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Can I See Some ID?

Listen, for those who think this about to be a full endorsement of Georgia’s new voting bill, it isn’t. In fact, I really don’t know that much about it. I know it’s quite controversial. I saw something about water and cookies at polling places, and racism. So I’m just going to let the more informed talk about the specifics.

This is about common sense. Something which is totally lost in today’s world.

We all carry some form of identification with us almost at all times. For you sighties, it is your driver’s license. For us who don’t drive, it is a state issued identification card. There are even some people who don’t have state IDs. Those folks may have something like a passport or even a military ID. Perhaps a social security card coupled with some kind of other photo ID. Needless to say, everyone can get their hands on some kind of identification.

As Americans, we need this ID for a lot of things. If you’re of legal age, you need it to buy a 30 pack of Bud Light at the local store. Makes sense. You also need it to get on a plane. In fact, you need it twice to get on a plane. At the check in counter and again at security. Even as a kid, I had to provide a school issued ID to prove who I was. I have even been asked to provide an ID so I could use my own debit card. That was a very odd situation, but it happened.

Anyone who has bought a house or applied for a lease on an apartment knows how much info you have to provide. I’m pretty sure my mortgage company knows more about me than my parents do. Honestly, probably more than I do.

So why is it, that to vote in this country, you don’t need to provide at least some kind of ID?

Back when I started voting, I was all prepared with my brand new state issued ID card with what looks like my mugshot on it. I was ready to slap that thing on the counter so the old lady who was checking people in could tell who I was. I even took my hat off so there wasn’t any confusion. I was shocked when she asked for my name and address and then just handed me a ballot.

I know a lot of people in my town, and I guarantee this particular old woman had never seen me before. I could’ve said any name and address and nobody would know. Even if they had asked for info on me, I could have rattled off almost all of one of my close friend’s. That is just off the top of my head. Imagine if I was actively trying to defraud the government. How easy would that be?

I know somebody will call me “racist” or “prejudice” for wanting proof of who people are. I honestly don’t see how that is even an argument. Every legal citizen has the ability to get their hands on some kind of an ID. I mean you need it to get a job or a place to live, so I don’t know how people live without it. I mean let’s face it, if someone drives to the polling place and isn’t willing to provide an ID, they broke the law on the way there.

I understand that it may be easier for some to get an ID than others. Trust me, it was a bit of a process to get mine. All of my friends had it easy. When they got their license, they got an ID. I had to apply at the DMV, which is a place I hope I never have to go again, and get all the paperwork done. It was a hassle to say the least. But I had to do it, the college I was going to wanted proof of who I was. Not to mention my summer job wanted to do a background check. While I was there, I decided to register to vote. One stop shopping I figured. Does this not happen everywhere?

It isn’t racist or prejudicial to ask for someone to prove who they are to vote. If people should have to prove who they are to buy Sudafed at CVS, why shouldn’t they have to do the same to vote? What’s the point of registering if you don’t have to prove who you are? Just open it up to everyone. Honestly, if someone is having trouble getting an ID, there should be a program that will provide them one, free of charge.

And we shouldn’t leave it up to these old folks at the polling places to check them. Do what the college bars do, have one of those scanner things and a bouncer to check them. Seems simple and easy to me.

But as we know, nothing can be simple and easy in this political climate we live in now.

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