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What Kind of Relief is This?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

So many people in this country are struggling right now. People are trying to make ends meet and put some food on the table for their kids or even just for themselves. Lives are going down the tubes because of this pandemic. It is a very serious situation whether you think we should shut down or not.

Back in the spring, we got a “relief payment” of $1200. Not sure about anyone else, but $1200 doesn’t even come close to covering my expenses for a month. Yet, we all accepted it because we were desperate.

Here we are, months later and another “stimulus package” (if that’s what you want to call it) has been approved by Congress.

All this monstrosity of a bill proves is that common sense is dead and seemingly will never return.

Let’s take a look at the bill:

First big problem: It is over 5,000 pages long. That is just absolutely absurd. Firstly, nobody has read this thing in its entirety. The old phrase too long, didn’t read comes to mind. A simple relief bill to Americans should be no more than 1 page long.

Second HUGE problem: In this “relief” bill for the American people, millions of dollars are going to other countries. This is crazier than making the bill thousands of pages long. Can someone walk me through how this makes sense? If we give money to other countries, how can that possibly help us? What’s even more concerning is that someone had to have thought of this and it made sense to them.

The third and BIGGEST problem with this is that it is bipartisan. I get that there are crazies on both sides of the aisle. We, as Americans, have elected these people. This thing has passed through BOTH chambers of Congress. Democrats and Republicans alike have approved this 5000 page bureaucratic nightmare.

I know for a fact someone is going to misunderstand this, they always do. I am not against aiding other countries. It is a good thing to do when it is called for. This is not the time to be doing that. Americans are struggling like this generation has never seen and somebody thinks its a good thing to ship some cash off to Nepal or Pakistan. I’m sure there are great people there, but it is time to help our own before we help them.

I’ve whined about it long enough, let’s talk about a solution. And don’t worry, it won’t take 5000 pages.

Here is the Blind Owl Stimulus Package.

The bill that has been approved by Congress is worth more than $900 Billion. It is more but I like round numbers. It makes life easier. The estimated number of people in the US according to Google is 326.3 million. I’ll round up to 330 million just to cover anything I might have missed. If I divide that $900 billion by 330 million I get $2727.27. Now that estimate includes prisoners, non-citizens, children, etc. and I’m sorry they don’t get anything. So this drives my estimate up a bit. Lets just say there are 300 million people. That comes out to $3000.

All that should be in any relief bill is checks to all adult American citizens worth $3000. Is that enough, absolutely not. But it took a paragraph and is better than sending money to Nepal and Pakistan.

I’ll end this with a piece of advice for all who are reading this. Take a good look at what politicians voted for this $900 billion, 5000 page pile of crap and be sure not to vote for these hacks who made this thing a reality.

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