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Denver Is Getting Screwed

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Everybody thinks their team is getting screwed. Whether it be by the refs or by the other team. Every NFL fan thinks someone is after their team. I am no exception to this rule, but in this case I’m right.

If you haven’t heard, the Denver Broncos have to play today with no QB. This is all because of Jeff Driskel, the Broncos backup QB testing positive for COVID-19. This news was then followed by the news that all of the QBs were in close contact with him and thus can’t play Sunday.

Needless to say, the Broncos are very upset with the ruling that they will STILL be playing on Sunday. This coming on the heels of the Ravens/Steelers game being moved to Tuesday because of some COVID-19 cases in Baltimore’s locker room. Second year TE Noah Fant took to Twitter expressing his distaste with the decision to make the Broncos play without “the most important position in the game.”

Now, I am usually not one to complain, but this is complete BS. During this whole COVID crisis, the NFL has set the precedent that if there are too many cases, they will postpone the game. We have seen this with Titans who had a myriad of cases earlier in the season. We see it happening currently with the Ravens and Steelers. Even earlier in the Broncos season, the league postponed their game with the Patriots after 3 people tested positive. And those circumstances seemed a little fishy if you asked me.

The NFL has nothing but the ability to delay this game, so the Broncos could at least work someone out to give them a fighting chance against the Saints. The Broncos even went as far as to ask the NFL for permission for a coach to play QB in the game. That was swiftly denied.

All logic aside, I get the reality. The NFL is all about money. And like it or not, my Broncos aren’t going to bring in the cash like the Ravens or the Steelers. It is just pathetic how blatant the hypocrisy of the league is purposely hurting one team, and helping a team that they can market. If all things were the same, the Ravens should have played on Thursday night without their star QB Lamar Jackson. Or even just played today, but no, the NFL wants that game to be on a big stage with as many of the stars as possible.

I would love to see the Broncos come up with a huge victory and just shove it right up the butt of the NFL. I know that’s not going to happen, but we will see. Maybe Mr. Colorado himself John Elway will walk onto the field this afternoon and pull on out of the hat just like in the 90s.

I know I sound like a whining fan boy, but it is just this simple. THE BRONCOS ARE GETTING SCREWED!

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