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More of the Moors

This is a BO Blogs vacation special! Coming to you from rainy Daytona Beach, Florida. I meant to keep this week free of blogs, but I had to write this one!

It isn’t too often that I go on vacation. And it is even less often that I sit on my phone and look for updates on a court case happening in Wakefield, MA. Put those two things together and a blog is totally necessary.

For those who don’t know, a few days ago on I-95 in Wakefield, a group of “Moorish Nationals” were involved in an hours-long standoff with MA State Police. The group was supposedly on their way to “Training” up in Maine with a small arsenal of high powered weapons. The group apparently was stopped on the highway and an officer stopped to see if they needed assistance. The officer then saw all of the weapons and a bunch of people in military fatigues and the standoff ensued.

These “Moorish Nationals” are a branch of a unique group of people referred to as “Sovereign Citizens.” These people think that state laws don’t apply to them and choose not to get proper paperwork on their cars and always end up getting stopped by the police. They always quote that they have a “right to travel” without having a driver’s license and otherwise just make life difficult for police just trying to do their job. I fell down a YouTube wormhole last summer watching all kinds of videos of these citizens trying their BS arguments and getting arrested. Want to give a shout out to Degeneration Nation, a YouTube channel who has a bunch of great videos of them getting arrested. Check thit out if you want a good laugh:

So anyway, I have been watching Boston 25 reporter Bob Ward live tweeting the arraignment of these loons, and it is pure gold. This group calls themselves the “Rise of Moors” and some of them refuse to identify themselves to the court. For that, the judge ordered them held in jail until they do so or it can be determined who they are. Not only that, but each one of them is refusing court appointed lawyers and saying that they are “sovereign nationals.” Add that to the fact that they are “questioning the legitimacy of the court” and they’ve got a losing argument on their hands.

Like most of you, I am not a lawyer. I am a gym teacher. I’m not going to claim I am some kind of legal scholar. But I know a little bit about what you can and can’t do in court. I also know that questioning the court’s legitimacy is a good way to lose whatever argument you have.

As a part of my adventure into the world of these kooks last summer, I ended up stumbling upon another great YouTube channel. Law Talk with Mike is run by a lawyer who gives blow by blow commentary on videos of different Sovereign Citizens trying to get away with their nonsense. I suggest you check that out here:

When it all boils down, these guys are going to lose. It isn’t much of a discussion. They had guns that weren’t registered, they refused to cooperate with police and are holding up the court proceedings. They are going to end up in jail for quite some time. This all could have been avoided if they just cooperated with police. Or just filled up their tank and didn’t end up on the side of 95. As Mike says on his YouTube channel, the legal arguments these idiots are making are nonsense. They are just wasting the courts time and making a nuisance of themselves.

I’ve heard many people say it before and it applies to this case more than others, perception is reality. These lunatics actually believe that they are “sovereign nationals” and the laws don’t apply to them. For most of us, going to jail is evidence that the law does indeed apply to us. But these goons will continue to say it doesn’t and convince other people that they’re right. So we will keep seeing scenarios like this for a while. Thankfully, these folks love to livestream everything they do, and it is pure entertainment!

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