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2021 Week 7 NFL Picks

It is yet another Thursday evening and we have yet another edition of the 2021 NFL Picks. I think after about 2 months worth of doing these, I have finally found a schedule that works for both the Cowboy and myself. That being said, I had literally all day to write this, but here I sit after dinner writing it.

My procrastination aside, let’s have a look at how Concret3Cowboy and I did in a very hectic week 6.

Week 6 Record

Blind Owl: 8-6

Concret3Cowboy: 8-6

For a frontrunner like me, a week where we have the exact same record is an incredible thing. All I need to hope for in this NFL season is 10 more weeks of even records. That would be very good for me, but horribly boring for the readers, and incredibly frustrating for my opponent.

I do have final posting on this, so I could be a real dink and just make all the same picks as the Cowboy and he’d never be the wiser. But that isn’t like me. As my loyal readers know, Blind Owl Blogs is the epitome of integrity. I say that because I have a healthy lead, but if I was losing, you can bet your bottom dollar I would cheat my tuchus off.

Now let’s take a look at the total records.

Total Record:

Blind Owl: 51-42-1

Concret3Cowboy: 40-53-1

I keep my 11 game lead going into Week 7. So, let’s us take a look at our picks for this week:


Blind Owl: All I can say here is thank god for a phone conversation I had right before dinner tonight. I knew Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt were out for the Browns. Apparently I missed the fact that Baker Mayfield was out. That makes this TNF pick a lot easier. Not only does my heart want the Broncos to win, I think they probably will. So I’ll take the points as an added bonus.

Concret3Cowboy: The Broncos suck, Case Keenum is going to beat them. It feels appropriate to what’s happening in Denver. I liked the Fangio hiring but Shurmur as OC was never going to work.

NYJ @ NE: NE -7

Blind Owl: The Patriots play to the level of their opponent. They hang with the good teams, and play down to the bad teams. Eventually they have to kill a bad team like they did to the Jets right? Oh look, they get the Jets again. Give me a repeat performance of last time.

Concret3Cowboy: The Jets are 1-4, and their only win came against the Titans (who just beat the Bills). The NFL is a weird place. I don’t like 7 points here for the Pats. The Jets are coming off a bye… but they’ve already been beaten by the Pats 25-6 in week two


Blind Owl: I don’t like either of these teams. They have both let me down this year. The only reason I’m going to pick the Panthers here is because they have a better roster than the Giants. And the Giants typically let me down more than the Panthers do.

Concret3Cowboy: I don’t think the majority of the NFL community would be so low on the Panthers if they didn’t lose to the Eagles. Losing to the Cowboys and even the Vikings are respectable. The Giants beat the Saints and then got brought back to their reality with getting slapped around by the Cowboys and Rams.

ATL @ MIA: MIA -2.5

Blind Owl: Speaking of teams that let me we have another two of them. Tua has shown he can play a little, and the Falcons have dropped a few big leads other than 28-3 a few years back. So the Dolphins being favored by a few points makes this a perfect situation. I predict the Falcons will blow another lead and either lose a tight one, or win a tight one. They’ll probably need those 2.5 points.

Concret3Cowboy: Miami lost to Jacksonville. Miami had Tua, got on a plane, flew across the Atlantic to play another team from Florida to lose to Urban “Right Behind You” Meyer. These Dolphins are so bad, they did a good job in unloading their roster their offseason… for this? Atlanta is also coming off a bye, not like they're playing great by damn. Miami lost to Jacksonville.

WAS @ GB: GB -9.5

Blind Owl: I think the Packers are coming into their own. They had a few close ones and kept winning. Nine and a half points is a lot, but it’s in Wisconsin. I think the Packers will hurt the Football Team.

Concret3Cowboy: Green Bay doesn’t have the defense to play great on the road, luckily Washington has a pretty feeble offense.


Blind Owl: Cincy got a big win over the floundering Lions. That has to build confidence. The Ravens on the other hand got a HUMONGOUS win over the AFC West leading Chargers. Add the fact that this an AFC North face off and you’ve got all the makings of a good game. Shame it won’t be a good one. Lamar and the Ravens will probably obliterate the Bengals.

Concret3Cowboy: I want to pick Cincy, but they let me down last week. The Ravens seem to have figured out what they want to do, even with a lot of injuries.

KC @ TEN: KC -5.5

Blind Owl: What the hell are the Titans? They seem to live and die on the broad shoulders of Derrick Henry. First they lose to the Jets, then they beat the Bills. How the hell am I supposed to pick this one? I guess I’ll go with what I thought at first when I saw this. The Chiefs will do what they’re supposed to and beat the Titans, hopefully by more than a TD.

Concret3Cowboy: The Titans defense is BAD, but Derrick Henry is a God among men. I hate the Chiefs, and now it’s easier because they’re fallen from grace. Also Patrick Mahomes’ family are twats, Jackson doing a Tic Tok dance on Sean Taylor’s display is pretty gross and Patrick’s wife on Twitter is about as annoying as… well what wives are supposed to be (we’ll find out if my wife reads these).

DET @ LAR: LAR -15

Blind Owl: That is a big spread, but the Lions are susceptible to being blasted. I think the Rams will do that at home. They laid the smackdown on the Giants last week and that’ll continue here.

Concret3Cowboy: 15 points? I’ll take it. Sorry Dan.

PHI @ LV: LV -3

Blind Owl: I thought the Raiders would fall apart after Gruden resigned. Their success against my Broncos told me that the whole thing must’ve been coming for quite some time. Meanwhile, Philly put up a good fight against Tampa. I think the Raiders are due for a bit of let down. They might win, but I’ll take the 3 points as a safety blanket.

Concret3Cowboy: I got to pick something against the grain to try to catch the Owl of Blindness. This is a risk but it is what it is.

HOU @ ARI: ARI -17.5

Blind Owl: Holy huge ass spread. But as I’ve said the Texans are a PUTRID football team. Give me the Cards. I hope they wear those black uniforms. Those are cool.

Concret3Cowboy: *look emoji* *look emoji* That’s a lot of points. Is Houston this bad? Yes.

CHI @ TB: TB -12.5

Blind Owl: The Bears got beat in the battle of the oldest NFL teams. They don’t get any time to lick their wounds as they travel to Tampa. Again with these big spreads in games. But I have the utmost confidence in the Bears to be bad so I’ll take the Bucs. Even though they’ve let me down a couple times.

Concret3Cowboy: Point and reason, Bucs don’t like to cover. They do a good job of winning but they do not cover.

IND @ SF: SF -4

Blind Owl: San Fran is coming off of bye week. That’ll help their cause. They got to spend some time watching the Colts and their recent success. An old football coach I had once told me that teams show their biggest weaknesses after having big successes. The 49ers will beat the Colts easily here.

Concret3Cowboy: Both these teams aren’t as bad as their record would suggest. I like what San Fran has compared to the Colts and they also have the benefit of a bye week going into this one.

NO @ SEA: NO -5

Blind Owl: Ugh! The world wants me to pick Jameis Winston. The king of hot and cold QBs. Seattle actually impressed me with Geno Smith at the helm. And for anyone who knows me, that is hard to say. Unfortunately for the Hawks, the real Geno Smith is destined to show up this week. Hopefully Jameis can just not do anything stupid...

Concret3Cowboy: Jameis Winston in a prime time game, scary. The Saints also have a lot of injuries going on. I like the hawks to cover 5 points at home.

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