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Trump May Trump Goodbye

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Like him or hate him, nobody can deny that Donald Trump has been the most covered President of all time. Those who love him, shout from the mountain tops that he is the best thing to happen to this country since the stars and stripes. Those who hate him have been screaming even louder that he is the seed of evil and deserves to die.

In today’s divisive political climate, it is almost impossible to sit in the middle of these two arguments. Unfortunately for most us, that is where the majority lies. A lot of us like the idea of more money in our pockets, and protection from “law and order.” On the flip side, most of us really hate the idea of waging war against our fellow Americans, and the lunacy of having a reality TV star in the White House.

All of that aside, we are coming to the end of the Trump administration. Most logical folks knew it was over in November. But the whole “election fraud” argument died when Congress confirmed the results last week. An embarrassing last ditch effort from Trump’s most hardcore supporters was the catalyst for the confirmation.

Now we have the anti-Trump left wingers impeaching Trump for a second time, with a little under a week left in his term.The is going to fail, just like those representatives and senators who tried to contest the election. That’s ok though, I get why they’re doing it. It’s not about getting him out, it’s about making it so he constitutionally can’t run again. Can we all be honest for a second? Even if the vote to convict Trump was 100% guilty, do you think that’ll stop him from running again? I know he won’t be able to win, but if what the left says is all true, has the law ever stopped him?

With the legal gymnastics going on from both sides being exhausted, here we sit. A few short days away from the most popular (by media coverage) President leaving office. This could be the most diametrically opposite President and President-elect. A billionaire, anti-establishment, reality TV loon,, right winger, giving way to a career Washington insider, pro-establishment, left of center, political hack. Is anyone dumb enough to think this will look the same as any othr transfer of power in history?

Trump being who he is just won’t allow this. Here is what’s going to happen:

On January 19th, at about 7:30pm EST, Donal Trump will take to the podium. He’ll begin by going through the greatest hits, “We made America great again” “Great people” “tremendous” and of course “this election was stolen.” Then he’ll say something to the effect of “As of this moment, I am resigning from the Presidency.” In his mind, this will mean he didn’t lose and never conceded to Joe Biden. This will result in Mike Pence (who is horrifying by the way) being the 46th President of the United States, and will be the one to transfer power to Joe Biden. This will be a final middle finger to the political establishment, and, in his mind, a final victory for Trump. What will this mean for the average American? Other than a night of really entertaining TV, not much. The transfer of power will go on without a hitch. Pence will have been President for 12 hours or so, which will go down as the shortest presidency in history. Biden will then be sworn in as the 47th President of the United States and life goes on. Trump will still make headlines, but they’ll be fewer and fewer. The ratings for MSNBC and CNN will plummet after a few months without Trump to cover, and FoxNews’ ratings will begin to climb steadily with Biden in office. We will be relatively stable, until the press realizes that Biden’s gaffes were headline news just a few years ago, and we’ll be right back to that.

You see, politics is just like a pendulum. It swings back and forth. It goes from left to right, and the further one side pushes their way, it swings back the other just as hard. It’s just how people work. So the only thing we can do as voters and intelligent citizens, is just watch the pendulum swing, and when it goes too far either way, we need to remember one thing. Don’t push back hard. Just control the swing and hope that at some point the swing will be slower and less extreme at some point…..

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