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Derangement Syndrome

For 4 years of our lives, we had to endure all of the left wing media rant and rave about everything then President Donald Trump did. If The Donald blinked at a weird time, they’d be calling him racist and a fascist. It was honestly disturbing to see how obsessed the leftists were with a person they made out to be the Devil himself.

On the side of things, the right wing media took the exact opposite approach. Anything Trump did was the best thing since the invention of the wheel. They’d take the exact same blink and spin it as the greatest political move since Reagan told Grobachev to tear down the wall.

It got to a point where people even gave it a name. It was referred to as “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” The right typically used it to refer to the left hating the President. Honestly, TDS was just as bad the other way. That term could be used to describe the unconditional hatred for the man as well as the thoughtless worship of him.

It was quite polarizing to say the least. It was also quite entertaining for a couple years. Just seeing both sides of the political spectrum freaking out over the same thing in a totally opposite way. And who doesn’t love seeing people freak out over relatively nothing?

Well, that got old pretty quickly.

Then came election time and Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden. Thus, the worst thing since New Coke, or the best thing since sliced bread was gone, depending on who you asked. No matter where you sat, you had to think Trump Derangement Syndrome was on its way out.

The realist in all of us knew it would hang around for a while. Even after Biden was inaugurated, you will still hear the liberals yelling, “What about Trump!” They kept it going as long as they could to try and keep some ratings going. Well, the Trump headlines dried up. The ratings started disappearing. The weary masses rejoiced over the fact that TDS was finally disappearing.

Then, the right wingers saw the money that the leftists were making with their TDS headlines and said, “We want some of that.” Enter a new syndrome. BDS has taken this country by storm in the last few months. For those who can’t figure it out, I am referring to Biden Derangement Syndrome.

The script has done a 180. Now, on Fox News or OAN, all you hear is how every thing Joe Biden does is destroying the country. The latest nonsense is this strange infatuation with the Bidens getting a new dog. I heard former Boston radio host and right wing podacaster Gerry Callahan spend almost 20 minutes on the stupid dog. This would be something Callahan and others would have mocked unmercifully if MSNBC did this for Trump’s dogs.

Don’t worry leftists, y’all are doing the same thing you used to mock Fox News for doing with Trump. Biden could walk out on the lawn of the White House holding a small infant, flip the bird to the reporters and punt that baby over the roof, and CNN would call it a “great move.” Rachel Maddow would go TV and say the baby was a white supremacist and call for Biden to be cannonized as a Saint.

It’s just embarrassing. Both sides spent the better of part of 4 years making fun of each other for doing the same exact thing they’re doing now. Can’t people just have some independent thoughts and not worship or vilify a person just for not being on the other side. I know nobody on the right wants to hear it, but I’m sure Joe Biden has done at least one good thing for the country. Just like I am positive Donald Trump did something good.

Now, I know both sides will never admit what’s going on. I’m not an idiot. But it is just so transparent that even a blind guy can see what’s going on here. And if I can see it, a lot of Americans know what’s going on.

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