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The Boston Globe Can Get Away With Murder

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Newspapers used to be the place that journalistic integrity was still valued and expected. With today’s political division, that has gone right out the window.

Yhat brings us to a “local institution” in the Boston area. For years the Boston Globe has been a trusted news source for many Bostonians. Lately, the Globe has taken a hard left turn into insanity.

It all started with the purchasing of the Globe by Red Sox owner John Henry. He bought the paper as a “passion project” and now ust uses it as a propaganda piece for his baseball team. Knowing that the paper that used to be the tip-top of baseball coverage in Boston is owned by the team makes things a little bit sketchy doesn’t it? Nothing, and I mean nothing, that is written in the Globe about the Red Sox can be considered factual. The paper itself has a financial bias to the success of the team. They can roll out fake contrarians like Dan Shaughnessy and pretend to be critical of the team, but if the checks from the same people, it is not to be trusted.

Coverage of subpar baseball team isn’t really that important in the grand scheme of things. Unfortunately for the Globe, the problems go way further.

Plagiarism is the biggest swear word in journalism. It is the act of taking someone else’s work and passing it off as one’s own. That is one of the cardinal sins in the business, but when it comes to just straight up lying, that may be the worst thing a writer can do. The Globe has a history of lying, both past and present.

Back in the late 90s, the Globe had a writer named Mike Barnacle who was forced out for fabricating stories. Not only did he lie, but he claimed to speak to cancer victims, which he later admitted he never spoke to. That is just despicable. But, there are bad apples in every bunch. The Globe did the right thing and dumped Barnacle like a bad girlfriend. That’s that right? Not for the Globe.

Enter Kevin Cullen. This guy took lying about tragedies to a new level. The Globe’s columnist wrote a plethora of stories about the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing. Cullen claimed to be at the finish line on that terrible day. Cullen claimed to have a personal relationship with victims, first responders and other people involved in the tragedy. Well, unfortunately for Cullen, it was revealed by former sports radio host and current Barstool Sports podcast host Kirk Minihane, that Cullen had fabricated the whole thing. Cullen was at his home when the bombs went off and never had any relationship with the victims or first responders. He even had the audacity to write a remembrance of the event he was never at.

Did the Globe do what they did with Baranacle? Not even close. They did an “internal” investigation of Cullen and “suspended” him for 6 months. Not only did he return, he remains on the payroll and writing to this day.

That brings us to this morning. Cullen is at it again. He wrote a piece about former mob boss and murderer Howie Winter. The fist line of this piece was all anyone needs to read- “Howie Winter wasn’t a bad guy, once you got past the murders.” This is one of the wildest sentences I have ever read. This is like saying, “yeah John Wilkes Booth, one of the great actors, once you get past that whole assassination of Lincoln nonsense.” That sentence in itself is worth a firing, but it goes beyond that. Wouldn’t it be smart to read every single thing Cullen writes and edit anything that could be deemed problematic. The Globes “fact checkers” clearly didn’t even read this piece before it was published.

This is all coupled with hockey beat writer Kevin Paul DuPont wishing death upon the entire state of Florida for disagreeing with him politically. Dupes also wished the “murder hornets” against anti-lockdown protestors in Boston.

The Boston Globe tries to bill itself as a moral compass for the city of Boston with their anti-Trump, leftwing reporting. That is fine, the Globe is a private company, they can do whatever they want. But it is a tough look when you have conflicts of interest, reporters lying, supporting murderers and wishing death upon fellow Americans, while also screaming about morality.

Not to mention the accounts of sexual harassment that have been reported to officials. Whether it be “drafting” female interns that come to work at the Globe, or an obituary writer “pleasuring himself” in the presence of young kids. These have been hidden as “internal investigations,” but it just adds to the multitude of moral issues that the Globe faces here.

I urge anyone reading this to take a good look at the paper that is delivered to you every morning, and ask yourself, “why am I listening to these people?”

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