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Humpty Dumpty

I don’t claim to be the authority of what’s funny in this world. I mean, I’m a grown man who still laughs at Spongebob Squarepants. But, in my opinion there is nothing funnier than someone falling. As insensitive as it is, no matter the situation if someone takes a tumble, I’m going to laugh.

That being said, I’m sure you can imagine how many times I’ve laughed this weekend. The incessant videos of President Joe Biden falling up the stairs to Air Force One, is right up my alley. What adds to the comedy of it all, is both sides of the political spectrum turning it into more than it is.

Take it from someone who trips on a weekly basis, that fall Biden had was nothing. I tripped up the stairs on my way to the computer to write this blog post. I have a better reason than most to do this, but still.

Now, knowing Joe Biden’s age, this fall could’ve been devastating. We’ve all heard the stories of senior citizens who take a digger, break a hip, and are never the same. Knowing how serious the injury could’ve been makes the situation a little different, but still hilarious.

I actually have to give Biden a little credit. He lost his balance, made another step then finally let the fall happen and just went down. He then progressed up the stairs and then turned around, presumably with a smile on his face. As we all know, if you fall and somebody watched you do it, there are only two options. You either have to pretend to be seriously hurt, or laugh it off regardless of how much pain you’re in. The President took the latter and played it off.

After the stumble heard around the world, lots of right-wingers were pointing out how inept he must be as a president because he fell up the stairs. I would like to ask those who said that, have you ever fallen up or down the stairs? I bet you have and I bet it was hilarious.

That response is typical of today’s political climate. A person on the opposite side does something embarrassing, and they go on the attack. Remember when Donald Trump was a little unsteady on a ramp? Yeah me too. The leftists were screaming just like the right is now. He must be unfit to be president because he took his time going down a ramp.

Both of these things are equally ridiculous. I know Biden isn’t the picture of physical health, but he has never been that way. Even those who are the picture of health have had some stumbling issues. New York Giants Quarterback Daniel Jones had a memorable Humpty Dumpty moment last year. The guy was running at top speed and about to score a touchdown, when the turf monster attacked. He tumbled head over heels and didn’t score. You can bet your bottom dollar I laughed pretty hard at that too.

A brief side note, if you haven’t seen it, someone dubbed the call of that run over Joe Biden falling up the stairs. Worth the Google search to find it.

To those who say, “it can’t be funny because he is President,” I ask just one question, what if this was Trump? They’d have a field day with the memes and gifs, just like the right is doing. And I have to say, some are pretty funny. I’ll admit it, I was shocked when I found out Air Force One doesn’t have a sit down chair lift in it. There have been a few old geezers that have graced the oval office. Seems like it would be an insurance move to have one of them.

Well, I guess these kinds of jokes are what we deserve. We gave ourselves the choice of an old rich senior citizen, or an even older career politician. As someone who isn’t invested in any party, I personally thank you. I’ll have a bunch of cheap laughs for at least another 3 years.

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