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Violence Breeds More Violence

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

When I got home from work, I expected to turn on my TV at around 4:25 to see Judge Judy on CBS. Instead I was met with the sight of the Capitol building in Washington DC and Major Garret talking. I wasn’t really paying attention at first, I figured it was about the Election and all that.

After I stopped to take a look, I saw that there were protesters storming the building and climbing walls. Apparently it was a “protest” of the supposed “election fraud” on Election day.

I’ve written here in the past that there has been fraud in EVERY election in the history of the world. I also stated that it was time to move on. I stand by that.

Before I go into my bigger point, I’ll let you know what I think about these fucking idiots who are still “protesting” as we speak. These people should and hopefully will be prosecuted to the extent of the law. Throw them in jail for as long as you can. They are terrorists and we need to treat them as such. President Donald Trump has emboldened this scum to do what they are. It’s one thing to protest, its another to break into the Capitol building and cause havoc. Honestly, and this may sound harsh, if DC police, the Secret Service, the National Guard or even the Army, decided to just shoot these idiots who were breaking into the Capitol, good. I have no tolerance for this bull shit.

Now I’ll get to my bigger point.

We’ve seen violence for far too long now. I, and most us, are sick of it. Last year, it started with the unjust killing of George Floyd. That was terrible. I’ve written about the piece of trash that killed him. That lead to the “protests” we saw in the spring and summer. Which melted down into full on riots. The city of Portland, Oregon will never be the same. The violence was rampant and lives were lost that didn’t have to be. Those who perpetuated this violence should and hopefully will (and are) be prosecuted for that. Then we saw counter violence from extreme right-wing losers.

Couple all of that with the majority of people having to stay home due to the pandemic, watching whatever news channel they choose. People are just getting angrier and angrier. More and more violent.

That has led us to where we are today.

There is an old phrase, violence breeds more violence. I’ve titled this blog for a reason. If both extremes are trying to one up each other with violence, that can only lead to one thing. More violence. And let’s be honest, it isn’t going to work. Take a look at the police brutality riots. Does anyone actually think destroying the city and shooting at the police is going to make them less violent? That’s just going to make police madder and possibly more violent.

How about today you ask? Is storming the Capitol going to overturn the election results? Not a chance in Hell. If anything it’s making those who were calling for a peaceful review of the election and moving them to the other side.

I want to be 100% clear about something. I had a conversation with a very liberal friend of mind and he asked this question after I laid this out to him via text: “You’re not equating these things are you?” I am NOT equating these things. If people want to “rank” these violent acts, an attack on the Capitol is worse than riots. I’ve already called it terrorism. What I’m saying is, one violent act typically results into an escalation of violence from the other side. It is just how it works. I don’t care where you stand on politically. Left, Right, Center, Extreme Right or Extreme Left, none of this is worth the violence it has bred.

I’ll end with a great quote from my father who is a retired firefighter, “When you’re tempted to fight fire with fire remember, the Fire Department usually uses water.”

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