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What is Today Called?

Before I begin, I would just like to thank you for being a reading person that chose to be a clicking person on Blind Owl Blogs!

That being said, I’ve seen on social media today lots of folks wishing their moms a happy Mother’s Day. I would like to do the same. Happy Mother’s day Madre.

Or is that offensive? Apparently, rookie congresswoman Cori Bush from Missouri seems to think so. The representative told a horrific story about her pregnancies that were disturbing to say the least. I’ll save you the details, but it sounds like her doctors were horrendous. I won’t claim to know anything about that process, but it sounds like she went through a lot.

What caught most people’s attention was Bush’s use of the term “birthing people” instead of Mothers. She claims that the term was used to include those who are transgender or non-binary that give birth.

Listen, I’m all for transgender rights and all that. I’ve got a live and let live attitude towards it. If there is someone out there that wants to identify as a girl, or a boy, or a banana, they can do whatever. I really don’t care.

Where I start to have a problem is when people are forcing their choices on me. Like asking me to put my pronouns on my email signature at school (actually happened). Why would I do that when my name is literally in the email address?

Anyway, if I’m going to be forced to celebrate this Hallmark holiday, I’m going to call it what I’ve been calling it my whole life. I am going to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom and aunt with some Chinese food and everyone is going to be happy. If the liberal PC police have a problem with it, then I’ll respond with, “It’s my right to identify the day as whatever.” They’ll really squirm with that logic. And I’ll give that same right to them. They can call it whatever they want.

What a lot of people are missing here is the pure comedy that this brings. Think of all the holiday’s that we could rename in the spirit of PC correction…

Take last week for example. It was National Teacher Appreciation Week. Which is pretty vanilla don’t you think? Well, I’m sure it will offend someone eventually. What will we have to call it? National Knowledge Inserter’s Day? Isn’t that what teachers do? Insert knowledge into kids’ minds?

How about National First Responders Day? Which is October 28th by the way. Technically those people aren’t the “first responder.” I would say that the person going through the emergency is probably the first one to “respond” to it. I guess we will have to change it to National People With SIrens on Their Cars and Help People Day.

What about the second Sunday in June? Oh good lord. The PC crowd is going to have a field day with that one. It used to be called Father’s Day. But I’m sure that’s sexist. I’ll get out ahead of this one though.

I, the real Blind Owl, demand the second Sunday in June be switched from the bigotted term F*ther’s Day, to Sperm Injector People’s Day. If today is Birthing People’s Day, it only makes sense. That is really the only physical responsibility a m*n has in the birthing process. So let’s celebrate that fact! Let’s ignore the moral responsibility of raising kids and being a positive role model that comes with making kids.

It sounds ridiculous now, but just wait. Someone will be offended by F*ther’s Day come June.

I know my dad will read this, and I am 100% going to sign his card with Happy Sperm Injector People’s Day, and we will all have a good laugh.

Can’t we all just call things what we want and move on with our lives? Or is that too much to ask?

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