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That's Just Creepy

This country has gotten weird when it comes to filming people. Everyday occurrences are now being filmed for some reason. We kind of accept it as a part of life.

But then, there are those times we see a video posted on social media and think, that’s just creepy. I think we have one of those situations on our hands.

Scrolling through twitter, I came upon a video posted by WEEI executive producer of the Greg Hill Show. The video showed a young girl standing and taking a selfie of herself at Fenway Park. The caption read “Fenway Park 2021.” The young girl, who seems to just be enjoying the game, was clearly unaware that Curtis was filming her.

What was meant by the post is unclear. What I took it as was Chris Curtis, who works for the flagship station of the Red Sox, mocking the fan base of the team. It is an odd move for a higher up at the station to be mocking the team. Seeing how the Red Sox have a history of suspending or even calling for the removal of radio hosts who had the audacity to call the team “boring.”

Former EEI and current Barstool host Kirk Minihane was suspended several times for mocking the team. Not only that, but the management of the Red Sox campaigned against advertisers of Kirk & Callahan to stop them from poking fun at the team. A show that Chris Curtis was a part of by the way.

And let’s not forget the utter creepines of the post. Why was Curtis unknowingly filming this woman? To prove a point about the fan base? If it was for a joke, then I must have missed it. Not to mention Chris Curtis’ questionable history with interns and dating underlings at WEEI. This girl was just taking a selfie and Curtis had to film it and put it on social media for whatever reason. Former Entercom employee Mike Geary tweeted the following in response to the video, “As a former Entercom employee, it makes me wonder what else Chris Curtis was secretly filming. We’re we ever safe.” Despite the typo at the end (I think he meant were), it shows the reputation Curtis had in the workplace.

Not only that, but when folks like Minihane started pointing out the video, it was swiftly deleted. But as we know nothing on the internet is really ever deleted. Of course the video has now made its way around the twitterverse and it will have to be addressed at some point by the station and the Red Sox.

The question of consistency when it comes to the team and WEEI is what is on everyone’s mind. Will they take the same approach as they did with Minihane? Or will they just give Curtis a slap on the wrist and make him do a phony apology? In a Tweet, Minihane said “Let it be known I have reached out to Sam [Kennedy] and Linda [Pizzuti] for comment.” He received no comment to this point. Blind Owl Blogs did the same, no answer on our end either.

I don’t care about Curtis mocking the team really. It is his right to do it. The lack of consistency with the way it’ll inevitably be handled is the big issue. I’m sure nothing will happen to Curtis after a weird apology tomorrow morning on the Greg Hill Show. But, if WEEI were smart, they’d use this as an opportunity to get rid of the probably highly paid producer. They’d be justified doing it for the creepiness alone. And at the rate they’re going, they need to save as much money as possible.

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