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Cuomo's Cover Up

Before I really get into this, I am not some right-wing loon screaming “CUOMO IS A MURDERER!” I don’t think he actively murdered people.

That being said, this news coming out is troubling. If you missed it, apparently Governor Andrew Cuomo’s top aide came out and said that the state of New York was hiding Covid-19 death numbers in nursing homes so the federal government wouldn’t find out.

Regardless of your political association, this is despicable. In the midst of the worst pandemic of our lifetimes, covering up death numbers is a terrible act.

Now don’t think I’m unaware that politicians all over the world have covered up death and some awful things that they have done. Whether it be the sex antics of Bill Clinton or the war crimes of Bush and Cheney, doing this is not a new thing in America. I also can almost guarantee there has been a direct murder that has been covered up.

What really makes this grotesque, is the celebration of Andrew Cuomo and how he has handled Covid-19. Not only has he made innumerable media appearances and shamed others for doing things incorrectly, I mean, the guy was awarded an Emmy award for his “masterful” performances in Covid briefings. This news breaking is a horrendous look for whoever awarded him that award.

I think the real sickening thing is the fact that Cuomo “wrote” a book about his handling of the crisis. First things first, you have to know that he didn’t write this book. There was 100% some kind of ghost writer or something. Even if he did, the people of New York should be very upset that he was spending his time writing this book and not governing the state. Also, if you’re going to write a book about how you’re handled a pandemic, you should probably wait until it’s over to do that. Just from a readers perspective, reading about how something was handled while it’s still happening, is not appealing.

Putting all of this aside, Governor Cuomo is just not likeable. He acts like a bully and goes on CNN with his brother and plays nice. He just gives off a bully vibe. I mean, that is how he probably got to the position he’s in. There’s also a lot of nepotism going on here. His dad Mario was also the Governor of New York. That clearly has a lot to do with where he is.

As a person who is in the middle, I truly enjoy these sycophants on both sides eating their slice of humble pie when their heroes are proven to be slime balls. What is even better than that, will be those who love Cuomo trying to backpedal and blame this cover-up on the federal government. I’m sure CNN will never touch this because their anchor Chris Cuomo won’t let them bash his brother.

My advice to the realists that will read this, just sit back and enjoy both sides going off the deep end. The left will try and defend this slime ball bully, and the right will be demanding for him to be tarred and feathered in Times Square.

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