the guy behind center. Wilson will start again at some point this season, does Hackett get fired before the end of another season? I’d say that’s higher than the Jets covering this game.

BrendawnoftheDead: The Jets can't score points…like at all.


NE @ NYG: NE -4

Blind Owl: Holy bad football game. If the Pats can’t beat the abysmal Giants, then I don’t know what to say. Pats or heads will roll in Foxboro.

Concret3Cowboy: DeVitto is the way. If the Patriots lose this game, will it hurt more than the two Super Bowl? Would I truly be rock bottom? That’s what I’m rooting for at least.

BrendawnoftheDead: I have a philosophy this season, don't pick teams that can't score points. What do you do when neither team can score points? Flip a coin! The Patriots will get their 3rd win of the season in putrid fashion, removing them from the caleb Williams sweepstakes. I advise watching anything else.


Blind Owl: Cleveland’s D is legit. My broncos have been on a roll but I don’t think a great defense like the Browns is where any team wants to be. With that said, I’ve got a good feeling. Give me my Broncos. I’m riding the momentum.

Concret3Cowboy: Brendawn saying “legitimate defense” for a team that gave up 70 points is wild. I don’t know if it’s my fanboy or what but the turnaround this Broncos team has made in season is as miraculous as it is rejuvenating. I’m a defense guy so it’s good to see them doing things again. Idk if the Browns are scarier than the Vikings overall but they do have a terrifying defensive front, even with missing their best corner they still have LSU boy Delpit. But give me the Broncos, keep the dream alive.

BrendawnoftheDead: Don't pick teams that can't score points, sorry Cleveland. Rookie backup quarterback I can't name vs a legitimate defense…nope. Broncos roll.

PIT @ CIN: PIT -2.5

Blind Owl: The Cowboy’s butt buddy Joe Burrow is toast. I’m hearing some whispers that his injury was an intentional “shut down” by the organization. Now we’ll see that the Bengals are just an organization destined for failure. Steelers all day.

Concret3Cowboy: Bengals finally turned it around just in time to do a nose dive. I suppose the Steelers, Mac Jones and Kenny Pickett are the same person though.

BrendawnoftheDead: As much as I want Pittsburgh to lose and end Mike Tomlin’s stupid .500 streak, it's not happening. The Bengals are a mess without burrow.


Blind Owl: The Jags are favored? Let me check that…Yup they’re still favored. Fine, I’ll take the points. The Texans are going to win outright.

Concret3Cowboy: I like Houston. I’ve been saying but let me continue and drool at the mouth over what DeMeco Ryan has done with this defense. Oh.. and Stroud will put up some points. I’ve never been high on Lawrence. He’s chance to have the division sure did disappear fast.

BrendawnoftheDead: let's change things up and pick a team I don't trust. I think Jacksonville has enough to get the win. For fantasy purposes, I would like Stroud to throw for a bunch of yards and touchdowns, but I think the jags are the more well rounded team. Etienne will have a day and Jacksonville wins by 3 whole points.

TB @ IND: IND -2

Blind Owl: The Cowboy is going to pick Tampa. So I’ll keep my lead and pick them too, but Indy is no slouch.

Concret3Cowboy: It’s a shame, Baker is having a solid season but the defense isn’t living up to their standard and neither is that offensive line. But then enter the worst defense in the league and give me the Bucs to win.

BrendawnoftheDead: In the battle for mediocrity I'm siding with the team that didn't just participate in one of the worst games I've ever witnessed. Bucs for not giving me eye cancer last week.

NO @ ATL: NO -1.5

Blind Owl: Hmm this one is tough. It’s games like these that add up and can kill a season. Atlanta has kind of disappointed me. The Saints have been up and down all year. I guess I have to go with my gut. I’ll take the home underdog and pick Atlanta, but I don’t like either team at all.

Concret3Cowboy: The NFC South used to be so solid.

BrendawnoftheDead: the Falcons have lost it. Back to Ridder at qB? Ewwww. The saints are gross to watch as well but at least they have an NFL caliber quarterback, or atleast he used to be.

CAR @ TEN: TEN -3.5

Blind Owl: Carolina stinks. Tennessee doesn’t stink as much. Tennessee.

Concret3Cowboy: Tennessee by 10. Bryce Young is ass.

BrendawnoftheDead: come on titans, do something…

LAR @ ARI: LAR -2.5

Blind Owl: Kupp plays. I pick.

Concret3Cowboy: Kyler.. stop with the deep voice facade. I like the rams, 2.5 scares me for some reason though.

BrendawnoftheDead: can't stand Kyler Murray but … they cover. The rams are not a good football team.

KC @ LV: KC -9.5

Blind Owl: The Raiders had their fun with the interim coach. We all enjoyed it a little bit. Now it’s time for a reality check. They are now playing the class of the division, and the AFC for that matter. KC lost in the Super Bowl rematch last week. They get a chance to right the ship as they’ll lay the smack down upon the Raiders. Chiefs in a blowout.

Concret3Cowboy: Raiders stink.

BrendawnoftheDead: Big spread but doable. The chiefs have a good defense…what an odd statement.


Blind Owl: Philly is rolling nowadays. They beat KC and will 100% beat the Bills. E-A-G-L-E-S

Concret3Cowboy: Philly easily gets by with 3.

BrendawnoftheDead: The Bills missed their window, it happens to most teams. Back to the drawing board. Philly wins


Blind Owl: You know something? The #GusBus is barreling down the highway and isn’t stopping any time soon! Either get on, or get RUN OVER!! Ravens ride the #GusBus to victory.

Concret3Cowboy: This being 3 points is surprising. I like the Ravens by 7. The were talks about a coaching change last year for the super chargers, do they do it during this season soon?

BrendawnoftheDead: GusBus helps brendawn win fantasy games, I'm biased. Also the Chargers are ass


Blind Owl: Even though the Vikings lost to my Broncos, they’ll rebound here against the Bears. I’ll say this, Josh Dobbs is better than Justin Fields. Not a huge feather in anyone’s cap, but it’s something. If Jefferson was going to play, it would have been easier to pick Minnesota, but I still feel confident.

Concret3Cowboy: What’s up with these 3 point spreads? Bears scared the Lions but then said Lions ate shit on thanksgiving against the Pack. Give me the Vikings here. I talked about Denver’s in season turnaround but the Vikings have done so without their top WR in Jettas and also had Cousins go down. Even with losing to the Broncos, the Vikings can still push for division if not at least wildcard.

BrendawnoftheDead: Bears stink.

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