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2022 NFL Division Selections and Week 1 Picks

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Well, well, well. We are here again. Many speculated that we wouldn’t make it to Week 3 last year with NFL picks. Meanwhile, we are about to start year two. Not only are we going to continue what we did last year, but we are getting more ambitious. Here are the details.

Not only will the great Concret3Cowboy and I be making our picks every week, BrendawnoftheDead decided to jump in from day one. So that means there will be three of us making picks for your enjoyment every week this fall.

Not only that, but we decided to add some stakes to this little endeavor. Not sure how long this will last, but whichever one of us three finishes with the worst record for the week will have to write a blog about a topic the other two decide that will be posted on Friday morning after the week. You can guarantee that we will pick things the others absolutely despise. For example, we might choose for Brendawn to write a blog about the health risks of weight lifting. Or maybe we’ll have the Cowboy write about how great Massachusetts is to live in. And who knows, maybe the guys will have me write about how good Cris Collinsworth is as an announcer.

Should be a good time I think. But anyway, let’s get after it.

2022 Division Winner Predictions

AFC East

Blind Owl- This may be the least competitive division in football. To me this is really just a matter of who will finish second. Obviously Buffalo has a stranglehold on this division for a long, long, long time.

Concret3Cowboy- I mean, Bills right? Unlike what most of us growing up had to deal with, the patriots being the only capable team in the AFC East. It’s now the Bills. Little scary with Tre’ White being MIA and the Bills starting two rookie corners but luckily they have the best safety pair in the NFL with Hyde and Poyer. Oh, and they have a pretty scary defensive front.

BrendawnoftheDead- Bills... gross. Matt Patrricia calling plays... disgusting.

AFC West

Blind Owl- We go from the easiest choice, to the hardest. The AFC West may be the best division of football. It’s obvious where my heart lies on this one, and we all know who the Cowboy is going to pick. As biased as I may be, Denver actually may have the most balanced team in the division. The Chiefs are weaker without Hill, the Chargers will always be the Chargers and the Raiders are pretty decent but not to the level of the other three. I have to go with my Broncos to win it though.

Concret3Cowboy- Do they make 4 sided quarters that I can flip for this division? I may be biased with the Broncos but this division is the toughest one I can think of. I don’t buy the Charger hype, they’ve gotten it every year since Phillip Rivers took the job from Drew Brees. Fuck the Raiders. The Chiefs have the worst defense in the division. Give me the Orange Crush.

BrendawnoftheDead- KC but Denver comes close.

AFC North

Blind Owl- This division is always a toss up. It used to be between the Ravens and Steelers for years, but the Bengals and Browns are doing what they can to make it more competitive. I have little to no faith in the Bengals to have a repeat of their Cinderella story of last year. Also, the Browns not having Deshaun Watson until late in the season takes them out of it. And I don’t think the Steelers have the QB to do anything at all. So that just leaves the Ravens. If Lamar can stay healthy, the only challenge they face is the Bengals and I think they don’t have it either. So Baltimore takes it in my opinion.

Concret3Cowboy- This is a tough one. The Ravens are favored by every major book, albeit not by much over the AFC winner from last year. The Lamar contract situation doesn’t seem like it’s going to get done before the season, the Ravens were also severely damaged by injuries last season. There is just not enough on offense around Lamar to make me believe they can really have a run. I’m sorry, but running quarterbacks are nice, but not what wins championships. The season is too long and too brutal to have your quarterback do everything. The last Super Bowl winner that had a dual-threat QB was the Seahawks in Super Bowl 50. So give me that “sneaky athletic” Ohio dude in Cincy. The Bengals built up their offensive line, which is the sole reason they lost to the Rams last season. Give me the Bengals to win the AFC again this season.

BrendawnoftheDead- Cincinnati - Burrow is the best QB in the division

AFC South

Blind Owl- HOUSTON SUCKS! So they’re not going to win it obviously. Jacksonville will be better, but not good by any stretch. So it’s between the Titans and the Colts. That’s a tough choice. It basically comes down to do you trust Matt Ryan or Ryan Tannehill? Well, I think I trust Matt Ryan a little more. I’ll take the Colts.

Concret3Cowboy- The Titans made their team worse after going 0-1 in the playoffs after securing the AFC number 1 seed. The Colts went with reliability with Matt Ryan at QB. Will Jonathan Taylor have as good of a season this year? It doesn’t matter outside of fantasy football. The Colts could have the best balanced attack this season if Matt Ryan can get the no-name receiver core together. Give me the Colts.

BrendawnoftheDead- (AKA JV Division) Indianapolis because everyone else is terrible.

NFC East

Blind Owl- Oh great. I have always hated this division. They always get priority over better games on TV because a lot of people like these teams for some reason. I have to pick it though. So, like a lot of divisions, it comes down to two teams. I like what Washington is trying to do, but they aren’t there. We all know the Giants are awful so that’s that with that. It’s down to Dallas and Philly. I have no belief in both teams. I especially have no faith in Jalen Hurts. So I’ll have to take Dallas, but it doesn’t feel good.

Concret3Cowboy- The Eagles have become the favorites for the division. Finally the Cowboys don’t have Super Bowl hype after continuous falling short for the last 20 years. But hear me out, the Commanders. They have the worst owner in the NFL (while there’s another owner that’s suspended), their new uniforms are actually pretty sharp and they have an absolute loose cannon at QB. Give me the Eagles.

BrendawnoftheDead- This is the NFC Least. Philly I guess?

NFC West

Blind Owl- Holy shit will it be awesome to see the Seahawks lost 10 games. I can’t stand Pete Carroll and the whole team just seems like a bunch of whiners. My hatred aside, this pick is simple to me. It’s hard to pick against the defending Super Bowl champs. Arizona will make some noise, but the Rams take this one easily.

Concret3Cowboy- The super bowl champs, baby yoda, a weird swinger relationship in the bay and one team is totally out of it. I’m not drinking the San Fran Kool-Aid, neither are they but that’s because they’re energy is cut and all liquids are room temperature. I picked the Rams for super bowl champs last year (like a lot of people) and I’m going to stay with that this year. I already explained how I feel about fast QBs. Give me the Rams.

BrendawnoftheDead- LA (Trey Lance will be a bust).

NFC North

Blind Owl- Someone at school today told me that the NFC North is the “best division in football.” My response was simply, “Detroit is in it, it can’t be the best.” Pretty funny if I do say so myself. I’m going to go out on a limb here. I don’t think Green Bay has it this year. Losing Adams is going to hurt. Aaron Rodgers is great but he can’t throw the ball to nobodys. I think Captain Kirk is going to do big things. So give me Minnesota. Oh and the Bears will stink.

Concret3Cowboy- This division holds the number 1 pick in next year's draft in the Chicago Bears. It also holds the back to back MVP in Aaron Rodgers. Minnesota has an interesting team. I’ve always been high on Kirk Cousins, for reasons I can’t really explain to be fair. Unlike last year the Vikings have a head coach and a QB that don’t hate each other, so that’s a thing. I don’t care for the Packers and I’m assuming the other two guys are going to pick them. So I’m going to do what screwed me in pick ‘ems last year, and pick according to what I think the other guy is going to do. Give me the Vikes.

BrendawnoftheDead- Packers remain king of the north.

NFC South

Blind Owl- Not too many good teams here. This is Tampa’s to lose. In my opinion, there is no way they can squander this away. The Panthers will be awful, the Falcons will be horrendous and the Saints just aren’t the same anymore. The Bucs could win this division while going through a divorce.

Concret3Cowboy- This division is weird. Tom Brady is back but he has “a lot of shit going on.” The Saints have question marks in all the important places. The Falcons have a guy that may be a comeback player of the league, in Marcus Mariota. Then the Panthers have a jaded Mayfield and the most injury prone guy in the NFL. My heart really wants me to go with the Panthers, mostly because I’m a Baker fan now. The dude did what football players are supposed to do, play when you're hurt and put the team first. Then the Browns absolutely burnt the guy for Watson and paying him just stupid money. I have to pick the Bucs though. As a Tampa guy, this team is a little bent out of shape and I feel like they’re over being champions and know what being hungry is again.

BrendawnoftheDead- Tampa unless Brady gets divorced. I’m still mad at him though.

Alright. Here we go. Let’s see our picks for Week 1.

BUF @ LAR: BUF -2.5

Blind Owl- One thing the NFL does a really good job of is making their opening game a good one. This one is no exception. Not only is this a really good game, it could be a Super Bowl preview in week one. Thankfully I don’t work on Friday’s so I’ll actually get to watch the whole thing tonight. Now I know the Rams are coming off of a Super Bowl win, but they are a home underdog in game one. That’s a bit weird, but it’s right on. Buffalo is just loaded and got even better on defense by adding Von Miller. Josh Allen is well on his way to being the best QB in the league, and his offense is stacked. The only thing that could hold them back is their running game, but that didn’t seem to hurt much last year. I have a lot of love for Matt Stafford, but I just don’t think they’ll hang in. The Bills will win by a touchdown.

Concret3Cowboy- This is Buffalo’s Super Bowl. California doesn’t have electricity, so let’s see if the stadium's lights stay on for the game. My big thing is the Bills defense, there’s no Tre’ White and they’re starting two rookies at cornerback. Tell me Matt Stafford and McVay don’t love that. Another big turn off is how much love the Bills are getting, those teams never do what they’re expected to. If the rams were favored I may be laying the other way but they have the Super Bowl champs as underdogs? On banner drop? It’s extremely rare for the previous super bowl winner to drop that first game, never mind cover a spread as an underdog. Rams all day.

BrendawnoftheDead- Mathew Stafford coming off elbow surgery makes me nervous. The Rams adding Bobby Wagner makes me feel better. Wagner is still a top 5 linebacker in this league and can contain Josh Allen w/ the help of Aaron Donald. Buffalo will not be able to run the ball traditionally either and will be forced into a shootout. Buffalo has weapons but not as good as LA's. Kupp will get his and the Rams will win by 3.

Blind Owl: I didn’t think it was possible with a Bill Belichick coached team, but I think the Patriots got worse this offseason. Mac will be fine, but their receivers aren’t good, and the defense looked slow and seemingly can’t cover anyone. In stark contrast, Miami definitely improved. They got Tyreek Hill which will never hurt you (until he gets suspended for being the dirt bag he is) and Waddle is going to be great with Hill taking all the double teams. Still unsure why they fired Flores, but all that lawsuit nonsense explains a little. As for the game, I am very tempted to take Miami. They always seem to beat the Pats in Florida. You know what? I’ll do it. Swim Phins swim.

Concret3Cowboy: I’m unsure why people are so low on the pats for this season. I also have no idea what’s going on in New England. Yeah yeah, Tyrek Hill. The Phins do have a pretty stout defense. I’m going with Miami.

BrendawnoftheDead: I do not like NE's chances in Miami under the best circumstances. These are not the best circumstances. Matt Patricia calling plays, a new offense was installed that they appear to be awful at, no big play making additions in the offseason...yikes. Also who exactly is going to cover Hill and Waddle? Miami wins by a TD

NO @ ATL: NO -5.5

Blind Owl: Oh god. I have no idea what New Orleans is going to be. But I damn sure know how bad Atlanta is. Going with the Saints here.

Concret3Cowboy: I’m really glad Mariota has another starting shot. When he came in for Carr, he looked really good in a Raiders uniform. Problem is, the Falcons are pretty ass. I just don’t know what New Orleans is at this point. I know people are talking about how good their roster is and how they miraculously got under the cap this offseason. I’m unsure, rise up Falcons.

BrendawnoftheDead: Picking Jameis Winston to do anything positive has never been my strength, but I'll go with it. Atlanta has Kyle Pitts and...and...and...yeah. New Orleans has enough weapons to cover even if Famous Jameis reverts back to his turnover prone self. New Orleans by 10

SF @ CHI: SF -7

Blind Owl: I believe you all know my thoughts on Justin Fields. He’s awful. I also happen to believe that Lance is the second best QB on his team. So this is a classic bad QB duel. In a battle of bad QBs, you always take the better defense. So I’ll take San Fran and my guy John Lynch.

Concret3Cowboy: Bears are going to be the worst team this season. Chicago is also just a garbage city and even their team wants to leave. The Trey Lance/Jimmy G thing is a weird situation. Did the 9ers bring Jimmy back because they are unsure about Trey? After making Jimmy workout and stay home alone this offseason, now it’s ok for him to be in? If Trey struggles at all the voices for Jimmy are going to be loud.

BrendawnoftheDead: Chicago has nothing, absolutely nothing. Trey Lance isn't ready but the Bears are so bad that it doesn't matter. San Fran by a zillion


Blind Owl: The Ben Rapelisberger era is finally over in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately for the Steelers, the Mitch Trubisky era is what comes next. FYI, that’s not a good thing. Cincy is coming off of the Cinderella story that was their Super Bowl appearance. I don’t think they have that kind of production in them again, but they get an easy win to kick off their season.

Concret3Cowboy: 7 points? I think Trub can be really good in the league, he kinda already has been. The Bears just suck, and when you have a rotating door at HC/OC it’s only a matter of time until you're blamed. Damn though, 7 points? Give me Cincy still, I like myself some pissed off/jaded teams.

BrendawnoftheDead: Cincinnati is the better team and will win. This division tends to beat itself up and I expect that to continue here. I don't expect much from Trubisky, but the defense finds a way to keep this close. Cincinnati wins but Pittsburgh covers.


Blind Owl: I mean, it’s the Lions. My comrades here seem to think Philly can win the NFC Least. So if they can’t beat the Lions I don’t know what to tell them. They should be able to cover here, but who knows.

Concret3Cowboy: Am I going to dig myself into a hole already week 1? Yes, yes I am. Maybe not though, the Lions were the best cover team in the NFL last season. I don’t think they’re going to win. Dan Campbell has inserted himself into the veins of this team. Expect them to be better than last season and to be in close games.

BrendawnoftheDead: Detroit has heart but no talent. Philly has talent on both sides of the ball. I don't trust Hurts as a franchise QB, but this is the kind of game he can thrive in. Philly beats the JV try-hards by 13.

BAL @ NYJ: BAL -6.5

Blind Owl: Nobody likes hearing fantasy football talk, but I have Lamar in one league. So it’s a good way to start the year. Big numbers coming from the Ravens. The Jets are just an easy team to pick against. The real question is whose mom is Zach Wilson sleeping with?

Concret3Cowboy: Jets stink, I don’t think they’re going to stink as much as the team they share a building with and that’s about as close to winning as New York is going to get this year. This is the Joe Flacco revenge game. Joe Flacco is also ass. Another team I know nothing about, the Ravens. All I know is Lamar didn’t get a new contract, which is kinda fucked when you think about it. Watson got paid big and was a total douchebag, he cried his way out of Houston and all that other shitty crap that we’ve all heard about for the last year. Lamar has done things “the right way” and that puts him below Desean’s market? That’s what Rap Sheet has said at least. But anyways, give me Baltimore.

BrendawnoftheDead: Joe Flacco returns home to lose by three touchdowns! BAL by 21.

JAX @ WAS: WAS -3.0

Blind Owl: Alright, I’m going out on a limb here. Not with the pick, we all know the Jags suck and will continue to do so. I’m going out on a limb to say the Commanders are going to surprise people this year. I was very close to picking them to win the NFC East. But I had another beer before writing that up and came to my senses. Trust me on this, Washington will be in the mix.

Concret3Cowboy: I’m not high on Jacksonville nor Trevor Lawrence. I watched him live last year against the Broncos, dude looked like total crap. I don’t necessarily like 3 points for Washington either. I do like Carson Wentz. Even though Washington is a running joke because of their owner, sometimes things like that unite a locker room because they face it together… or it can blow it up. Give me the Commanders.

BrendawnoftheDead: Commanders I guess, for being slightly less atrocious. This game is going to be hot garbage and I advise doing literally anything other than watch it.


Blind Owl: Not to massage my ego here, but I did destroy the Cowboy last year in the regular season. But I’ll give him a rub, he did beat me in the playoffs. I guess last year was a happy ending for both of us. Anyway, in this game both teams are pretty much shiatsu. I hear Cleveland won’t have their QB due to some kind of deep tissue issue? Anyway, it’s a PICK’em here so I’ll take the Panthers. Baker Mayfield will have a great stroke throwing the ball and put up some points. I’ll stop now.

Concret3Cowboy: Cleveland in all actuality will probably win this game. But fuck the Browns. I already said how I feel about the Baker situation in the last article on here. I don’t think Myles Garrett is that good, I also don’t think the Panthers are that good and they’re playing a rookie against Garrett. Give me the kitty cats.

BrendawnoftheDead: Ummmmm Carolina because Cleveland signed a serial predator to be their starting QB with zero backup plan. CAR by 3.



Concret3Cowboy: I mean I did pick Indy to win the division, Houston is probably going to finish last in the division, so Colts it is. Matt Ryan is going to do some good stuff this season, oh and Jonathan Taylor is still a dog.

BrendawnoftheDead: Houston is a bad football team. Indy is not. Indy wins because Houston can't stop Jonathan Taylor with less than 15 guys on the field. Indy by 10.

NYG @ TEN: TEN -5.5

Blind Owl: Speaking of bad teams, we arrive at the New York Football GIants. Yeah they’re bad. I have no faith in Tennessee to repeat what happened last year, but they’re definitely better than the Giants. Tennessee will win big here.

Concret3Cowboy: Titans losing Landry is not good, good thing they’re playing a “not good” football team in the Giants. Expect this year to be Danny Dimes' last season in New York and probably as a starter. Not that it’s really just his fault. Just another example of being a victim of a situation. Daboll has his work cut out for him, not just a crappy roster but it’s also plagued by horrible contracts.

BrendawnoftheDead: Who exactly does Tennessee have to cover? Can the Giants block? Is Saquan a sacrificial lamb? That's what I thought. King Henry takes their heads. TEN by 9.

GB @ MIN: GB -1.5

Blind Owl: Ooooh. My NFC North pick gets their first test right out of the gate. If you’re Minnesota, this is the time to strike. Get a BIG division win on the Pack early and set yourself up for a good run. If you’re Green Bay, I know it’s week one but this seems like one of those must have games. Rodgers has to show he can still do it with no good receivers to speak of. Pick wise, I’m going with the Vikings. They may win outright, but give me the point and a half as a safety net.

Concret3Cowboy: I know I’m going against what I said for the Colts/Texans game. I picked the Vikings to win the division but now I’m picking them to lose a divisional game. Difference is, the Packers have the back to back MVP and the Vikings have a new HC so expect them to start slow. You like that?

BrendawnoftheDead: GB got worse this offseason and MIN well, I don't really know to be honest. They just never win when I pick them so GB by default. GB by 2?

KC @ ARI: KC -6.5

Blind Owl: This a big spread for an away team. Not to mention a depleted away team. I’m sensing a shootout coming in this game. I’m talking 80 total points might be scored. That’s why I’m going to take Arizona. I’m also predicting a down year for Mahomes.

Concret3Cowboy: Remember when everyone was as high as Snoop Dogg for the Arizona Cardinals? Pepperidge Farms remembers. Where has all that hype gone? They lost to the Super Bowl champs in the playoffs? I mean, they did lose Chandler Jones (who did have a very good season). I’m curious what this Chiefs offense will look like this year, they started slow as hell last year with him. It hurts, give me the Chiefs.

BrendawnoftheDead: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the second one, hasn't come out yet so Kyler Murray will retain enough focus to not lose by a td. KC lost their big play threat this offseason but still has Kelce and Mahomes. KC wins but ARI covers.

LV @ LAC: LAC -3.5

Blind Owl: The best division in football starts with a pretty good one. I really like the Chargers. Herbert is the real deal. He’s fun to watch slinging the football. Now, we all know how the Chargers have a nasty habit of collapsing at the end of the year. Thankfully, it’s week one. I’m going with LA here, but the Raiders are another team that improved a lot in the offseason and after a couple weeks, will be a force to be reckoned with.

Concret3Cowboy: The Chargers always get all the hype, do you know I’m really scared of the AFC West? The Raiders. Chandler Jones and Crosby off the edge, Devonte and Renfrow and Carr isn’t horrible, actually what you want in an NFL QB really. Justin Herbert, Justin Herbert, Justin Herbert.. yea I know, they also have a good defense but this Raiders team is scary.

BrendawnoftheDead: Vegas got better this offseason and would win the AFC South or North this year, but they are in the toughest division in football. Expect a shootout and a heartbreaking loss for the Chargers. Vegas by 6 wins on a last second TD.

TB @ DAL: TB -2.5

Blind Owl: You see, this is going to be a weird one. After you read our divisional picks you’ll definitely be scratching your head when you hear this. Tompa Bay is going to beat the brakes off of the Cowboys. Brady is going to take out his domestic frustrations on Dallas. The Bucs easily cover.

Concret3Cowboy: Really? Just a 2.5 point favorite? Yawn. Dallas is going to be some sort of dumpster fire this season. Big Mike isn’t a good HC, period dot.

BrendawnoftheDead: Tom Brady alienated Patriots nation this offseason when it came out that he was planning his exit right after winning the 2018 super bowl while under contract. I understand why but I'm still mad. I would pick TB to lose if they were playing anyone other than Dallas. Poorly coached, overpaid talent, and an offensive line at less than 100% means Tampa is winning by at least a TD. TB by 8.

DEN @ SEA: DEN -6.5

Blind Owl: Holy shit am I going to enjoy this game. Too bad it’s Monday night football. This is the game I’ve been waiting for for a long time. I will truly enjoy the spanking that the Broncos are going to give the Seahawks. Not only that, but Russell WIlson is going to have a field day and rip them apart. It’s going to be so bad Ciara is going to have to look away. I’ll take the miserable morning at work to get my fill of this ass kicking.

Concret3Cowboy: This game could be closer than people think. Really because both teams want to control the ball. Russell has no choice but to feel all the feels when he goes back to Seattle and stands on the visitor sideline. I’m going to miss Shelby Harris in the Orange and Blue, you're going to see why on Monday night. But fortunately for me, it won’t be enough for the Seahawks to cover.. at least not win.

BrendawnoftheDead: Geno Smith is starting, I repeat Geno Smith is starting... Denver by 625,600 or so.

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